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LabelAlbum (Groupe) - ...
The Shadow Of A Rose (Fred Yaddaden) - Zeit (Paul Kalkbrenner)
!K7!K7150 (!K7) - 100 Lbs (Herbert) - Adrian Thaws (Tricky) - Andrea Parker (DJ Kicks) - Another Bugged Out Mix / Bugged In Selection (Erol Alkan) - Bass Is Maternal (Smith & Mighty) - Big World, Small World (Smith & Mighty) - Bodily Functions (Herbert) - C.J. Bolland (DJ Kicks) - Carl Craig (DJ Kicks) - Chicken Lips (DJ Kicks) - Claude Young (DJ Kicks) - Close The Door (Terranova) - Daddy G (DJ Kicks) - Dehli 9 (Tosca) - Different Tastes Of Honey (Tosca) - Dirty Dancing (Swayzak) - Disconnected (Funkstörung) - Dj Cam (DJ Kicks) - Dj Kicks (DJ Cam) - Dj Kicks (Kid Loco) - Dj Kicks (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - Dj Kicks (Nightmares On Wax) - Dj Kicks (Smith & Mighty) - Dj Kicks (Terranova) - Dj Kicks (Thievery Corporation) - DJ Kicks (Erlend Øye) - Dust My Broom (Boozoo Bajou) - Erlend Øye (DJ Kicks) - Essence (A Guy Called Gerald) - Groovetechnology V1.3 (Swayzak) - Hitchhiking Non-Stop With No Particular Destination (Terranova) - J.a.c (Tosca) - K & D Sessions (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - Kemistry & Storm (DJ Kicks) - Kid Loco (DJ Kicks) - Kruder & Dorfmeister (DJ Kicks) - Leave Me Alone (Hugo Kant) - Life Is... (Smith & Mighty) - Likes... (Dani Siciliano) - Loop In My Head (Kaïma) - Loops From The Bergerie (Swayzak) - MTV MASH Presents !K7 Clash (!K7) - Nicolette (DJ Kicks) - Nightmares On Wax (DJ Kicks) - No Hassle (Tosca) - Now Is Early (Nicolette) - Opera (Tosca) - Peace Is Tough (B-sides & Rareties) (Terranova) - Peace Orchestra (Peace Orchestra) - Playgroup (DJ Kicks) - Put Your Phazers On Stun Throw Your Health Food Skyward (Earl Zinger) - Rockers Hi-Fi (The Black Album) (DJ Kicks) - Same As It Never Was (The Herbaliser) - Session 1 & 2 (The Herbaliser) - Silent Movie (Quiet Village) - Skilled Mechanics (Tricky) - Slappers (Dani Siciliano) - Smith & Mighty (DJ Kicks) - Some Other Country (Swayzak) - Speaker Stack Commandments (Earl Zinger) - Stacey Pullen (DJ Kicks) - Stateless (Stateless) - Stereo MC's (DJ Kicks) - Suzuki (Tosca) - Terranova (DJ Kicks) - The Matthew Herbert Big Band-There's Me And There's You (Herbert) - The Silent Surf (All India Radio) - THEHAZE (THEHAZE) - Thievery Corporation (DJ Kicks) - Tiga (DJ Kicks) - To All Things What They Need (A Guy Called Gerald) - Trüby Trio (DJ Kicks) - Vikter Duplaix (DJ Kicks) - Vintage Hi-Tech (Spacek) - You Make Me Real (Brandt Brauer Frick)
1200 HobosDuration (Sixtoo)
13 AmpPresents The Free Association (David Holmes)
18h48Good Music For Better Mood (Fabolidays)
2-99 RecordsThinning The Herd (Moshe)
20000stOriginal Version & Director's Cut (The Money Penny Project)
3d VisionEntheogenic (Entheogenic) - Module 01 (Relax)
4ADGus Gus Vs T-World (Gus Gus) - Magic Chairs (Efterklang) - Polydistortion (Gus Gus) - Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi (Thievery Corporation) - The Mirror Conspiracy (Thievery Corporation) - This Is Normal (Gus Gus) - Tremors (SOHN)
4th & BroadwayRockers To Rockers (Rockers Hi-fi)
75 Ark RecordsLovage: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (Dan The Automator)
7LakesDirty Wanash (Tetra Hydro K.) - Indigestion De Tofu (Tetra Hydro K.) - Reality Exceeds The Fiction LP (Arure)
A Future WithoutLund Quartet (Lund Quartet)
A-HU-LI RecordsOkolo Mislej.Polnaya Pustota./Near My Thoughts.The Full Emptiness. (Pusk Raketi / Пуск ракеты на орбитальную станцию)
Abeille MusiqueHead Spin (Goran Kajfes) - Teknic Old Skool (Teknic Old Skool)
Absolute MotionNever Trust The Chinese (Mr Meeble)
Abstrakt RealityFreefalling (Atrium) - Volume 2 (Chill (Abstrakt Reality))
Abstrakt ReflectionsNothing (R.roo)
AccidentalEverything (Micah) - Jewellery (Micachu) - Lonely Mountain (Mugison) - Minimalistico (8 Doogymoto) - Mugimama Is This Monkey Music ? (Mugison) - One One (Herbert) - Plat Du Jour (Herbert) - Red Tape (Brooks) - Scale (Herbert) - Score (Herbert) - Smalltown, Shining (John Matthias) - The Invisible (The Invisible) - The Lovely (Mara Carlyle) - The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Goodbye Swingtime (Herbert) - Where I Am Today (Max De Wardener) - You Are Here (You Are Here)
Ad NoiseamFrom Memory (Semiomime ‎)
Addictive TVAudiovisualize (Addictive TV) - Mixmasters (The Audiovisual Sessions) (Addictive TV)
AestheticsTulsa For One Second (Pulseprogramming)
AftergloAfterglo 0.01 (Phaeleh)
Agogo RecordsAround The Corner (Keno)
Aleph Zero RecordsDream Wide Awake (Omnimotion)
Alfa MatrixGlo (Hungry Lucy)
AlicemusikMission 1 (Alice And The Serial Numbers)
AliveLe Monde Saha (Nehl Aëlin)
All Saints RecordsVacabou (Vacabou)
Alpha Pup RecordsCtrl Alt Delete (Free The Robots)
Alpine Chic RecordsPlush Mechanique (Panda Transport)
Altar RecordsImbue (Androcell)
Amabala RecordsVolume 2 (Breathe Sunshine (mix))
ANAБIOZ DALI NETLABELстереоморе (и дельфины...)
AnalogRosebud (Winona)
Angular Recording CorporationBeat Pyramid (These New Puritans) - Hidden (These New Puritans)
Animal RecordsHours (STAND WISE)
Ant-zenLieux-Dits (2kilos & More)
AntiAs If We Existed (Sollilaquist Of Sound) - Blow Back (Tricky) - Dust (Muggs) - LI(F)E (Sage Francis) - Vulnerable (Tricky)
Anticon13 & God (13 & God) - A Point Too Far For Astronauts (Telephone Jim Jesus) - Alias & Ehren: Lillian (Alias) - Alias & Tarsier: Brookland/Oaklyn (Alias) - Alias & Tarsier: Plane That Draws A White Line (Alias) - Alopecia (Why?) - And The Skyrider Band (Sole) - Anywhere Out Of The Everything (Telephone Jim Jesus) - At War With Walls And Mazes (Son Lux) - Bottle Of Humans (Sole) - Burner (Odd Nosdam) - Cerulean (Baths) - Collected Remixes (Alias) - Dosh (Dosh) - Elephant Eyelash (Why?) - Level Live Wires (Odd Nosdam) - Live From Rome (Sole) - Mansbestfriend: Poly.sci.187 (Sole) - Mumps, Etc. (Why?) - Muted (Alias) - No More Wig (Odd Nosdam) - Oaklandazulasylum (Why?) - Other Side Of The Looking Glass (Alias) - Own Your Ghost (13 & God) - Personal Journals (Sage Francis) - Pretty Swell Explode (Odd Nosdam) - PureTrash (Dosh) - Resurgam (Alias) - Selling Live Water (Sole) - Still Alive (DJ Mayonnaise) - The Lost Take (Dosh) - We Are Rising (Son Lux) - Weapons (Son Lux) - Wolves & Wishes (Dosh)
AntidotePiano Works (Craig Armstrong)
Apace MusicSo Still (Mozez)
Apollo RecordsKi Oku (DJ Krush)
April RecordsBlue Foundation (Blue Foundation) - Mirrors (Universal Funk) - One (Universal Funk) - Re:Done (Universal Funk)
Arbouse RecordingsMy Mind Is Falling To Pieces (Melodium)
ArtefactExploring The Inside World (Doctor L) - Organique (Zend Avesta)
Artoffact RecordsMonocyte (Saltillo)
Ashrama ProductionOver The Snare (ep) (Over The Snare)
Asphalt DuchessGalaxy Of Nowhere (Mondkopf)
AstralwerksLady Croissant (Sia) - Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Air)
Ata:digitalLoops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One (Worm Is Green) - To Them We Are Only Shadows (Worm Is Green)
Atic RecordsFlight 602 (Aim)
AtlanticMind How You Go (Skye) - The Garden (Zero 7)
AtmosphériquesAnother Mellow Summer (Mellow) - Fosbury (Tahiti 80) - Hope & Sorrow (Wax Tailor) - In The Mood For Life (Wax Tailor) - Live 2010 à L'Olympia (Wax Tailor) - Live 2010 A L'Olympia (Wax Tailor) - Perfect Colors (Mellow)
ATP RecordingsSlow Focus (Fuck Buttons) - Street Horrrsing (Fuck Buttons) - Tarot Sport (Fuck Buttons)
Audio DregsCerebro Spin (Melodium)
AudiogramThe Garden (Bran Van 3000)
Audiopharm2nd Floor (Asia Lounge) - 3rd Floor (Asia Lounge) - Music For Modern Living (Music For Modern Living) - Volume 1 (Asia Lounge)
Auto-productionПолёты во сне и на виду (Polyoty Vo Sne I Na Vidu) (Zimne) - 雨鎛词簿 My Name Is Yǔbó (雨鎛 Yǔbó) - 1421920 (N.I.U.T.) - 1976 (Chairman Maf) - 1st EP (Dukes In Process) - 2006 (Chrono.Fixion) - 4 Beloved Psychonauts (Murochny) - 5600 K (Duberman) - 97% Junk DNA (Tikal) - A Bright Cold Day (Dutch) - A Bull In The Woods (The New Law) - A Cloud For Two (Elektrobin) - A Terrible Flood (Esselfortium) - AAS X SG (AAG & SG) - Abrîssar (KesakoO) - Abstract Symposium (Degiheugi) - Acchordance (Doctor Flake) - Accross The Sky (Sweet Play) - Aerials On Da Milkway Interstellar Slow Troopers EP (Fowatile) - Age Of Head Peace (Solar Wolf) - AGORA (Yume Sun) - Air Control (Lost Balance) - Airport 911 (Adam Castillo) - Amour à Jeun EP (Amour à Jeun) - Amusements (Spherical) - Analog : V Elements (SICAA) - And The Dead Shall Lie There (Ancient Mith) - Angel (Keffy Kay) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 1 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 2 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 3 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 4 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 5 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 6 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 7 (Anitek) - Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 8 (Anitek) - Anki & Aïda (Ilhoë) - ànosrepères (Wetmylips) - Antigravity (Ummagma) - ANXtrumentals (Zavala DTS) - Aquilon (Degiheugi) - Architecture Des Coïncidences (Etikal-Lab) - Arkupe (Ant Orange) - Articulation (Beat Still Noise Us) - At The Crossroads (Shed) - Audimat (Screenatorium) - Auditive Escape (Auditive Escape) - Autoconstuction (Marc OFX) - Avalon 2.0 (Batsu) - Awake (Wander) - Back To The Grain (EP) (Chill Bump) - Background Door (U-topia) - Backward Blues (Brock Berrigan) - Beats And Sounds #1 (Beats And Sounds) - Beats And Sounds #2 (Beats And Sounds) - Beautiful Way (Keffy Kay) - Before Meeting Together Again (Orchester) - Before We Stand ... We Crawl (Hungry Lucy) - Bells And Whistles (Blockhead) - Best Tunes 2013 ( - Bitter Rain (Khoe-wa) - Black Seed (Nezoak) - Blades Of Grass (Dashes) - Bleached Cuts (Haunted Days) - Bloom (Tilia Weevers) - Bloominous (Spherical) - Blue Morning EP (Screenatorium) - Blueberry Hill (Boogie Belgique) - BLVCK MVSIK (H1987) - Braden Smith & The Walrus Nose (Ancient Mith) - Call To Arms (Rosko John) - Cap Adare (Guns Of Brixton) - Ces Roses Flotteront Sur L'océan... (Aña) - CHECKIN US (Sorg & Napoleon Maddox) - Chemicals (Echo 6) - Child Spirit (So Lune) - Circle Around The Synthetic Sun (Nocturne Blue) - Circuit Imprimé (TurnsteaK) - Clay (Vesper Leand) - Coloribus (Melodium) - Colors Gone (Artless) - Commotion (Drift) - Compromissions (Alaskam) - Confusion (Pol) - Cool Freak (Marc OFX) - Cosmetique (Circuit Breaker) - Cosmic Flavour (A State Of Mind) - Crystal Wave (Monsieur Peace) - Curses From Past Times (EP) (ProleteR) - Cut Symphony EP (Bonnie) - Daily Routine (Brock Berrigan) - Dance With Hiro (Adam Castillo) - Dancing Chords And Fireflies (Degiheugi) - Dark Love (Solar Wolf) - Deforis (Auditive Escape) - Déjà-vu (Katcross) - Démo 3 Titres (VS) - Demo Cd 2004 (Dj Slade) - Demo Tracks (Z & P) - Des Hauts Et Des Bas (Lou) - Deus In Machina (Khundalini) - Diaphane (Cicérone) - Didascalies (18h15 & Dolàn Xakò) - Digital Folklore (Oi Va Voi) - Digital Memories (LukHash) - Discopunkture (Picore) - Dislocation (Magical Mistakes) - Disordub (Whit Weed) - Dissonant Dissidence (Versive & Noventa) - Distances (EP) (Il:lo) - Divagations (Doctor Flake) - Diversion (La Gangâ) - Diverted Witness (Pencilbrain) - Django (EP) (Guts) - Domain Public (Tryad) - Du Son Dans Le Bocal (NAcoub) - Dusty Old Ghost (EKBOM) - E.P (AudioFlux) - E.R.U.C.V.A.G F.I.B (Sub 4) - Earth Invaders (Nothin'Personal) - Eaters Volume One : Tusks ! (Sapient) - Echappatoire (Chrono.Fixion) - Echo (Yukari) - Echo Architect (Stuart McCallum) - Edge City (Nym) - Effect (Invisible People) - El Fidar Plage (Kenshirosahn) - Electronic Music (Aliplays) - Electronic Tales (Shed) - Electronirik (Inti Aka) - Electroshock (Antiloops) - Electroshock Remixed (Antiloops) - Elephant Instruments (Otem Rellik) - Elixir (Neroche) - Elovation (Sheer.k) - Encounters (Metastaz) - Endless Smile (Degiheugi) - Enjoy The Sadness (Sébastien Bédé) - Entropia (Tilia Weevers) - EP Life ? (Khoe-wa) - EP MIST (Gustavsite & Julie) - Ep#1 (Chkrrr) - Epigram (Gramatik) - Epilog (F.T.G.) - Ethernal (Tilia Weevers) - Eveil (Alaskam) - Eveline (Starviolet) - Everything Is Connected To Nothing But Itself (Electroslide) - Everything Nothing (Iuno) - Everything That Moves (NANOME) - Everythinks A Ripple (Dub FX) - Evolo (Auditive Escape) - Faces (mixtape) (Sandra Nkake) - Fada / Spaces (Ft. Makimakkuk) (Sun Glitters) - Fbcfabric & Reindeer - Instrumentals (Fbcfabric & Reindeer) - Feeding The Lions (ProleteR) - Filling Up The City Skies (Pretty Lights) - Floor Scraps From A Rough Gentleman (Ancient Mith) - Fly (Emily Underhill) - Flyentists (Screenatorium) - For Bleeding Ears (Undermood) - For Keeping You Alive (LUKO) - For Majic Eyes Only (Sunderland) - Forbidden Desire (Fifi Rong) - Forest Echo EP (CloZinger) - Four Walls And An Amplifier (Brock Berrigan) - Freefall (Naked (in A Sphere)) - Freestyle Fondue! (Dr. Quandary) - French Escapade (Twosides) - Fresh Air (Jade) - Friendly Vehicles (Melodium) - Frog And The Volcano! (Frog Pocket) - Gaia Spleen (X Et Les Autres) - Ghost Notes (Hiatus) - Give Sum Luv (Xixool) - Glacier (EP) (Spiders Everywhere) - Good Company (Brock Berrigan) - G_host Planet (Fragile Architecture) - H2O (Uht°) - Half Frozen Seed (Lullaby Orchestra) - Harvest (The Grus) - Harvest (Expanded Edition) (The Grus) - Heart Beats Digital (Nozebleed) - Hidden Strings (Chill Bump) - High Noon (The New Law) - Hleb, Zoloto, Akai (Krivitsky) - Hollow Heights (Screen Djeh) - Home Again (Attune) - Home Grow EP (Asa Zen'Sei) - Homo (Pol) - Hors D'oeuvre (90 (noventa)) - How Distant (ROLE) - Http://www.Musique.Net/Lou (Lou) - Hurricane EP (Memory Lake) - Hush (Royal Air Moon) - Hybrid (Elsiane) - I Don't Want To Be An Emperor (Hugo Kant) - I Slept Less Last Night (U-topia) - I. (Cigarettes After Sex) - Ici Et Ailleurs (Melampyre) - IcOnOclaste (Kats Bartok) - If I... (Zerowatt) - Imaginarium (Echoheart) - Impact (Alaskam) - Impulsion (Post Image) - In My Head (KesakoO) - In Rainbows (Radiohead) - In Th Woods (Solar Wolf) - In The Shade Of A Tree (After Blowdown) - In Utera (Antimonos) - In.Dub.Out (Guns Of Brixton) - Incoming Contact (Dring Toy) - Increase The Dosage (Revolution Void) - Infinity Coast (21 Hertz) - InfraZer (InfraZer) - Ink (Jamin Winans) - Inqi-Teka (Inqi-Teka) - Insight (Iphaze) - Into The Number Of The Nameless Tides (Lamia) - Intravenus (Magnolia) - Introspection (Alaskam) - Kaluun (Kaluun) - Khundalini (Khundalini) - Kitsch Is Fashion (Brokencandys) - Kiuty (Little) - Kollektt8 (Dva) - Kozak From The Guts (Beat Tape) (Kozak94) - Kundalini (Khundalini) - La Solitude Du Cosmonaute (David Law) - La Vie, La Vraie (Melampyre) - Ladi Dadi (Frizzy P & Mr. Cole) - Lakótép (Suhov) - Landscape (Zoham) - Last Frontier (Ours Samplus) - Late Statues (Raoul Sinier) - Lauren Vörse & Dasha Baskakova (Lauren Vörse & Dasha Baskako) - Le Paradoxe De L'équinoxe (Sensitive Orchestra) - Le Prisonnier Et Les étoiles (Dolàn Xakò) - Les Valses EP (Vinaya) - Lessons (Hashfinger) - Letter From Nowhere (ZackaRose) - Lidocaïne Suns (Screenatorium) - Life For Onself (The Circle Corner) - Lighted Son (Lighted Son) - Like Horses Do (Like Horses Do) - Lilac Chaser (Nym) - Lilurarik Ez (ACT) - Lines EP (S'il Vous Play) - Listen... ( - Little Big Djü (Little Big Djü) - Lost The Way (EP) (Wax Tailor) - Love Runs Faster (Ingrid Schroeder) - LP (MR PEEL) - LUEUR (H1987) - Lullabies For Insomniacs (Al'tarba) - L'autre Endroit (Silence) - Machinarium (Tomas Dvorak) - Made Into Itself (Leaf) - Magellan (Adam Castillo) - Magneto (Felix) - Magnitudes Of Order (Globular) - Making Up A Changing Mind EP (Pretty Lights) - Manifesting The Vice (Chill Filtered) - Mansbestfriend Vol 5 (Sole) - Marasme (Organic Despair) - Marked Atom (Krivitsky) - Matador (Arms & Sleepers) - Matmon Jazz (Ordoeuvre) - Mental Bazar électrique 2 : Ombre (JeF) - Meridian (Rohne) - Merysland (KesakoO) - Mes Rêves Obscurs (EKBOM) - Mes Songes Sont De Ternes Westerns (Mobster) - Metamorphosis Of Muses (Roger Molls) - Metronomic Erection (Metronomic Erection) - Metropolis Rescore (The New Pollutants) - Miasme (Organic Despair) - Misstrip (Misstrip) - Misters And Misses (Roxanne Fréché) - Monarchy (Mosh) - Monometric (Kognitif) - Monthly Joints Series (Amon Tobin) - Moon (Clint Mansell) - Morning Moutain (Upside Dawn) - Mosaïque (Joachim De Lux) - MOVEMENT (MOTHRA) - Mr Dokomo (Mr Dokomo) - Mr Rose Aime La Pop (Dxd) - Museum (Introduction Au Conte Harmonique) (Judith) - Music For A Film (Hiatus) - Music For Imaginary Movies (Berry Weight) - Music Is The Weapon Of The Children (Mouse Kills Tiger) - Musiques Cinématiques (Skal) - My DK Crew (My DK Crew) - My Friends Never Die EP (Odesza) - My Space World (Kognitif) - Mysterious Lane (The French Touch Connection) - Mystify ! (Shirley M) - Naphtaline Orchestra (EZ3kiel) - Near Dub Experience (Guns Of Brixton) - Néo (Néo) - Neptun (Adam Castillo) - Night Walk In The Past (The French Touch Connection) - Nighttime Birds (Soulfight) - Nightwalker Vol. 1 (Boogie Belgique) - Nightwalker Vol. II (Boogie Belgique) - NO Reflection (Travelling Day) - No Way To Stay (The Cancel) - Noctis (Screenatorium & KesakoO) - Nocturnal Sunshine (Nocturnal Sunshine) - Nomade (Cat's Eyes) - Obo (Dj Slade) - Obsession (Soja) - Ocean Of Time (21 Hertz) - OckeFilms Soundtrack 2012 (CloZee) - ODYSSEE (H1987) - Off EP (Suffka) - Okänd (18h15) - On: Audio (Au4) - Once In June (Underwaters) - One Day EP (Shine) - One Knee On The Ground (Broken Devices) - Only After The Show (Degiheugi) - Opacity (Takami Nakamoto) - Oscar (Little) - Other Side (Hey ! B) - Outerspace ([REC]) - P.L.U.M (KesakoO) - Pandamonium (Soade) - Paradise For All (Guts) - Parklands (Hiatus) - Parts (Undermood) - Passing By Behind Your Eyes (Pretty Lights) - Petit Jama (Melodium) - Phonogénique (Sayem) - Phoosphores (KesakoO) - Placards & Cadavres (Mr.teddybear) - Plane-Crash EP (Bonnie Li) - Pleasing EP (Phole) - Polar Exodus (Saï Dew) - Pollution Sonore (TurnsteaK) - Pop Music / False B-side (Baths) - Posture (SolusMind) - Pourquoi J'rap (A'postrof) - Pre-emptive Nostalgia EP (Feat. Skrein) (A State Of Mind) - Preface (ep) (Sorg) - Projections# (Untel) - Prophets Are Lost Data (Leaf) - Pulse Of The Earth (Hungry Lucy) - Pura Vida (Brock Berrigan) - Que Sera - Where My Heart's At (EP) (Wax Tailor) - Rainy Day (Bonnie) - Rainy Days (Erik Jackson) - Re-hacktion (Circuit Breaker) - Reborn (Naked (in A Sphere)) - Recall (F. Glausinger) - Reflection (Red Fish Dub Syndrom) - Reflections (Quest) - ReflectionZ (Ghostown) - Remik (JAAA!) - Remix EP (Suhov) - Remixes (Raoul Sinier) - Rewind (Roger Molls) - ROMANCE (H1987) - Rooted From Wihin (Leaf) - Round 1 (Murder Round) - Rugir Les Machines (Jubb) - Sad Mirror (SIG) - Sadtimes (Wasaru) - Sae Yeon (Anitek) - Salute Solitude (SPOIWO) - Saneyes/Gainsbourg : You're Under Arrest (Détournement D'art Mineur) (Saneyes) - Sans Exil (Melampyre) - Save What's Left (Body Mind Soul) - SB4 (Gramatik) - Sea Ambulance (ep) (Man Mantis) - Seagulls EP (Mounika.) - Seven Windows For Six Dreamers (Your Happy End) - Shades (David Law) - Shanksville (Ghostown) - Short Stories Vol. 2 (Bonnie Li) - Short Story (Bonnie Li) - Sick Puppy (Moth Equals) - Sinthome (En Route Project) - SIX (Doctor Flake) - SLAB°#1 (Pol) - SLAB°​#​2 (Pol) - Snow (Emily Underhill) - Social Silence (Solar Wolf) - Sometimes You Have To Stick With He Old School Ways (Joe Vitterbo) - Sonic Deviance (Dub Orchestra) - Soon (Sorg & Napoleon Maddox) - Soul Food (Kognitif) - Soundsearching (Inchange) - Soundtrack Of My Day (Screenatorium) - Space Between Worlds (SICAA) - Special Vocal (Tour De Manège) - Spektah Gadjo (Ghostown) - Spider Flesh (BeLOey) - Square Things (SICAA) - Stand Out In Every Crowd (Inchange) - Starting From Scratch EP (Chill Bump) - Statement Of Purpose (Downliners Sekt) - Still Engine Mixtape (Downliners Sekt) - Still Laughing ? (Melampyre) - Stop Poking My Balloon (Gloire Carton) - Strawberries & Green (Solar Wolf) - Sub4 (Sub 4) - Subaqueous (Aisi Says (Эйси Сайс)) - Sublime (Hexanol) - Suhov Presents : Jószomszéd Instrumental (Suhov) - Summer's Gone (Odesza) - Sunbeam (Vesper Leand) - Syreen (Syreen) - Take A Look At You (Derfzen) - Takeoff For Naïve (Screenatorium) - Taking Up Your Precious Time (Pretty Lights) - Tamure X-11 (Adam Castillo) - Tempus Fugit (As The Stars Fall) - Tetra Psychique (KesakoO) - That Old Feeling (Mr. Moods) - The Biggest Lie (EP) (Body Mind Soul) - The Boom & The Arty (The Boom & The Arty) - The Broken Symphony (Degiheugi) - The Eggshibitionist (L'Oeuf Raide) - The Fall And Rise (Moth Equals) - The Fifty Year Storm (The New Law) - The Fragments Of Humanity (Cicérone) - The In Between (Nocturne Blue) - The Island (Melodium) - The Jungle Sessions EP (Phole) - The Man With Dusty Fingers (Roger Molls) - The Man With Dusty Fingers Vol. 2 (Roger Molls) - The Meeting Point (Corbeaux & Volte Face) - The Mourning EP (Videotape) - The Nabis Project (Adam Castillo) - The Organ Hearts (Arms & Sleepers) - The Point Of No Return (Hugo Kant) - The Raid (Mike Shinoda & Joseph Trapanese) - The Saltire Wave (Downliners Sekt) - The Shanghai Restoration Project Special Edition (The Shanghai Restoration Project) - The Spy (Monophona) - The Teatime Sessions (Hungry Lucy) - The Tunnel (Night Session) - The Unfaced Album (Organic Despair) - The Visitor Sketches (Dr. Quandary) - The Wild Show (Melampyre) - The Wizards (Tour De Manège) - Theory Of Harmony (Dub FX) - Thingsspeak (Legyl) - Thinking Clear (Dub FX) - Thread Soul (Revolution Void) - Through The River, Through The Noise (Treeless Forest) - Thump (Self) - To Kill A King (Hungry Lucy) - To The Edge Of The Wood (After Blowdown) - Total Rictus (Ric-Tus) - Transition (Organic Despair) - Travelling Arrière (The Qiwu Selftet) - Trembling In The Stone (Nym) - Tribute To The Wolves (Nino Korta) - Trip Of Hope (Jean-Christophe Lemay) - Best Tunes 2015 ( - Triptone (Triptone) - TuRnStEaK Remix (TurnsteaK) - Two AM (Brock Berrigan) - U-topia (U-topia) - UMA (Falkor) - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book (Blockhead) - Ursa Minor (Kanute) - V Remastered (Silvestro Dice) - V2​.​0 (GoGo Penguin) - Virus (Solar Wolf) - (Square) - Vol. 1 (Missine+Tripstoic & 2 Ghosts From The Orchestra) - Voltage (Bak Trak) - W.E.O.M (Apollo) - Wanderer (Mich Gerber) - War Zone (ABRAXXXAS) - Warm Blooded Lizard (Nym) - Warm Inside (Juice) - Wax Tailor & The Mayfly Symphony Orchestra (Wax Tailor) - Western Illusions - Original Soundtrack Of An Imaginary Story (Heliopolis) - What About Now (Velahavle) - When It Rains (Resolved Dissonance) - White Elephant EP (White Elephant) - Winston Smith's Life (Melampyre) - With Everything (Racermason) - With Strings Attached EP. (Glideascope) - Workshop (Molecule) - XI (Than.eye) - You Were Murdered As A Kid (Dust On Snow) - Zzt Girl (El Barön Brissetti)
Autres Directions In MusicArche Lymb (Depth Affect) - Draft Battle (Depth Affect) - Forever Sparrow (Color Cassette) - Hero Crisis (Depth Affect)
Avalanche RecordingsEveryday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came (Jesu)
AzLive! In Tune And On Time (DJ Shadow)
AzuliLate Night Tales (Jamiroquai)
B-Pitch ControlHappy In Grey (Damero) - Immolate Yourself (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Moderat (Moderat) - Orchestra Of Bubbles (Ellen Allien) - Remix Collection (Ellen Allien) - Reworks (Paul Kalkbrenner) - Self (Paul Kalkbrenner) - Superimpose (Paul Kalkbrenner)
BabygrandeLate Night CInema (Blue Sky Black Death) - Razah's Ladder (Blue Sky Black Death) - Slow Burning Lights (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Evil Jeanius (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Evil Jeanius Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Holocaust (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Holocaust Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Indie Rock Essentials (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Razah's Ladder Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death)
BackburnerHumble & Brilliant (Jesse Dangerously)
Bad LifeSelf Help For Beginners (AutoKratz)
Baleine RecordsA Monkey In A Yellow Hat (9th Cloud) - Cucumber Lodge (Briskey) - Vinyl EP 1 (9th Cloud) - Vol.1 (Le Son Du Futuroscope)
Ballist'x EntertainmentScared Stiff (Hexanol)
Bandcamp.comPIAANO (Laake)
BangarangAlways Greener (On The Other Side) (Brain Damage) - Ashes To Ashes/Dub To Dub (Brain Damage)
Bankrupt RecordingsCool Tempo (Sagesse)
Banzaï LabDwarf Planets - EP (Straybird) - In Transit (Straybird) - Ladies & Ladies (EP) (Al'tarba) - Ningyo (Senbeï) - Rogue Monsters (Al Tarba X Senbeï) - SOFA (Supachill) - The Electric Horseman And The Dancing Movie (Monsieur Grandin)
Bar De LuneBroad Souls (Faze Action) - Forwards (The Egg) - Speck Of Gold (Afterlife) - The Facts And The Dreams (Fragile State) - Voices From The Dust Bowl (Fragile State)
BarclayCrime In The City (Kojak) - Emilie Simon (Emilie Simon) - Every Room On Every Floor (Kojak) - Franky Knight (Emilie Simon) - Inspiracion Espiracion (Gotan Project) - La Marche De L'Empereur (Emilie Simon) - Live A L'Olympia (Emilie Simon) - Live à L'Olympia (Emilie Simon) - Natural Fake (De Phazz) - Roseland New York (Portishead) - Tango 3.0 (Gotan Project) - The Big Machine (Emilie Simon) - The Outernational Sound (Thievery Corporation) - Végétal (Emilie Simon) - Vespertine (Björk)
Barsuk RecordsNightlife (EP) (Phantogram)
Bartleby RecordsDesiderata (Starklove) - Finding Beauty In The Wretched (Dirty Elegance) - Ode To Bartleby (Dirty Elegance) - The Hero Who Fell From Her Pedestal (Dirty Elegance)
Basic ChannelSee Mi Yah Remixes (Rhythm & Sound)
Bass Agenda RecordingsCuts (Achim Bloch)
BBeEyelid Movies (Phantogram) - Phantom (DJ Oil) - The Soundcatcher (DJ Vadim)
Be Careful He's FrenchSome Flavoured Pearls (Microsillon)
Bear MachineThe Family Tree : The Roots (Radical Face)
BeatnikOracolo (Skinshape)
Beatservice2 1/2 (Slowpho) - Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents (Xploding Plastix) - Behind The Eight Ball (Xploding Plastix) - For Sleepyheads Only (Flunk) - Hi-Fi Sound For Young Norvegians (Slowpho) - Morning Star (Flunk)
Because Music5:55 (Charlotte Gainsbourg) - Ghost Days (Syd Matters)
Bee RecordsFragments (Noone) - Grenadine (Noone) - Maybe The Last EP (Noone) - That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Miso Soup) - Umami (Miso Soup) - Upgrade To Mutant Sheep (Paral-lel)
BeechwoodFabric 11 (Swayzak)
Beggars BanquetMing Star (King Of Woolworths) - Violet Cries (Esben And The Witch)
Believe DigitalHarold-Un Conte Musical (Tara King Th.) - Knightsbridge (KGB)
BellringOut Of Time (Hugo Kant)
Beyond Space EntertainmentJesus Taylor Thomas (David Ramos)
Big DadaAwfully Deep (Roots Manuva) - Brand New Second Hand (Roots Manuva) - Bush Meat (Infinite Livez) - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque (TTC) - CLOUDDEAD (CLOUDDEAD) - Dialogue (Thavius Beck) - Dub Come Save Me (Roots Manuva) - Florida (Diplo) - Infinite Livez Vs Stade: Art Brut Fe De Yoot (Infinite Livez) - Mixed Blessings (Lotek Hi-fi) - Run Come Save Me (Roots Manuva) - Slime And Reason (Roots Manuva) - Ten (CLOUDDEAD) - Upward (Ty) - Well Deep - 10 Years Of Big Dada Recordings (Ninja Tune) - Well Deep - 10 Years Of Big Dada Recordings (Ninja Tune) - Yoyoyoyoyo (Spank Rock)
BizouprodNuoc Mama (Nuoc Mama)
Black Dog ProductionsMbuki Mvuki (Plaid)
Black TambourPic De Pollution (Uht°)
BlackElk RecordingsOne Seed (Jean Du Voyage)
Blind ColourSatellite On (Ink Project)
Bloom RecordsEnsi (Nujeli) - Scuba Diving (Mako)
Blue Flame RecordsBreathe (Sphere) - Travel (Jazzamor)
Blue NoteBending New Corners (Erik Truffaz) - Broadway & 52nd (Us3) - End Of The World Party (Just In Case) (Medeski, Martin & Wood) - Entertainment (Marc Moulin) - Eric Truffaz Revisité (Erik Truffaz) - Express Way (Troublemakers) - Hand On The Torch (Us3) - I Am You (Marc Moulin) - Lie, Cheat & Steal (Us3) - Mantis (Erik Truffaz) - Mexico (Erik Truffaz & Murcof) - Out Of Dream (Erik Truffaz) - Placebo Years 1971-1974 (Marc Moulin) - Revisited (Blue Note) - Saloua (Erik Truffaz) - Sam' Suffy (Marc Moulin) - Tales Of The Wind (Mich Gerber) - The Dawn (Erik Truffaz) - The Mask (Erik Truffaz) - The Walk Of The Giant Turtle (Erik Truffaz) - Top Secret (Marc Moulin) - Tourist (St Germain)
BmgBalloon Mood (Anja Garbarek) - Club Sodade (Cesaria Evora By...) - Dhikrayat (Mig) - Drum Major ! (Rubin Steiner) - No More Sweet Music (Hooverphonic) - Poison (Jay Jay Johanson) - Scorpio Rising (Death In Vegas) - Wunderbar Drei (Rubin Steiner)
Boa MusicBergman (Bergman) - Inner (Bergman) - Lust (Bergman)
Bomb X RecordsPoint To Point (Oleg & Zim)
Bomba DischiPrimavera (YOUAREHERE) - Propaganda (YOUAREHERE)
Bonsaï MusicEstate In Biarritz (Blue Moments) - Everything Must Change (Orange Blossom) - INK (French Version) (The Dining Rooms) - Instalaçao Do Samba (Toco) - Open Ticket (Malko) - Several People (Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bia) - The Common Station (Shine)
Breaking Mad RecordsRookie EP (ProleteR)
Brilliant TreeMilk & Honey - B & B Tunes Vol.5 (Dr Atmo)
Budabeats11:40 (Artner) - 19/76 (Crookram) - Heartbox (Suhov) - Sympathy Modul EP (Suhov) - Through Windows (Crookram)
Bulk RecordingsPillowfight (Pillowfight)
Burning Bowl RecordsTravelogue (Architektur)
Buttercuts RecordsIt's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know (Fbcfabric & Reindeer)
Cafe Del Mar MusicVolumen Catorce (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Diez (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Doce (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Nueve (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Once (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Trece (Cafe Del Mar)
Calumet City RecordsThe Heights (Serious Music)
CandidJazz Noir (Nelli Rees)
CapitolDemon Days (Gorillaz) - Discosis (Bran Van 3000) - Glee (Bran Van 3000) - Gorillaz (Gorillaz) - Somewhere Deep In The Night (Swing Out Sister) - The Good, The Bad & The Queen (The Good, The Bad & The Queen)
Carotte ProductionAlienation (Td+)
Carpark RecordsGoing Places (Montag)
Cash Money BrothersNano (Lo-Fi)
Cast-a-blastThink Twice (Palov & Mishkin)
Catalogue2nd Round (Sporto Kantes) - Act 1 (Sporto Kantes) - Act 1 (2ème édition) (Sporto Kantes) - Angel Milk (Telepopmusik) - Catalogue 2002 (Catalogue) - Cha Cha Manga (Sancho) - Genetic World (Telepopmusik) - Happiness (Sébastien Schuller) - Stargazing (Alpha)
Catskills RecordsCountry Falls (Husky Rescue) - Scoop Three (Straight Out The Cat Litter) - Ship Of Light (Husky Rescue)
CCT RecordsWriting The Silver (OPGave)
Celestial RecordsWorking With Sound (Hive)
Chaphi RecordsMorphism (AlgoRythmik)
ChateaurougeNaked (Scratch Massive) - Time (Scratch Massive) - Underground Needs Your Money Baby (Scratch Massive)
Chez Kito KatBetween (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A) - Color Slide EP (MR BIOS) - Flow (Artaban) - Fog Dreams (Millimetrik) - Isolated (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A) - Pagane (SH'NAPAN) - Plus Que (Specta Ciera & Arbee) - You're Struggling In The Dark (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A) - Zerlegzen (Komparce)
Chief InspectorAddict (Collectif Slang) - Saltsound (Soulreactive) - Slanguistic (Collectif Slang)
China RecordsBeats And B-Sides (Morcheeba) - Big Calm (Morcheeba) - Fragments Of Freedom (Morcheeba)
Chinchin RecordsIn Wonderland (Bajka)
Chinese Man RecordsMiss Chang EP (Chinese Man) - Racing With The Sun (Chinese Man) - Shikantaza (Chinese Man) - SHIKANTAZA REMIX (Chinese Man) - The Groove Sessions (Chinese Man) - The Groove Sessions Vol. 3 (Chinese Man) - The Groove Sessions Vol.2 (Chinese Man) - The Journey (Tumi & Chinese Man)
ChrysalisAround The House (Herbert) - Flip Fantasia: Hits & Remixes (Us3) - Jazz Funk (Incognito) - Radar (Earthling)
Circa RecordsMezzanine (Massive Attack) - No Protection (Massive Attack) - Protection (Massive Attack)
Circle Into SquareCandy Cigarette (Boy In Static) - Waterloo (Kay The Aquanaut) - We Are All Fire (Cars & Trains)
Circus CompanyCraft Sounds And Voices (Nôze) - How To Dance (Nôze) - Space Is Only Noise (Nicolas Jaar)
CiTiZen RecordsRésumé (Selected & Mixed By Citizen Crew)
City SlangBinokular EP (Schneider TM) - In A Safe Place (The Album Leaf) - Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Tortoise) - Schneider TM (Schneider TM) - Skoda Mluvit (Schneider TM) - Sod In The Seed LP (Why?) - Swim (Caribou) - Tnt (Tortoise) - Tortoise (Tortoise) - Zoomer (Schneider TM)
Clafooti RecordsFABle (FABle)
Clean Up RecordsSplinter (Sneaker Pimps)
Clean8Drop A Three (Fumuj)
Clone RecordsWhisper Me Whishes (Kettel)
Clothes Horse RecordsTenth Street And Clarence (Soso) - Tinfoil On The Windows (Soso)
Club MontepulcianoUp! (Lemon)
CobaltCobalt (Cobalt)
Codek RecordsGarri Mix (D'afro Disco) - Volume 2 (Audio Messages Etc.)
Cold BustedVolta (Boogie Belgique) - Waiting For The World (Poldoore)
ColumbiaA New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (Hooverphonic) - Attica Blues (Attica Blues) - Jaku (DJ Krush) - Leftism (Leftfield) - Nouveau Départ (We Bought A Zoo) (Jónsi) - Rhythm And Stealth (Leftfield) - Shazz (Shazz) - Soulshine (DJ Cam) - Substances (DJ Cam) - Test Don't Test (Attica Blues) - The Beat Assassinated (DJ Cam) - The Loa Project 2 (DJ Cam) - The Magnificient Tree (Hooverphonic) - Tread (Pressure Drop) - Underground Vibes (DJ Cam) - Zen (DJ Krush)
Combien Mille RecordsFrom The Cold (Superpoze) - Opening (Superpoze)
CommandoWhiskey (Jay Jay Johanson)
CommotionBroken English Soundtrack (Scratch Massive)
Compagnie Pascal PerezKheper (Imhotep)
CompostClockWork (Alif Tree) - Dark Days Exit (Felix Laband) - Elysian Fields (Minus 8) - French Cuisine (Alif Tree) - Freshly Composted (Compost) - In Between (Jazzanova) - Latenight Daydreaming (Karma) - Minuit (Minus 8) - Songs Of Lucid Dreamers (Zwicker) - Speed Emotions (Marbert Rocel) - Spirit Of The Sun (Kyoto Jazz Massive) - The Remixes 1997 - 2000 (Jazzanova) - Waltz For Koop (Koop) - Waltz For Koop - Alternative Takes (Koop)
Concice RecordsCellars And Attics (Swordplay) - The Tilt EP (Swordplay)
ConstellationAllelujah! Don't Bend ! Ascend ! (Godspeed You ! Black Emperor) - Yanqui U.X.O. (Godspeed You ! Black Emperor)
Content (L)abelHeavy Migrations (Dday One) - Journal (Dday One) - Loop Extensions (Dday One) - Wavelengths (Dday One / Glen Porter) (Dday One)
Cooking VinylBlack Light (Groove Armada) - Skye & Ross (Skye & Ross)
Cool Jewel RecordsThe Laughing Man (UNA) - The Laughing Man Remix (UNA)
Coop (erative) MusicTurning Down Water For Air (James Yuill)
Cosmicleaf RecordsCycling To The Sun (Translippers) - Flower Power (Kick Bong) - Kind Of Imagination (Kick Bong) - Mystica (Kick Bong) - Remixed (Kick Bong) - Tabula Rasa (Obsqure) - The Secret Garden (Kick Bong)
CosmonostroWild Times (Pacific Shore)
Couch RecordsFakes (Dzihan & Kamien) - Live In Vienna (Dzihan & Kamien)
Counter RecordsKingdoms In Colour (Maribou State) - Portraits (Maribou State) - Stories From The Watercooler (John Matthias)
Crammed1 (Electric Gypsyland) - 2 (Electric Gypsyland) - Blue Eyed Black Boy (Balkan Beat Box) - Escape To Where (Juryman) - Give (Balkan Beat Box) - Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel (Cibelle) - Nu Med (Balkan Beat Box) - The Hill (Juryman) - The Man In The Shadow (Snooze) - The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves (Cibelle) - Zeep: People & Things (Smoke City/Zeep)
Crammed/ZiriguiboomAbout A Girl EP (Cibelle) - Bebel Gilberto (Bebel Gilberto) - Bebel Gilberto Remixed (Bebel Gilberto) - Cibelle (Cibelle) - Outro Lado (Zuco 103) - Res Inexplicata Volans (Apollo Nove) - Sao Paulo Confessions (Suba) - Tales Of High Fever (Zuco 103) - Tanto Tempo (Bebel Gilberto) - Tanto Tempo Remixes (Bebel Gilberto) - Tributo (Suba) - Volume 2 (The Now Sound Of Brazil) - Whaa! (Zuco 103)
Crash DisquesMeets Jamika (Zenzile) - Meets Sir Jean (Zenzile) - Sachem In Salem (Zenzile) - Sound Patrol (Zenzile)
CreationSalt Peter (Ruby) - Salt Peter Remixed - Revenge, The Sweetest Fruit (Ruby)
Creative SoulsRefreshment Of Thoughts (André Orefjärd)
Cristal RecordsElectrify My Soul (FrogNstein) - Pulse (Gregsky) - You've Been Spiked (Chris Joss)
Crowd Control RecordsDearly Departed (NickNack) - Dearly Departed Remixed (NickNack) - Improving Silence (NickNack)
Crunch RecordingsSilent City (Black Square)
Crying Bob RecordsCherub Dust (Namur) - Conquer Me (Namur)
Cult Classic RecordsCult Classic Records - Friends & Family (Cult Classic Records) - Found Records (Inchange)
Cuntroll RecordsBlues Inside (A Bit Advanced Music) - Shagonar (Eholow) - Shuga (Eholow) - Take A Trip (Various Artists)
Cup Of TeaCare In The Community (Monk & Canatella) - Question (Purple Penguin) - Tempesta (Statik Sound System)
Dangervisit RecordsAxiom (Archive) - With Us Until You're Dead (Archive)
Dark Clover RecordsEther (Monolift) - My Strory (Volor Flex) - Tramp (Volor Flex) - Unlit (Volor Flex)
Daruma ProductionsObake (Obake)
DbdcSystem Shakedown (Dubmatix) - The Needle (Dub In V.O.)
De Note RecordsPortrait Robot (Oscar)
Dead People's ChoiceBlood Moon (Blue Foundation) - In My Mind I Am Free (Blue Foundation)
Decca RecordsThe Bone Collector BOF (Craig Armstrong)
December First RecordsRhode Island (Pelican City) - The Chilling Effect Original Motion Picture Score (Pelican City)
DeconCalicomm 2004 (Calicomm)
Decorative Stamp667 : The Guild We Hold Close (Babel Fishh & Edison) - A Band Of Buriers (A Band Of Buriers) - Amidst The Grease And Chaos (Iron Filings And Sellotape) - Bird Irony (Murmur Breeze) - Close To Distantly (AbSUrd) - Down To Your Hairs (A Native Hundred) - Filth (A Band Of Buriers) - Foreshore Reverie (Murmur Breeze) - Lone (Home) - Mausoleum Handout [live In Leipzig] (Jamesphoney & Jamesreindeer) - Papervehicle (Papervehicle) - Rough Tongue Surfaces (Jamesphoney & Jamesreindeer) - Six Pack O' Death (Evak & Edison)
DeepClass RecordsFeelings (Stereoteric)
DefectedSecond Guess (Reel People)
Definitive JuxDeadringer (RJD2) - Since We Last Spoke (RJD2)
Delabel100th Window (Massive Attack) - 7 Television Commercials (Radiohead) - As If To Nothing (Craig Armstrong) - Blue Print (Imhotep) - Eleven Promos (Massive Attack) - Farsuct (Willie Cortez) - Ils Se Marièrent Et Eurent Beaucoup D'enfants (Yvan Attal) - Just A Place In The Sun (Roudoudou) - Meeting People Is Easy (Radiohead) - Presidential Suite (Gonzales) - Tout L'univers. Listener's Digest (Roudoudou) - Z (Remix Album) (Gonzales)
DezordrLes Chimères Exquises (L'Onironaute) - Versus (Stekri / La Main Gauche / Dtracks / Shyugosha)
DharmaNeveroddoreven (I Monster)
Dharma MoonThe Warm Chill (TJ Rehmi)
DiamondtraxxCash And Carry Songs (Octet)
Diesel Combustible RecordingsMade Of Water (Kobe)
DIESS ProductionModonut 2 (Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer)
Differ-antBy The Window / By The Looking-glass (Arca)
Digi Crates RecordsWhispers (Reki)
Digitalpit90 Battements Par Minute (ZeeCutter) - Backstreet (EP) (Fakear) - Digitalpit Compilation 1 (Digital Pit Compilation) - Hypnose (Digital Pit Compilation) - Le Journal De Simon (F.T.G.) - Lost Cosmonaut (Superpoze) - Mon Sommeil (Mobster) - Room88 (Hiroshima) - Showmance EP (Asleep We Live) - Snowpixel EP (Superpoze) - The Missing Chair Leg Dilemna (Screenatorium) - The Next Room (Hiroshima)
Dimid RecordingsMetaphorical Music (Nujabes)
Ding DawnDing Dawn Tempo (Ding Dawn Tempo)
Disco DadaThe Closet (Letherdive)
DiscographA Bottle In The Sea (Double U) - Almaviva (Zimpala) - Bumcello (Bumcello) - Cruising Attitude (Dimitri From Paris) - Data Pop (Discograph) - Ghosts From The Past (Bang Gang) - Good City For Dreamers (General Elektriks) - Humandust (Earthling) - Kill The DJ : The Dysfunctional Family (Chloe & Ivan Smagghe) - Side Effects (OMR) - The Breeze Is Black (Zimpala) - Vol.2 (Café De Flore)
Ditto MusicNext Pursuit (Fifi Rong) - Wrong (Fifi Rong)
DiversitéParadise (Dub Incorporation)
DLoawDebut EP (Parker's Music) - Exotic Jazz (Raycord) - How Are You ? (Mounika.) - Life & Love (Skinshape) - Melography (Roger Molls) - Places (Il:lo) - Seaside (Part 1) (Oldtwig) - The Ocean Between Us (Beatween) - The Secret Garden (DLoaw) - The Secret Garden - Volume 2 (DLoaw)
Do You LikeThe Parade (Smooth)
Dome RecordsAdventures In Black Sunshine (Incognito) - Eleven (Incognito) - Who Needs Love? (Incognito)
Domino RecordsEverything Ecstatic (Four Tet) - Happiness (Fridge) - Immunity (Jon Hopkins) - Insides (Jon Hopkins) - Knowle West Boy (Tricky) - Merriweather Post Pavillon (Animal Collective) - Mixed Race (Tricky) - Monsters (OST) (Jon Hopkins) - Pause (Four Tet) - Paws (Four Tet) - Rounds (Four Tet) - Semtex (The Third Eye Foundation) - The Camel's Back (Psapp) - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted (Psapp) - There Is Love In You (Four Tet)
Domo RecordsMetropolis (Toshiyuki Honda)
Don't Touch RecordingsEleventh Trip (Alpha) - Lost In A Garden Of Clouds - Part 1 (Alpha) - Lost In A Garden Of Clouds - Part 2 (Alpha) - The Sky Is Mine (Alpha) - Without Some Help (Alpha)
Dope NoirBallroom Stories (Waldeck) - The Night Garden (Waldeck)
Dora Dorovitch≠ Three Cornered World (Triune Gods) - Connect The Machine To The Map (Various Artists) - D R O N E S / RICKOLUS - Split 12 (Drones & Rickolus) - Nausea (Moodie Black) - Tap Water (Swordplay & Pierre The Motionless)
Douglas RecordsLittle Boy Don't Get Scared (Jazzonia)
Dox RecordsAfter The Carnaval (Zuco 103)
Drone RecordsSatan's Circus (Death In Vegas)
DSAAngles (Arca) - Cinématique (Arca) - Mechanics Of Emotion (Elsiane)
DTC RecordsII (NHX) - Non Harmonix Project (NHX)
Dub DragonElectric Kool Aid (Kaly Live Dub) - HydroPhonic (Kaly Live Dub) - On Stage (Kaly Live Dub)
Dusted Wax KingdomGO AHEAD (MR PEEL) - JAZZ U (MR PEEL) - Lessons From The Past (EP) (Frenic) - Lush Life (EP) (Poldoore) - Mind Duck (EP) (Recess) - Not So Close (EP) (Pitch Razahs) - Open Ears, Open Mind, Open Heart (P.SUS) - Product Of A Dying Breed (LP) (Tony Mahoney) - Red (King Shi) - The Asian Wind (King Shi) - The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow (EP) (Frenic) - The Story Begins (Sickmind193) - Tons Of Sky (Giyo) - Utopia Highway (Pitch Razahs) - Walking Nowhere (ep) (Kozak94)
E-BeatTodotesorosisland (Aliplays)
E-magine RecordsAntenna (Jay Jay Johanson) - Balance Of The Force Remixed (Waldeck)
Early RecordsLife Loves Us (Nicolette)
East WestMichel Vaillant By Archive (B.O.) (Archive) - Noise (Archive) - Silicone (Bang Bang) - Unplugged (Archive) - You (Bang Gang)
Eat Me RecordsAstrophobe (Nocto)
EcmKhmer (Nils Petter Molvaer) - Solid Ether (Nils Petter Molvaer)
Ed Banger RecordsLucky Boy (DJ Mehdi)
EdelSolaris (B.O.) (Cliff Martinez)
Eighteenth Street Lounge MusicAbductions And Reconstructions (Thievery Corporation) - Babylon Rewound (Thievery Corporation) - Granhotelbuenosaires (Federico Aubele) - Into Bass & Time (Ancient Astronauts) - The Cosmic Game (Thievery Corporation) - The Power Of Suggestion (Karminsky Experience Inc.) - The Richest Man In Babylone (Thievery Corporation) - Tree Of Mystery (Kabanjak)
El Camino RecordsThe Long Lost Friend (Husky Rescue)
Electron'y'popOne Day At Home (SayCet)
Elsewhere Studios/SEEDFree The Robots (Free The Robots) - The Balance (Free The Robots)
EmarcyAn Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place (Us3) - Electronique Noire (Eivind Aarset's) - Np3 (Nils Petter Molvaer) - Recoloured (The Remix Album) (Nils Petter Molvaer) - Vol.1 (Café De Flore)
EMI MusicAct Of Free Choice (David Bridie) - Breakeven 2200 (Heed) - Collected (Massive Attack) - Digital Shades /Vol.1 (M83) - Ecoutez L'histoire De Lady & Bird (Lady & Bird) - G-Sides (Gorillaz) - Junior (Röyksopp) - La Ballade De Lady & Bird (Lady & Bird) - Lcd Soundsystem (Lcd Soundsystem) - Les Ailes Pourpres (B.O.) (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Love 2 (Air) - Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust (Sigur Ros) - Moon Safari - 10ème Anniversaire (Air) - Overpowered (Roisin Murphy) - Postdynamic Tide (Heed) - Questions (Us3) - Rush (Jay Jay Johanson) - Takk... (Sigur Ros) - The Mix-Up (The Beastie Boys) - Valtari (Sigur Ros)
EmperorEarthbound (Sophie Barker)
Emperor NortonChange Is Coming (Money Mark) - Lost In Translation (Brian Reitzell)
Endemik MusicRIP U$A (Bleubird) - Steel Yourself (Sontiago)
Endless Smile RecordsBagatelle (Degiheugi)
EntourloupeEntourloupe 3 (Loop) - Superflux (Loop)
EpicBlue Wonder Power Milk (Hooverphonic) - In The Light (Shazz) - In The Night (Shazz)
EpitaphA Healthy Disturt (Sage Francis) - Human The Death Dance (Sage Francis)
Equal MusikChamber (Thomas Toussaint) - Panoplie (Eggo)
Equinox RecordsA World Without (2econd Class Citizen) - Euryphaessa EP (Andreikelos) - For A Better Tomorrow (Deckard) - For Better, For Worse (DJ Scientist) - Journey Goodbye EP (DJ Scientist) - One By One (EP) (2econd Class Citizen) - Raincoatman (DJ Scientist) - The Artless Cuckoo (EP) (DJ Scientist) - The One Man Band Instrumentals (DJ Scientist) - The Small Minority (2econd Class Citizen) - Wyred Folk (EP) (2econd Class Citizen)
Erased Tapes RecordsKiasmos (Kiasmos) - Loon (Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm) - Night Melody (Rival Consoles) - Spells (Ben Lukas Boysen)
Es・遊・Es CorButterfly Effect (DJ Krush)
ESL MusicBerlin 13 (Federico Aubele) - Culture Of Fear (Thievery Corporation) - Dust Galaxy (Dust Galaxy) - Radio Retaliation (Thievery Corporation) - The Temple Of I & I (Thievery Corporation) - Versions (Thievery Corporation)
Essay RecordingsBalkan Beat Box (Balkan Beat Box)
Essential MusicWhere Did The Night Fall ? (Unkle)
Etage NoirCoco (Parov Stelar) - Rough Cuts (Parov Stelar) - Seven And Storm (Parov Stelar) - Shine (Parov Stelar) - The Invisible Girl (Parov Stelar Trio)
Ether MusicBBC Sessions Live - Volume 01 (Gilles Peterson) - Futur World Funk On The Run (Future World Funk) - In Africa (Gilles Peterson) - In Brazil (Gilles Peterson) - National Collective (Instituto)
Exceptional RecordsFinest Hour (Submotion Orchestra) - Finest Hour (Submotion Orchestra)
ExclaimYamatna (Mig)
Exponential RecordsArtifacts (Aether)
Export LabelFrozen Memories (Danny Bow)
ExpressillonXin (Wang Lei)
Eyeball RecordsPomegranate (Astronautalis)
EzhevikaМрамори (Antrru) - A Memory Of Light (Sorrow Leads To Salvation) - Find Your Soul (Cortel) - Narcissus (Hamlet His Highness)
F-CommunicationsA Futuristic Family Film (Vista Le Vie) - Beats'n Bobs (Aqua Bassino) - Bienvenida (Alexkid) - Bold (Readymade) - Boulevard (St Germain) - Don't (Vista Le Vie) - Dualizm (Jori Hulkkonen) - Espaces Baroques (Fréderic Galliano) - La Chanson De Roland (Nova Nova) - Laughing With The Moon (Gong Gong) - Les Yeux Crevés (Jay Alansky) - Mary's Spring (Gong Gong) - Megasoft Office 2000 (Megasoft Office) - Megasoft Office 2001 (Megasoft Office) - Megasoft Office 2003 (Megasoft Office) - Megasoft Office 2005 (Megasoft Office) - Members Only (Avril) - Memories (Nova Nova) - Mint (Alexkid) - Moustache (Half A Scissor) (Mr Oizo) - New Comer (Llorca) - Slip It Under (Vista Le Vie) - That Horse Must Be Starving (Avril) - The Cloud Making Machine (Laurent Garnier)
Fake Chapters RecordsSwim Team (Arms & Sleepers)
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Goon TraxKeep ALive (Hiroki Mizukami)
GooomAlone, Not Alone (Montag) - Are You A Friend ? (Montag) - Bad Thriller (Abstrackt Keal Agram) - Before The Dawn Heals Us (M83) - Cluster Ville (Abstrackt Keal Agram) - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (M83) - M83 (M83)
Gourmets RecordingzThanks For Cleaning After Use (Jade Analogic)
Grand CentralAnd The Big Red Nebula Band (Fingathing) - Cold Water Music (Aim) - Hinterland (Aim) - Homies And Homos (Riton) - Means Of Production (Aim) - Super Hero Music (Fingathing) - Take My Drum To England (Jon Kennedy) - The Main Event (Fingathing) - Time Capsule (Fingathing) - Useless Wooden Toys (Jon Kennedy)
Grandmono RecordsDeleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor (Caro Emerald)
Grease RecordsPlaying With Scratches (Ruckus Roboticus)
Green United MusicConfessions Of A Belladonna Eater (Kid Loco)
Grimm ImageBefore The End (Thesis Sahib)
Groenland RecordsThe Bells Of 1 2 (Sol Seppy)
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Halleluja CommunicationsNo Slack ! (N.O.H.A.)
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Hard HandsElusive (Pressure Drop)
Hassle RecordsWe Were Exploding Anyway (65daysofstatic)
HeafiPassage Des Images Vivantes Aux Images Mortes. Tout Refleurit LP. (Volvotraxx)
Hefty RecordsFahrenheit Fair Enough (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Map Of What Is Effortless (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Remixes Compiled (Telefon Tel Aviv)
Hi-SubwayVol 2 : Clash & Diversion (Alternative Novo Dub)
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Huge SoulMuziq And Foto (Nomak)
Hyde Out RecordsModal Soul (Nujabes) - Safe In The Step Cliffs (Emancipator) - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (Emancipator) - Spiritual State (Nujabes)
Hydrogen Dukebox RecordsBig Casino (James Hardway)
Hymen RecordsNo Noia My Love (Karsten Pflum)
Hymen RecordsSeeking The Lost Mind (Tonikom)
HyperdubUntrue (Burial)
I-SoundAlternative Light Source (Leftfield) - Frontline 1993-1997 (Asian Dub Foundation)
IC Music'Round The Clock (Jérôme Badini)
Ici D'ailleurs613 (Chapelier Fou) - Deai (Chapelier Fou) - Deltas (Chapelier Fou) - Invisible (Chapelier Fou) - Kalia (Chapelier Fou) - Leçon N°1 : Manipulation à La Main (Le Professeur Inlassable) - LUX (EZ3kiel) - Muance (Chapelier Fou) - On Ne Distinguait Plus Les Têtes (Arca) - Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart (Matt Elliott) - Oumupo (3) (Rubin Steiner) - Oumupo (6) (DJ Krush) - Quiet Rooms (Linky) - Scandale EP (Chapelier Fou) - Semtex (The Third Eye Foundation) - The Dark (The Third Eye Foundation) - What's The Price ? (Numbers Not Names)
Icons Creating Evil ArtWǒ Men (Bonnie Li)
IdwetActe (Psykick Lyrikah) - Derrière Moi (Psykick Lyrikah) - Des Lumières Sous La Pluie (Psykick Lyrikah) - Kinky Attractive Muse (Robert Le Magnifique) - Vu D'ici (Psykick Lyrikah)
Impotent Fury Records64 To 95 (Lemon Jelly) - (Lemon Jelly) - Lost Horizons (Lemon Jelly)
In My RoomInto The Great Wide Yonder (Trentemoller)
In ParadisiumExtreme Precautions I (Mondkopf) - Hadès (Mondkopf)
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IndependienteQuixotic (Martina Topley Bird) - Take My Head (Archive)
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Inertia RecordsResidue (Hefner) - Reworks (Hefner)
InevitableEcho Other (Expanded Edition) (All India Radio) - Fall (All India Radio)
InfinéMirapolis (Rone) - Polyamour (Clara Moto)
Initial Cuts[T]EKËL (Tekel)
Integral RecordsOn Black Peak (Pomegranate) - The Thrill Of Fresh Paint (Pomegranate) - This Illusion Sound (Pomegranate)
International Feel RecordingsGatto Fritto (Gatto Fritto)
IntoxygeneDrumz, Bass And Double Cream (Virtuart) - Liquidsand (Peepingtom)
Intuitive RecordsTranssiberian (Thylacine)
IO. Lab RecordsUrban Symphony (Pkarel)
IOT RecordsLa Nuit Se Lève (Al'tarba) - Mosaïc (Lil Fish)
Ipecac RecordsIn Cod We Trust (Ghostigital) - Little Trip (Mugison) - Mugiboogie (Mugison) - Peeping Tom (Peeping Tom (aka Mike Patton))
IRMA RecordsImmigrants (Sophie Lillienne) - The Fragile Idea (Sophie Lillienne)
IslandA Ruff Guide (Tricky) - Angels With Dirty Faces (Tricky) - Anokha - Soundz Of The Asian Underground (Talvin Singh) - Curvatia (Spacek) - Ha (Talvin Singh) - Juxtapose (Tricky) - Londinium (Archive) - Maxinquaye (Tricky) - Nearly God (Tricky) - Never Never Land (Unkle) - Ok (Talvin Singh) - Pre-Millennium Tension (Tricky) - The Less You Know, The Better (DJ Shadow) - The Private Press (DJ Shadow) - Third (Portishead)
JapisCrouçie D'où Là (Emiliana Torrini) - Merman (Emiliana Torrini)
Jarring EffectsA Noisy Blast - Son Of Light (Mat3r Dolorosa) - Acid Dub Nucleik (High Tone) - Allaxis (Kaly Live Dub) - Artefacts (Revo) - Audioactivism (Jarring Effects) - Barb4ry (EZ3kiel) - Bass Temperature (High Tone) - Battlefield (EZ3kiel) - Burn Babylon Burn (Jarring Effects) - Burn It (Filastine) - Burning Before Sunset (Brain Damage) - Dans Le Même Panier (L'Oeuf Raide) - Danse & Réflexion (Meï Teï Shô) - Dub Invaders (High Tone) - Duck'n Cover (Reverse Engineering) - Echo Chamber Odyssey (Löbe Radiant Dub System) - EKPHRÖN (High Tone) - Empire Soldiers (Brain Damage Meets Vibronics) - Empire Soldiers Live (Brain Damage Meets Vibronics) - FX 100 : A Hundred Effects (Jarring Effects) - Handle With Care (EZ3kiel) - High Damage (High Tone Meets Brain Damage) - High Tone Meets Wang Leï (Wangtone) - Let The Ghosts Sing (Al'tarba) - Lightin' The Shadows (Kaly Live Dub) - Live (High Tone) - L'Hélium Du Peuple (Picore) - Mantra (Jean Du Voyage) - Naphtaline (EZ3kiel) - Opus Incertum (High Tone) - Out Back (High Tone) - Perfectly Safe (Twelve) - Savannah (AlgoRythmik) - Short Cuts (Brain Damage) - Short Cuts Live (Brain Damage) - Spoken Dub Manifesto Vol.1 (Brain Damage) - Stealth (Scorn) - Talk The Talk (Brain Damage) - The Closest (Jean Du Voyage) - The Robot And The Chinese Shrimp (Fumuj) - The Sixth Aspiration Museum Overview (Idem) - Think About Your Future Now (Mat3r Dolorosa) - Underground Wobble (High Tone) - Versus Tour 04 (EZ3kiel) - Vibe Disciple (Löbe Radiant Dub System) - Vs HINT - Collision Tour (EZ3kiel) - Walk The Walk (Brain Damage) - Want EP (Scalper) - Wave Digger (High Tone) - What You Gonna Do ? (Brain Damage) - Whatever Singularity (Vuneny) - Will We Cross The Line ? (R;zAtz) - Zenzile Meets High Tone (Zentone)
JazzlandCloser (Beady Belle) - Film Ing (Bugge Wesseltoft) - IM (Bugge Wesseltoft) - Light Extracts (Eivind Aarset's) - Mari Boine Remixed, Odda Hamis (Mari Boine) - Moving (Bugge Wesseltoft) - New Conception Of Jazz - Live (Bugge Wesseltoft) - Sampler (Future Jazz From Norway) (Jazzland)
Jester NorwayMesse I.X-VI.X (Ulver)
JiveDefiant Order (Birdy Nam Nam) - Goodbye Country, Hello Night-club (Groove Armada) - Heroes Of Nature (Smoke City/Zeep) - Love Box (Groove Armada) - Soundboy Rock (Groove Armada) - Temple On Every Street (Doctor L) - The Best Of (Groove Armada) - Verse Bridge Chorus (Kinobe) - Vertigo (Groove Armada) - Wide Open (Kinobe)
Jorjia MusicRivers And Homes (J.Viewz)
Just MusicContact Note (Jon Hopkins) - Opalescent (Jon Hopkins)
Just RecordsBeat From The Crypt : Early Works (Metaform) - Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (Metaform) - The Electric Mist (Metaform)
KamasoundtracksBug Into The Clones (The Homestretch) - The Homestretch (The Homestretch)
KartelBased On A True Story (Fat Freddy's Drop)
KarvavenaSalary Man (Avon)
Keep DigginIt's All Good (Red Snapper)
Keezako RecordsLa Vie Moderne EP (Hypnobot)
Kéim Zo Fed ProductionAérobiose (Idem) - Aérobiose Epilogue (Idem) - Out Immer, Aérobiose 3 (Idem) - Waterglasscolor (Idem)
KeplarInside A Moving Machine (Mui)
Ki RecordsFlowers On A Wall (Daisuke Tanabe)
Kid Without RadioAll The Information At Hand (Edison) - People Are Bad Animals (Edison)
Kif RecordsLe Bienheureux EP (Guts) - Live & Uncut (Soul Square) - Modonut (Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer)
Kingsize2nd Nature (DJ Stix)
Kitchen Dip RecordingsFamiliar Voices (Incise) - Hectic Zeniths (Hectic Zeniths)
Kitty YoGonzales Uber Alles (Gonzales) - The Entertainist (Gonzales)
Klein RecordsCargo (Sofa Surfers) - Constructions /Sofa Surfers Remixed & Dubbed (Sofa Surfers) - Encounters (Sofa Surfers) - Fear Of Magnetism (Stratus) - Out Of The Woods (Seelenluft) - Sincerely Yours Klein Records (Sincerely Yours Klein Records) - Soul Strata (I-Wolf) - The Szabotnik 15 Mission (Mum) - Transit (Sofa Surfers)
Klik RecordsBeautiful People (Serafim Tsotsonis) - Peak (Serafim Tsotsonis) - So This Is Heaven (Serafim Tsotsonis)
KnertzShort Round (Pumpernickle) - We'd Rather Not (Babelfishh & Oskar Ohlson)
Koma RecordsCritiK (ElastiK) - Instrumental (EP) (ElastiK)
Komodo RecordsCon Furore (Agent 5.1) - The Wonderful World Of Kissing (Agent 5.1)
KompaktHotel Amour (Terranova) - Restless (Terranova) - Solid State (Pluxus) - Unknown (Saschienne)
Kraak RecordsIn A Dream Full Of Charm (Ekos Quartet) - Nonentity (Aydio) - YOMI (MCurtis)
KrankyEndless Falls (Loscil) - First Narrows (Loscil) - Plume (Loscil) - Submers (Loscil) - Triple Point (Loscil)
Krem MusicСигналы Из Хосписа (Signaly Iz Khospisa) (Zimne)
KrúnkRimur EP (Sigur Ros & Steindor Andersen) (Sigur Ros)
La Chaise BleueInner (Curl)
La MixerieAnachromic (Sayag Jazz Machine) - Testpressing (Sayag Jazz Machine)
Lab'oratoireBy Any Beats Necessary (Wax Tailor) - Crown Yard (A State Of Mind) - Dusty Rainbow From The Dark (Wax Tailor) - Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra (Wax Tailor) - Platypus Funk (A State Of Mind)
Label BleuCliquety Kliqk (General Elektriks) - Fire (Julien Lourau) - The Rise (Julien Lourau)
Label Oh !Rebirth Of Joy (Polaroid3)
LabelsDiscovery (Daft Punk) - Enemy Of The Enemy (Asian Dub Foundation) - Facts And Fictions (Asian Dub Foundation) - Idealism (Digitalism) - Playing The Angel (Depeche Mode) - R.A.F.I. (Asian Dub Foundation) - Saturdays=Youth (M83) - Tank (Asian Dub Foundation) - The Understanding (Röyksopp) - Unrest (Erlend Øye) - Wonderful Electric (Goldfrapp)
Laboratory InstinctEmo-Droidz (V.L.A.D.)
Lakeshore RecordsDrive (Cliff Martinez)
Le Citron VertPicture This If You Will... (Näo)
Le Garage ElectriqueParticules Of Love (with Sordid Details) (Volvotraxx)
Le Regard SonoreImpasse (SmoKing AFter)
Le Son Du MaquisErostrate (Cercueil)
Les Disques D'en Face82-83 (Lucien & Neirda)
Les Disques SérieuxThe Exchange (Alix)
Les Editions FamilialesCome What May (La Famille Bou) - Open Doors (La Famille Bou)
Les Oreilles Bleues / HeadstrongOn/Off/Safety/Danger (BirdPen)
Lewis RecordingsFiloxiny (Skinshape)
Lex Records10th Avenue Freakout (Fog) - A New White (Subtle) - Blue Eyed In The Red Room (Boom Bip) - Corymb (Boom Bip) - DangerDoom : The Mouse & The Mask (Dangermouse) - Dangermouse & Jemini : Ghetto Pop Life (Dangermouse) - Ditherer (Fog) - ExitingARM (Subtle) - For Hero : For Fool (Subtle) - Goergiavania (Willie Isz (Jneiro Jarel + Kuhjo Goodie)) - Hymie's Basement (Hymie's Basement) - Lexoleum (Lex Records) - Neon Neon - Stainless Style (Boom Bip) - Nevermen (Nevermen) - Non-Prophets - Hope (Sage Francis) - Romance Ain't Dead (Kid Acne) - Sacchrilege EP (Boom Bip) - Seed To Sun (Boom Bip) - Sleep No More (DJ Signify) - Times Two (Tes) - Wishingbone (Subtle) - Yell & Ice (Subtle)
Life LiveMonstrueuse Normalité (Fumuj)
Little IdiotsDestroyed (Moby)
Lo DubsClubroot (Clubroot) - II - MMX (Clubroot)
Lo RecordingsRed Snapper (Red Snapper) - Redone (Red Snapper)
Loci RecordsBeyond Stolen Notes (Stèv) - Blue Book (Tor) - Branches EP (Frameworks) - Convex (Nym) - Drum Therapy (Tor) - Dusk To Dawn (Emancipator) - Elsewhere (Stèv) - Meeting Of The Waters (LAPA) - Seven Seas (Emancipator) - The Diver (Stratus)
LZO RecordsDo My Thing (G Bonson) - Les Courants Forts (Arm & Iris)
L'Inlassable DisqueBibi Tanga & Le Professeur Inlassable - Yellow Gauze (Le Professeur Inlassable)
L'Oz ProductionHypnotic (Kohann)
M10Back To Mine (Groove Armada) - The Observatory (Alif Tree) - Visited (Hanuman Care Kit) - Volumen Cuatro (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Dos (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Tres (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Uno (Cafe Del Mar)
MaïdoProjectSafran (MaïdoProject)
ManifestoVolumen Cinco (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Ocho (Cafe Del Mar) - Volumen Seis (Cafe Del Mar)
Marée BassPacify (Phoniandflore)
Margot RecordsFrance 2 (ep) (Margot)
Mass Appeal RecordsThe Mountain Will Fall (DJ Shadow)
Matador RecordsCome On Die Young (Mogwai) - Full Circle (Haelos) - Pick Up (Solex) - Psychic (DARKSIDE)
Matasuna RecordsLiberated Thoughts (Dem Juju Poets)
Maximum ChilloutEscape And Unwind (Maximum Chillout)
MCD World MusicVol 2 (Emiliano)
MelankolicCome From Heaven (Alpha) - Ordinary Man (Day One) - Pepper (Alpha) - Plunkett & Maclean BOF (Craig Armstrong) - Tales Of Another Directions (Various Artists) - The Impossible Thrill (Alpha) - The Space Between Us (Craig Armstrong)
Melting Pot RecordsBasse équitable (Tetra Hydro K.)
Melting RecordsA Thousand Secrets (Apanemic) - Skinshape (Skinshape) - The Blue Square LP (The Blue Square)
Memory MusicSocial Mask EP (Alif Tree) - Spaced (Alif Tree)
Memphis IndustriesFirst Steps Into... (Blue States) - Nothing Changes Under The Sun (Blue States) - The Soundings (Blue States)
Mendicity RecordsDavidiennes (D-DRONE) - Horizons (Alaskam) - Indélébile (Alaskam)
Mental Groove RecordsFuture That Never Happened (Sinner DC)
Merck RecordsInstrumentally Lll EP (Aphilas) - Sound Puzzle (40 Winks)
Mercury:4 (Galliano) - A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator (Galliano) - A Thicker Plot (Remixes 93-94) (Galliano) - Animal (Fakear) - Between Darkness And Wonder (Lamb) - Breakout (Best Of) (Swing Out Sister) - Broadchurch (OST) (Ólafur Arnalds) - Fear Of Fours (Lamb) - For Now I Am Winter (Ólafur Arnalds) - Formica Blues (Mono) - In Pursuit Of The 13th Note (Galliano) - Lamb (Lamb) - Overtones (Just Jack) - Rock Dust Light Star (Jamiroquai) - Shapes And Patterns (Swing Out Sister) - The Holy Pictures (David Holmes) - The Plot Thickens (Galliano) - Volumen Siete (Cafe Del Mar) - What Colour Our Flag (Galliano) - What Sound (Lamb)
Merge RecordsLittle Lost Soul (The Third Eye Foundation)
MetakVolume 2 (Basque Electronic Diaspora)
MicrobeDamn It! (The Rock Experience) (Mr Neveux) - Teddy Has Stopped Breathing (Receiver)
Mik Music!Comoc! (Co)
Milano 2000Numero Deux (The Dining Rooms) - Remixes (The Dining Rooms) - Subterranean Modern, Vol. 1 (The Dining Rooms)
Milled Pavement RecordsA Fitful Sleep (Brzowski) - Beauty Is But Skin Deep (AndRomak) - Eponymous (La Mauvaise Humeur) - Features & Collabos (2006 - 2008) (Dj Bizkid) - Friends With Money (C Money Burns) - Le Temps Passe (Dakota) - One Night Between (Zoën) - The End Of Sacrifice (Moshe) - Views From The Psychedelik Deathcab (Lmntl819 & Reindeer) - Volume 3 (James P Honey & Zoën)
Mind Records & Service Corp.Better Luck Next Time (Broken)
MinimaximaMaximalive (Paul Kalkbrenner)
MinistrongAn Electro Soul Experience (Smooth) - The Endless Rise Of The Sun (Smooth)
Ministry Of PiesWhite Light (Groove Armada)
Ministry Of SoundAriels (Bent) - Programmed To Love (Bent) - The Everlasting Blink (Bent)
Minority RecordsBotanicula (Dva)
Miramax FilmsThe Long Journey Home (soundtrack) (Airlock)
MK2 MusicComputer Assisted Sunset (François Eudes Chanfrault) - Electronic Cinéma (Electronic Cinéma) - Stereo Pictures Vol. 2 (Troublemakers) - Stereo Pictures Vol. 3 (DJ Vadim) - Stereo Pictures Vol. 4 (I:Cube) - Three Ages (Jeff Mills) - Vol 1 - Radiomentale (Stereo Pictures) - Vol 2 - Troublemakers (Stereo Pictures) - Vol 3 - DJ Vadim (Stereo Pictures) - Vol 4 - I:Cube (Stereo Pictures)
Modern RecordingsSubomu (Suvome) - The Sunlight Embassy (Suvome)
MoleAquarium (Naomi) - Everyone Loves You (Naomi) - Fleur Solaire (Lemongrass) - L'Apres-Midi D'un Microphone (Alphawezen) - Pappelallee (Naomi) - Shallow And Profound (Yonderboi) - The Big Shapes (Naomi) - Tweak (Naomi)
Mon SlipTime (Jasmine Vegas)
Monika EnterpriseBaden-Baden (Michaela Meliàn) - Los Angeles (Michaela Meliàn) - Vol. 1 (4 Women No Cry) - Vol.2 (4 Women No Cry) - Vol.3 (4 Women No Cry)
Monkeytown RecordsII (Moderat)
Monochrome Vision RecordsBreathe In (Beauty's Confusion)
MonoclockmusicBedouin (Pavel Dovgal)
MonopsoneAbstrackt Keal Agram (Abstrackt Keal Agram)
Montera MusicAlmost Hydrofoiling (Bikini Rumble) - Delicate Sound (9th Cloud)
Moonlee RecordsV2 (Vuneny)
Moose RecordsThe Source (SICAA)
Morr MusicFaking The Books (Lali Puna) - Ghost (Radical Face) - I Thought I Was Over That (Lali Puna) - Mansbestfriend - The New Human Is Illegal (Sole) - Please Smile My Noise Bleed (Mùm) - Scary World Theory (Lali Puna) - Sing Along The Songs You Don't Know (Mùm) - Tridecoder (Lali Puna)
Mosaic DistributionDark City (Twilight Motion) - Pré (Sakya)
Mother RecordsDebut (Björk) - Post (Björk) - Selmasongs - BOF Dancer In The Dark (Björk) - Telegram (Björk)
Motor MusicAllie (Allie) - Noise Of Human Art (N.O.H.A.)
Mo'WaxEndtroducing (DJ Shadow) - Headz (Mo'Wax) - Headz 2 (Mo'Wax) - Mark's Keyboard Repair (Money Mark) - Meiso (DJ Krush) - Milight (DJ Krush) - Preemptive Strike (DJ Shadow) - Psyence Fiction (Unkle) - Push The Button (Money Mark)
MudahpeachSequence 01 (Tara King Th.) - The Tara King Theory (Tara King Th.)
Mundo RecordingsBeing Human Being (Erik Truffaz & Murcof)
Musea RecordsDécoction (Oust Louba)
Mush RecordsA Heap Of Broken Images (Blue Sky Black Death) - Boom Bip & Doseone - Circle (Boom Bip) - Boy In Static (Violet) - Busdriver And Radioinactive With Daedelus - The Weather (Daedelus) - Decomposition (Thavius Beck) - Fi (Bibio) - Forgetabout (Qua) - Hand Cranked (Bibio) - Mush Tour Spring 2002 (Mush Records) - Painting Monsters On Clouds (Qua) - Rethinking The Weather (Daedelus) - Valeen Hope (Loden) - Vignetting The Compost (Bibio)
Music For DreamsQuiet Letters (Bliss) - Vol.1 (World Dub Pastry) - Volume 1 (Luftkastellet) - Volume 2 (Luftkastellet) - Volume 3 (Luftkastellet)
Musik VertriebBetter In Springtime (Aloan) - Pretty Freak (Aloan) - We Play (Aloan)
Musiques HybridesLouise Vertigo (Louise Vertigo) - Valseuses (Olaf Hund)
Mutant NinjaAmal (Various Artists)
Mute RecordsBlack Cherry (Goldfrapp) - Dust Lane (Yann Tiersen) - Felt Mountain (Goldfrapp) - Play (Moby) - Seventh Tree (Goldfrapp) - Supernature (Goldfrapp) - Tales Of Us (Goldfrapp) - The Devil's Walk (Apparat) - Wait For Me (Moby)
N5MDGray Hoodie (Elise Mélinand)
Nacional RecordsBostitch & Fussible - Tijuana Sound Machine (Nortec Collective) - Tijuana Sessions Vol.3 (Nortec Collective)
Nacopajaz01 (Del Wire) - Broader (Fedaden) - Buona Modulazione (Canvas) - Fedaden (Fedaden) - Palabras (Fedaden)
Naim LabelDistilled (Stuart McCallum)
NaïveBeaurivage (David Grumel) - California (Perry Blake) - Clean (Olivier Assayas) - Electrology (Wise) - Human? (Human?) - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (M83) - Play List (Le Tone) - Renaissance (soundtrack) (Nicholas Dodd) - Songs For Someone (Perry Blake) - Songs For The Inner World - Live At La Basilique Saint-Denis (Talvin Singh) - Stardown (Electro Deluxe) - Still Life (Perry Blake)
NeonovoThe 4th Wall (part 1) (Sollilaquist Of Sound)
Neurodisc RecordsSee The Sound (Etro Anime)
NeuronexionNRX Party Tour (Neuronexion) - Welcome To The World (Meïan)
New Deal RecordingFlake Up (Doctor Flake) - Minder Surprises (Doctor Flake) - Paradis Dirtyficiels (New Deal) (Doctor Flake)
Night And DayAngels (Fred Léonard)
Ninja Tune1 Inch / 1/2 Mile (Grasscut) - 12 Bit Blues (Kid Koala) - A Livingroom Hush (Jaga Jazzist) - Adventures In Foam (Amon Tobin) - All Out Fall Out (Pest) - Biscuits For Breakfast (Fink) - Black Sands (Bonobo) - Blow Your Headphones (The Herbaliser) - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Zero DB) - Boxset (Amon Tobin) - Bricolage (Amon Tobin) - Chaos Theory (Amon Tobin) - Chewing On Glass (Sixtoo) - Children Of Possibility (One Self) - Days To Come (Bonobo) - Denies The Day's Demise (Daedelus) - Dial M For Monkey (Bonobo) - Distance And Time (Fink) - Downtown Science (Blockhead) - Eighty One (Yppah) - Ether Teeth (Fog) - Everyday (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Exquisite Corpse (Daedelus) - Fast Asleep (Funki Porcini) - Fire Shepherds (Loka) - Flying Wonders (Homelife) - Fog (Fog) - Foley Room (Amon Tobin) - Fresh Produce (Fink) - Great Aviaries (Super Numeri) - Guru Man Hubcap Lady (Homelife) - In Motion 1 (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Interludes After Midnight (Blockhead) - ISAM (Amon Tobin) - Jackals And Vipers In Envy Of Man (Sixtoo) - Journey By Dj : 70 Minutes Of Madness (Coldcut) - Keep It Solid Steel (Mr Scruff) - Keep It Unreal (Mr Scruff) - Konfusion (Skalpel) - Live Sessions EP (Bonobo) - Lou Rhodes : One Good Thing (Lamb) - Love Is The Answer (Dwight Trible & The Life For) - Love To Make Music To... (Daedelus) - Ma Fleur (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Man With A Movie Camera (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Matilda (Stateless) - Migration (Bonobo) - Motion (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Mr Scruff (Mr Scruff) - Music By Cavelight (Blockhead) - Musipal (Wagon Christ) - Necessary Measures (Pest) - Ninja Tuna (Mr Scruff) - One Armed Bandit (Jaga Jazzist) - One Offs... Remixes & B Sides (Bonobo) - Out From Out Where (Amon Tobin) - Perfect Darkness (Fink) - Permutation (Amon Tobin) - Portakabin Fever (Hint) - Remedies (The Herbaliser) - Remixes 98-2000 (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Sculpture (Skalpel) - Skalpel (Skalpel) - Solid Steel Presents : It Came From The Sea (Bonobo) - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (Kid Koala) - Something Wicked This Way Comes (The Herbaliser) - Sorry I Make You Lush (Wagon Christ) - Sort Of Revolution (Fink) - Sound Mirrors (Coldcut) - Supermodified (Amon Tobin) - Sweet Jones (9 Lazy 9) - Take London (The Herbaliser) - The Floating Glass Key In The Sky (Rainstick Orchestra) - The Long Lost (Daedelus) - The Music Scene (Blockhead) - The North Borders (Bonobo) - The Stix (Jaga Jazzist) - The Welcome Table (Super Numeri) - They Were Seven - Remixes (The Herbaliser) - Trouser Jazz (Mr Scruff) - Unearth (Grasscut) - Very Mercenary (The Herbaliser) - What We Must (Jaga Jazzist) - With Voices (Ammoncontact) - Your Mom's Favorite DJ (Kid Koala) - You're Beautiful At All Times (Yppah) - Zen CD - A Ninja Tune Retrospective (Ninja Tune) - Zen RMX - A Ninja Tune Remix Retrospective (Ninja Tune) - Zen TV - Video Retrospective (Ninja Tune)
NishiFrench Teen Idol (French Teen Idol)
No FormatMajor To Minor (Gonzales) - Solo Piano (Gonzales)
No FridgeBoum Ba Clash (DJ Click & Rona Hartner) - Ghost Forest (Uht°) - Labesse (Dj Click)
NocturneAnother Late Night (Groove Armada) - Booty Time (Bumcello) - Bosphorus (Double U) - Floating Roots (Lena) - Forever (Gus Gus) - Here Comes The Sun (Alcôve) - Jump Leads (Fila Brazillia) - Liquid Hip Hop (DJ Cam) - Sun (Silent Poets)
NoMad RecordsOne Is A Crowd (Suz)
Non PlaceSecret Rhythms (Friedman & Liebezeit) - Secret Rhythms 2 (Friedman & Liebezeit)
Nonesuch RecordsRequiem For A Dream (Kronos Quartet) - The Fountain (Clint Mansell)
Nova RecordsVolume 5 (Nova Tunes) - Volume 6 (Nova Tunes)
Novel SoundsCoctura (Matryoshka) - Zatracenie (Matryoshka)
NovomundoNowhere (EP) (CESRV)
Nowadays RecordsMorning In Japan (EP) (Fakear)
NowAgainMaker Vs. Now-Again 2 (Maker)
Nuages RecordsA Pleasant Place (Mr. Moods) - The Sound Theory (Vinkate)
Nublu3 Na Massa (3 Na Massa)
Number 9 RecordsHeaven Is Not Big Enough (Superkable)
NutoneI Know Nothing (Izdatso)
NylonLoopless (Loopless)
Oai NoteStart From Scratch (Fmr2mars)
Oceanik CreationsArt-kaïk (DoWnTaO)
OdgprodInfusion De Delay (Tetra Hydro K.) - Labotomie (Tetra Hydro K.)
Omelette RecordsSymmetric Human Door (Frank Riggio)
Omni MusicUnusual Quest LP (Marc OFX)
On And OnDown The Road EP (C2C)
On Track RecordsNouveau Départ (Elektrobin)
One Little IndianDrawing Restraint 9 (Björk) - Drystar (Airlock) - Gling-Glo (Björk) - Greatests Hits (Volumen +) 1993-2003 (Björk) - Homogenic (Björk) - Live Archives Serie: MTV Unplugged & Live N' Loud (Björk) - Love In The Time Of Science (Emiliana Torrini) - Medulla (Björk) - Medulla Double Dvd Special Edition (Björk) - Naked (Benjamin Zephaniah) - Probably Art (Day One) - Psychic Cat (Kelli Ali) - Symptomatic (Airlock) - Volta (Björk) - Von (Sigur Ros) - Vulnicura (Björk)
Organic/LandInfrajazz (Laurent Pernice) - Ohm II (The Flying Star Fish) - Pogs Box (Palo Alto) - Rogue State (Jefferson Lembeye) - Shoma & Nel (Shoma & Nel)
Organik Recordings14 (Jon Kennedy)
Osaka RecordingsBoamaster (Eglantine Gouzy)
OstinatoAmericana (Snooze) - Goingmobile (Snooze)
OutcasteBeyond Skin (Nitin Sawhney) - Dancing Drums (Badmarsh And Shri) - Laughter Through Tears (Oi Va Voi) - Signs (Badmarsh And Shri)
Outer RecordingsSomewhere Else Is Here (The Funky Lowlives)
Output RecordingsDialogue (Four Tet)
Pacamallo StudioThe Deviant Lounge (Rekhmire)
Pagan RecordsSnowboarding In Argentina (Swayzak)
Pale Blue LtdThe Divide (Jean-Pierre Taieb)
Palm Pictures11i (Supreme Beings Of Leisure) - Ancoats 2 Zambia (Baby Namboos) - Divine Operating System (Supreme Beings Of Leisure) - Serious (Da Lata) - Simple Things Remixed (Zero 7) - Songs From The Tin (Da Lata) - Supreme Beings Of Leisure (Supreme Beings Of Leisure)
Pamplemousse ProductionsJourney Into Abstract Hip Hop (Gasoline)
ParametricDioxydes (Mlada Fronta)
ParlophoneAmnesiac (Radiohead) - Hail To The Thief (Radiohead) - Humanz (Gorillaz) - I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings (Radiohead) - Kid A (Radiohead) - Ok Computer (Radiohead) - Pablo Honey (Radiohead) - Plastic Beach (Gorillaz) - The Bends (Radiohead) - The King Of Limbs (Radiohead)
Patch Work ProductionLe Bison Blanc (Papaya Cake)
Patterns Of BehaviourSnapshot (Karminsky Experience Inc.)
Pavillon 36 RecordingsMaiwea Park EP (Omyiga)
PeacefrogLittle Dragon (Little Dragon) - Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague) - Parts In The Post (Plaid)
Pelagic RecordsLIFE IS EVERYWHERE (Arms & Sleepers)
Phazz A DelicSoulprint (Karl Frierson)
Phonogen.comSoft Green Exit (Earthphish)
PhonogramGet In Touch With Yourself (Swing Out Sister) - It's Better To Travel (Swing Out Sister) - Kaleidoscope World (Swing Out Sister) - Live At The Jazz Café (Swing Out Sister) - The Living Return (Swing Out Sister)
Phonosaurus RecordsLife Goes On (EP) (Astrid Engberg) - L'hiver Blanc (Raycord) - Ruban-Ruban (Raycord) - The Abstract Convention (Mattic) - The Legend Of Sirena (Marina Quaisse) - Through Hills (Oldtwig) - Unreleased (Berry Weight)
Pias3 At Last (Sporto Kantes) - 3 Maximal Overdubs (Kaly Live Dub) - Big Trouble (Yosh) - Blood Like Lemonade (Morcheeba) - Crystal Castels (Crystal Castels) - Cube (Le Peuple De L'Herbe) - Cute & Cult (Agoria) - Dive Deep (Morcheeba) - End Titles (Unkle) - Fever Ray (Fever Ray) - First Date (Villeneuve) - Grey Oceans (CocoRosie) - Helium Sunset (An Pierlé) - Hello Waveforms (William Orbit) - Lovetune For Vacuum (Soap & Skin) - Party Animals & Disco Biscuits (Kid Loco) - Radio Blood Money (Le Peuple De L'Herbe) - Répercussions (Kaly Live Dub) - So Classic (It Sounds Different) - The Blue God (Martina Topley Bird) - The Green Armchair (Agoria) - War Stories (Unkle)
PIDDensity (Markus Kienzl)
Plain Jane RecordsSweet Shadows (Daughter Darling)
Planck Length RecordsBook Of Marion (James P. Honey & Joel Siméus)
Planet MuCrying Over Pros For No Reason (EdIT) - Gonglot (Frog Pocket)
Platinum RecordsDiscipline In Anarchy (Rubin Steiner)
Platinum RecordsHoneymoon (Zimpala) - Yer Fire (Elektrisk Gonner)
Plug ResearchA Gent Agent (Daedelus) - Invention (Daedelus) - Of Snowdonia (Daedelus)
Poetic DissentIn The Clutch / Give My All (Kaigen)
Pokerflat RecordingThe Last Resort (Trentemoller)
PolydorPerry Blake (Perry Blake) - Voltaic (Björk)
Ponowai Flora Records[under] Mining Skies (Hungry Giant)
Pork RecordingsLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight (Fila Brazillia) - Maim That Tune (Fila Brazillia) - Mess (Fila Brazillia) - Old Codes New Chaos (Fila Brazillia) - Power Clown (Fila Brazillia)
Portobello RecordsTrans-love Energies (Death In Vegas)
Positiv IdLast Days Of Meaning (Nitin Sawhney)
PostrapNo Rules No Frames (Joel Siméus & Smokey 131)
Praksis RecordsElectroad Songs (Fabrika)
PrikosnovénieElephant Reveries (Antrabata) - L'éveil (Prajna) - Orange Blossom (Orange Blossom) - Solmamdenlo (Zmiya)
Productions Spéciales31 Pure Dubs (Dub In France) - Diversité (Dub Incorporation) - Dub Assault (Sism-X) - Stuck Between Rock And A Hard Place (Nud) - Woodpecka Shoes (El Barön Brissetti)
Project MooncircleDarker Days Ep (The Q4) - Sound Surroundings (The Q4) - The Lucid Effect (40 Winks)
Project RecordingsTime (Black Joy)
ProlifikAt The Same Time (DJ Jos)
Propeller RecordingsRykestrasse 68 (Hanne Hukkelberg)
PschentBest Of (Hôtel Costes) - Dim And Dad (Flying Pop's) - Fly To Me Now (Flying Pop's) - Flying To Frisco (Flying Pop's) - Métropolitain (Emmanuel Santarromana) - Vol. 1 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 1 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar) - Vol. 2 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 2 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar) - Vol. 3 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 3 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar) - Vol. 4 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 5 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 6 (Hôtel Costes) - Vol. 7 (Hôtel Costes)
Pura VidaBeats Archive (Guts) - Freedom (Guts) - Rage Against My Computer (Guts)
R & S RecordsJump Star (Dynamoe) - Morning Light (Locust)
RagbullDoin'it After Dark Vol.01 (Groove Armada)
RapsterThe Beat Generation (The Beat Generation)
RawdogBareback Instrumentals (Louis Slipperz & Rawdog)
Reality CheckVenture (GrandHuit & Atamone)
Rec T LigneSounds Of Rec T Ligne (Rec T Ligne)
RecallDigital Tenderness (Terranova) - Magic Summer (Magic Summer) - Rosé (Bran Van 3000) - Something Wrong (Bang Gang)
RecordmakersI Hear Voices (Record Makers) - Politics (Sébastien Tellier) - Sessions (Sébastien Tellier)
Records DKRe:Movement (MOTHRA)
Red Egyptian RecordsThe Red Egyptians (The Red Egyptians)
RedneticSamudra (AAirial)
Reg'artWorkship (Iphaze)
RephlexLike Weather (Leila)
Resurrection RecordsInfra Red (My Scarlet Life)
RicochetTattoo (Jay Jay Johanson)
Righteous BabeInvoke (Arto Lindsay) - Salt (Arto Lindsay)
RJ Electrical ConnectionsDame Fortune (RJD2)
RoadrunnerA Normal Family (Baby Fox) - Dum Dum Baby (Baby Fox)
RolaxTuning (Audiorama)
RopeadopeBullfrog (Bullfrog)
Rough Trade RecordsFisherman's Woman (Emiliana Torrini) - Me And Armini (Emiliana Torrini)
Ru Trip CommunityRu Trip Community Vol. 5 (Ru Trip Community)
Rune GrammofonBiomekano (Information)
Rush HourThe Album Formerly Known As... (Carl Craig)
RykoHyper Civilizado (Arto Lindsay) - Mundo Civilizado (Arto Lindsay) - Noon Chill (Arto Lindsay) - O Corpo Sutil/The Subtle Body (Arto Lindsay) - Prize (Arto Lindsay)
S!X- MusicKindred Soul (Tree60)
SAUVAGE FFWLuna Silenti (Silens) - Silens (Silens)
ScapeElectronic Panorama Orchestra (August Engkilde Presents EPO) - Steingarten (Pole)
Schema RecordsDo Hipsters Love Sun (Ra) ? (The Dining Rooms) - Experiments In Ambient Soul (The Dining Rooms) - Lonesome Traveller (The Dining Rooms) - Tre (The Dining Rooms) - Versioni Particolari (The Dining Rooms)
Seed RecordsMystery Year (Sancho)
SellABandChromatography (Second Person) - Live At The Bedford (Second Person) - The Elements (Second Person)
Sergent MajorTouareg (Touareg)
Shadow RecordsKrush (DJ Krush) - Mad Blunted Jazz (DJ Cam) - The French Connection (DJ Cam)
Shitkatapult RecordsDuplex (Apparat) - Multifunktionsebene (Apparat) - Walls (Apparat)
Shoshin SoundsAbsent Without Leave (Idem) - Amok (Sweet Back)
Siberia RecordsDystopia (Midnight Juggernauts)
Silke MaurerChange Your Life (Atmo Brtschitsch)
Siluh RecordsSleep Party People (Sleep Party People)
SinnbusHundreds (Hundreds)
Skam RecordsGnayse (Bola)
Skyewards RecordingsKeeping Secrets (Skye)
Slalom MusicConcerning Monospaces (Aizell)
Small AxeA L'Horizon (Prajna) - Punglistic Mixture (La Phaze) - Totem (Zenzile)
Small RecordsA Funk Odyssey (Jamiroquai) - Emergency On Planet Earth (Jamiroquai) - Himawari (Swayzak) - Synkronized (Jamiroquai) - The Return Of The Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai) - Travelling Without Moving (Jamiroquai)
Smalltown SupersoundCream Cuts (Tussle) - Feil Knapp (Bjorn Torske) - Toy (Toy)
Someone RecordsAutistic Dance (R.roo)
Sonar Kollektiv10 Years, Who Cares ? (Sonar Kollektiv) - Life Behind A Window (Double U) - Mixing (Jazzanova) - Moment (Tim Aminov) - Secret Love (Jazzanova) - Secret Love 2 (Jazzanova) - Secret Love 3 (Not A Secret Anymore) (Jazzanova) - Soulhack (Forss) - Sunchild (Thief) - Upside Down (Jazzanova)
Sonic Images ElectronicaFuture (Soma Sonic)
SonjMil Bed (Kohann)
Sony MusicBreath From Another (Esthero) - Buckshot Lefonque (Buckshot Lefonque) - Code 4109 (DJ Krush) - Healing Is Difficult (Sia) - Heaven's Dust (Ekova) - Kakusei (DJ Krush) - Music Evolution (Buckshot Lefonque) - Opposite (Burning Heads) - Presents Jackie Cane (Hooverphonic) - Shinso (DJ Krush) - Sit Down And Listen To (Hooverphonic) - Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks (Ekova) - Space Lullabies And Other Fantasmagore (Ekova) - Stepping Stones: The Self-Remixed Best (DJ Krush) - The Donca Matic Singalongs (Xploding Plastix) - The Night Before (Hooverphonic)
Soul Sheep MusicThe Suburbs (EP) (Greenville Massive)
Soundmute RecordingsIrdial EP (Carbon Based Lifeforms) - Sleepy Cells (EP) (Kanc Cover)
Sounds Around RecordsDub Strike (Sism-X) - Synchrone (Hybrid Sound System) - This Is (GG Project)
Source10.000 Hz Legend (Air) - Alphabetical (Phoenix) - Baricco City Reading (Air) - Darkel (Darkel) - Eating, Sleeping, Waiting And Playing (Air) - L'incroyable Vérité (Sébastien Tellier) - Moon Safari (Air) - Premiers Symptômes (Air) - Talkie Walkie (Air) - The Virgin Suicides (Air) - United (Phoenix)
Spark MusicEternity (Mythos) - Vivid (Cooldown)
SprayBalance Of The Force (Waldeck)
ST2 RecordsRemixes Vol 1 & 2 (Cidade De Deus)
StamprecordsStamp (Stamp)
Stand HighA Matter Of Scale (Stand High Patrol) - Midnight Walkers (Stand High Patrol)
Stepping RazorHow Long Do You Have To Wait ? (Grosso Gadgetto)
Stereo Deluxe...and The New Bohemian Freedom (Mo'Horizons) - Come Touch The Sun (Mo'Horizons) - Echo Parcours (Trio Eléctrico) - Eclectica (Minus 8) - Playtime (The Strike Boys) - Stereo Deluxe 2 (Stereo Deluxe)
StereofictionBikini Party (Boutique Chic) - Chez Le Coiffeur (Boutique Chic) - Collection (Boutique Chic) - Machine Gum (Jeronimo) - Maison Close (Boutique Chic)
Stereolake RecordsAugust (Centovalley)
Stones ThrowBe With (Koushik) - The Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4/In India (Madlib)
Strata Music5 (Lamb) - Backspace Unwind (Lamb)
Structure RecordsPâturage (Le Polair)
Sub RosaRain / A Leaf Spiral (Hard Sleeper)
SubasthésikParticules (Etikal-Lab)
Subversiv*recSplit Series Vol. 2 (Astronautalis - Babel Fishh)
Subwave RecordsInvaders Riddim (InfraZer) - Second Skin (Zhalem)
Sula RecordsEr (Nils Petter Molvaer)
Sunday Best RecordingsAngles (Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip)
Sunshine EnterprisesSuzume Park (Bellcrash)
Supadope RecordsJusqu'ici Tout Va Bien Vol.1 (Dopebeats) - Ph Test - Two (Le Peuple De L'Herbe) - Triple Zéro (Le Peuple De L'Herbe)
Super SonicModus Vivendi (Zenzile)
Supergiant GamesTransistor Soundtrack (Darren Korb)
SuperstudioSons Of Koop (Koop)
Surrender AllLives Of The Artists : Follow Me Down (Unkle)
Suspicious RecordsGanglion (Saltillo)
Svaha Sound RecordsSpace Act (Phoniandflore)
SVNSET WAVESFragments (ITO") - Secret Garden (Elobrian Sunrise)
Sweet PandaDans Une Apologie Béante Du Show Business Généralisé (Aïdos)
Symbolic InteractionPalimpse (Melodium)
Talkin'Loud100° And Rising (Incognito) - Beneath The Surface (Incognito) - Best Of (Incognito) - Blanket (Urban Species) - Blue Moods (Incognito) - Creating Patterns (4 Hero) - Future Remixed (Incognito) - Inside Life (Incognito) - Last Night In Tokyo (live) (Incognito) - Let No-One Live Rent Free In Your Head (Nicolette) - Life, Stranger Than Fiction (Incognito) - Listen (Urban Species) - No Time Like The Future (Incognito) - Positivity (Incognito) - Remixed (Incognito) - Tribes, Vibes + Scribes (Incognito) - Two Pages (4 Hero) - Two Pages Remixed (4 Hero) - Worldwide Exclusives (4) (Gilles Peterson)
Tanty RecordsVol 1 (Roots Of Dub Funk) - Vol 2 (Roots Of Dub Funk) - Vol 3 (Roots Of Dub Funk)
TazartOrient Dub Express (Metastaz)
TchernolilleMoose Head (Ours Samplus & GrandHuit)
TeaPression WavesTemptation (Kosmonavt)
Temporary ResidenceAn Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death (Eluvium) - Copia (Eluvium) - Lambent Material (Eluvium) - Similes (Eluvium) - Talk Amongst The Trees (Eluvium) - When I Live By The Garden And The Sea (EP) (Eluvium)
TemposphereHey Presto! (I Maniaci Dei Dischi)
TFTC RecordsFrequence (Laboreal) - Fusion (Lil Fish) - Kakurenbo (Konixion) - Le Carré Bleu (Laboreal) - Soul Machinist (The French Touch Connection) - The Dust & The Incense (G Bonson) - The Shadow Of Plastic Tree (Monsieur Grandin) - Yateveo (Spectateur)
The Belmont SessionsLive At The Rave (RJD2)
The Echo LabelAntidote (Morcheeba) - Ruby Blue (Roisin Murphy)
The Leaf LabelEveryone Alive Wants Answers (Colleen) - Martes (Murcof) - Parades (Efterklang) - Recessional (310) - The Golden Morning Breaks (Colleen) - Tiger My Friend (Psapp) - Tripper (Efterklang)
The Modern ThingsPungle Roads (La Phaze)
The OrchardPrototype (Sepiamusic)
The Silence CorporationCome To Dust (Second Person)
The Sound Of EverythingPapercut (Papercut)
The Vinyl FactoryFour Walls / Paradise Circus (Massive Attack Vs Burial)
Thirsty EarCelestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix (DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid) - Latitude (Groundtruther)
Three Sides Of A CircleThe Cut-ups Of A Paper Woman (Brad Hamers)
Thule MusikMúm : Remixed (Mùm) - Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is Ok (Mùm)
Time BombDead Elvis (Death In Vegas) - The Contino Sessions (Death In Vegas)
Time Groove SelectionsI Asked You A Question (Nitai Hershkovits)
Time Released SoundÕhtul (Strië)
Toires ProductionsOued (Toires)
Token Recluse RecordingsPost No Dreams (Brad Hamers)
TomlabEskimo Snow (Why?) - Lost And Safe (The Books)
Tommy BoyBloodsport (Sneaker Pimps) - So... How's Your Girl ? (Handsome Boy Modeling School)
ToopureBlush (Bows) - Cassidy (Bows) - Sound Of The Satellite (Laika) - Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing (Laika)
Tôt Ou TardAnimal Sophistiqué (Bumcello) - Get Me (Bumcello)
Touch & GoLa Maison De Mon Rêve (CocoRosie) - Noah's Ark (CocoRosie) - The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn (CocoRosie)
Touch RecordsVenice (Christian Fennesz)
Toy's FactoryWords And Silence (Silent Poets)
TracksThe President Of The LSD Golf Club (Hooverphonic)
TramaMax De Castro (Max De Castro) - Orchestra Klaxon (Max De Castro)
Tranpact ProductionHemisphere (Toires)
TrapDoor RecordsBorderless Shadows (Howie Lee)
Tres RecordsOne Day (DJ Alibi)
TrickartChaï (Samifati)
Tru Thoughts270 Stories (Belleruche) - Animal Magic (Bonobo) - Apricot Morning (Quantic) - Archipelago (Hidden Orchestra) - Death Of The Revolution (Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno) - Everything Under The Sun (Nostalgia 77) - Forward (TM Juke) - Gravity (The Broken Keys) - Maps From The Wilderness (TM Juke) - Night Walks (Hidden Orchestra) - One Offs, Remixes & B Sides (Quantic) - Pushin' On (The Quantic Soul Orchestra) - Rawville (The Bamboos) - Rollerchain (Belleruche) - Songs For My Funeral (Nostalgia 77) - Stampede (The Quantic Soul Orchestra) - Step It Up (The Bamboos) - The 5th Exotic (Quantic) - The Express (Belleruche) - The Garden (Nostalgia 77) - Tradition In Transition (Quantic And His Combo Barbaro) - Tropidelico (The Quantic Soul Orchestra) - Turntable Soul Music (Belleruche) - We're Just Waiting For You Now (Jon Kennedy)
TVT RecordsThe Outer Marker (Just Jack)
Twenty ThreeA Touch Of Cloth (Fila Brazillia) - Another Late Night (Fila Brazillia) - Brazilification (Remixes 95-98) (Fila Brazillia)
Twin FizzAlternative Fictions (Concorde Music Club) - Red Room (Red Room) - Stereo-Fictions (Concorde Music Club)
Twins Of EvilA Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars (I Monster)
Twisted EleganceISON (Sevdaliza)
Twisted NerveAll Ten Fingers (Andy Votel)
Twisted RecordsSanäti (Toires)
Tympanik AudioEtched In Salt (Tapage & Meander) - Folgor (Stendeck)
U-CoverMy Life Begins Today (Pleq)
UBahn RecordsScheme (Frogpad)
Ubiquity RecordsSoul Mosaic (GreyBoy) - Things You Should Leave Alone (Puracane)
UlmNarco (Sébastien Tellier) - Volume 3 (Paradisiac)
Ultimae RecordsEndospore (Carbon Based Lifeforms) - Hydroponic Garden (Carbon Based Lifeforms) - Interloper (Carbon Based Lifeforms) - World Of Sleepers (Carbon Based Lifeforms)
Ultimate DilemmaSimple Things (Zero 7) - When It Falls (Zero 7)
Ultra Vague Recordings雲のむこう (Beyond The Clouds) (Hann With Gun) - Dreamers (Moon Voyage) - Flow (Jimmy Spoon X LBN667) - Million Years Of Sorrow (Sorrow Leads To Salvation) - Stars All We Can (New Edge) - The End Of Harmony (Sorrow Leads To Salvation) - Under The Grey Sun (Jimmy Spoon Meets 5-40am) - World Out (Moon Voyage)
Ultra Vista RecordsA Cup Of Tea ? (Kick Bong)
UMF/Artofal RecordsPoperetta (Scalde)
Un DimancheMelK (MelK) - Super 8 (MelK)
Un Hiver SaleLo Fi Nu Jazz Vol 2 (Rubin Steiner)
Uncivilized WorldBirdy Nam Nam (Birdy Nam Nam) - Live (Birdy Nam Nam) - No Me Digas (Sayag Jazz Machine)
UndercoverDon't Get High On Your Own Supply (Ramone) - Hold On (Foreign Beggars) - Nouvelle Chair (Liléa Narrative) - Our Dance / Walk The Line (EP) (Wax Tailor) - Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies (Wax Tailor) - World's End Lane (Clover)
Underdog RecordsBesides (Molecule) - Climax (Molecule) - In Dub (Flox) - The Words (Flox) - Tribeqa (Tribeqa)
Unique RecordsAnalogue (Dynamo Productions) - Dive In Your Life (N.O.H.A.) - Get It Together (Dynamo Productions) - Next Plateau (N.O.H.A.)
Unisex RecordsSoulful Kinship From The Phoenix City (Atlanta Soul)
Universal EggOriginal Sounds Of The Zion (Zion Train) - Passage To Indica (Zion Train) - Secrets Of The Animal Kingdom In Dub (Zion Train) - State Of Mind (Zion Train)
Universal MusicBiophilia (Björk) - Cinémix (Cinémix) - Original Flava (Brand New Heavies) - Remixed (Jazz In Paris) - Solomon Grey (Solomon Grey) - Some People Have Real Problems (Sia) - The Outsider (DJ Shadow)
UniverseulDolziger Str. II (Odezenne)
Up MusicBOF - Les Poupées Russes (Loïk Dury) - PARIS (Loïk Dury) - The Crying Room (Perry Blake)
Upstairs RecordingsBlue Light One (Blue Light One) - Sleep (Telefuzz)
Urban Waves RecordsZerolex (Zerolex)
UweLiving In Monochrome (Zenzile) - Metà Metà (Zenzile) - Soundtracks, The Tronica Project (Laurent Hô As Carla Elves) - Superheroes Crash (OMR)
V2 RecordsA Whisper And A Sigh (Syd Matters) - Bâtards Sensibles (TTC) - Destroy Rock'n Roll (Mylo) - Empathy (Mandalay) - Human (Nitin Sawhney) - Installation Sonore (Rinôçérôse) - Instinct (Mandalay) - Music Kills Me (Rinôçérôse) - Oi Va Voi (Oi Va Voi) - Philtre (Nitin Sawhney) - Prophesy (Nitin Sawhney) - Schizophonia (Rinôçérôse) - Solace (Mandalay) - Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles (Syd Matters) - Superdiscount (Etienne De Crécy) - Superdiscount 2 (Etienne De Crécy) - Tempovision (Etienne De Crécy) - Tempovision Remixes (Etienne De Crécy) - Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation (Au Revoir Simone)
Varese Sarabande21 Grams (Gustavo Santaolalla) - Effets Secondaires (Thomas Newman)
Varius ArdiFound Sound (Sizemix)
Vault 106Freak Evolution (Decay)
Versatile3 (I:Cube) - Adore (I:Cube) - Picnic Attack (I:Cube) - Remixes (I:Cube) - The Meal (Chateau Flight)
Vertical FormAntagonist Survival Kit (Sixtoo)
Vicious CircleSilent Revolution (Clelia Vega)
Violet ProductionPetite Odyssée (Audrey D'Ithaque)
Virgin15 Again (Cassius) - 1999 (Cassius) - Angel-A (Soundtrack) (Anja Garbarek) - Au Rêve (Cassius) - Becoming X (Sneaker Pimps) - Becoming X Remixed (Sneaker Pimps) - Blue Lines (Massive Attack) - Briefly Shaking (Anja Garbarek) - Community Music (Asian Dub Foundation) - Conscious Party (Asian Dub Foundation) - Danny The Dog (Massive Attack) - Dead Cities (Future Sound Of London) - Heligoland (Massive Attack) - Homework (Daft Punk) - Isdn (Future Sound Of London) - Lifeforms (Future Sound Of London) - Penthouse Party (Pink Panther) - Pocket Symphony (Air) - Poise Is The Greater Architect (Ilya) - Ritual Spirit (Massive Attack) - Smiling And Waving (Anja Garbarek) - Sweep Of Days (Blue Foundation) - They Died For Beauty (Ilya)
Virgin Babylon RecordsRe: (Kashiwa Daisuke)
VitesseLa Gale (La Gale) - Salem City Rockers (La Gale)
VLB RecordingsNeed U Badly (Siska) - Siska EP (Siska)
Volvox MusicAtoms Part I (Mineral)
WAF RecordsMr Dressmaking & The Patchwork Mind (Monsieur Grandin)
WagramBass Culture - A Zenzile Mix (Zenzile) - Cadavre Exquis (TTC) - Illegal Cargo (Slow Train) - Laylow (CirKus) - Medicine (CirKus) - Super Vocal & Dub Session (Improvisators Dub) - Travelling The Face Of The Globe (Oi Va Voi) - Trip-Hop Classics 1993-2009 (Trip-Hop Classics) - Troublemakers (My Playlist)
Wall Of SoundExecutive Suite (The Wiseguys) - Melody A.M. (Röyksopp) - Senior (Röyksopp) - The Antidote (The Wiseguys)
Walt Disney RecordsTron : Legacy (Daft Punk)
WarnerBrixton To Beijing (Morcheeba) - Brother Sister (Brand New Heavies) - Enemy & Lovers (Scratch Massive) - Heavy Rhyme Experience (Brand New Heavies) - Lights (Archive) - Michel Vaillant (Archive) - Nude For Love (Bumcello) - Rafi's Revenge (Asian Dub Foundation) - Real Blues (St Germain) - The Flower Book (Emilie Simon)
Warner JazzGambit (Julien Lourau)
WarpA Word Of Science (Nightmares On Wax) - Ambivalence Avenue (Bibio) - Apropa't (Savath & Savalas) - Basic Flannel Mixed By LFO - The M People Years (LFO) - Blood, Looms And Blooms (Leila) - Carboot Soul (Nightmares On Wax) - Clark (Chris Clark) - Compass (Jamie Lidell) - Deflect EP (Leila) - Double Figure (Plaid) - Drukqs (Aphex Twin) - Feelin' Good (Nightmares On Wax) - Folk Songs For Trains, Trees And Honey (Savath & Savalas) - Geogaddi (Boards Of Canada) - Golden Pollen (Savath & Savalas) - Haha Sound (Broadcast) - In A Space Outta Sound (Nightmares On Wax) - Iradelphic (Chris Clark) - Jim (Jamie Lidell) - Los Angeles (Flying Lotus) - Making Bones (Red Snapper) - Mañana (Savath & Savalas) - Mind Bokeh (Bibio) - Mind Elevation (Nightmares On Wax) - Muddlin Gear (Jamie Lidell) - Multiply (Jamie Lidell) - Multiply Additions (Jamie Lidell) - Music Has The Right To Children (Boards Of Canada) - Not For Threes (Plaid) - One World Extinguisher (Prefuse 73) - Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper (Red Snapper) - Plaid & Bob Jaroc- Greedy Baby (Plaid) - Preparation (Prefuse 73) - Prince Blimey (Red Snapper) - Rest Proof Clockwork (Plaid) - Security Screenings (Prefuse 73) - Smokers Delight (Nightmares On Wax) - Sounds Of NOW (Feat. De La Soul) (Nightmares On Wax) - Spokes (Plaid) - Surrounded By Silence (Prefuse 73) - Syro (Aphex Twin) - Tender Buttons (Broadcast) - The Apple And The Tooth (Bibio) - The Campfire Headphase (Boards Of Canada) - The Futur Crayon (Broadcast) - The Noise Made By People (Broadcast) - Though So (Nightmares On Wax) - Tomorrow's Harvest (Boards Of Canada) - Totems Flare (Chris Clark) - Trainer (Early Work 1989/1995) (Plaid) - Twoism (Boards Of Canada) - U&I (Leila) - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives (Prefuse 73) - Work & Non Work (Broadcast)
Washi WashaUnder The Shade Of Violets (Orange Blossom)
Water Music RecordsModernism (France & Dom)
WaterTower MusicContagion (Cliff Martinez) - Game Of Thrones (saison 03) (Ramin Djawadi)
Waveform RecordsOmnimotion (Omnimotion)
Wax On RecordsLe Bienheureux (Guts)
WCMNos Dieux Sont Morts (Prajna)
We Are ViciousPoudre Noire (Adouk Boucan)
WeaBrand New Heavies (Brand New Heavies) - Charango (Morcheeba) - City Boom Boom (Julien Lourau) - Controlling Crowds (Archive) - Don (Kohann) - Excursions, Remixes & Rare Grooves (Brand New Heavies) - Filth & Dreams (Swing Out Sister) - Landcruising (Carl Craig) - Shelter (Brand New Heavies) - Trunk Funk - The Best Of (Brand New Heavies) - White People (Handsome Boy Modeling School) - You All Look The Same To Me (Archive)
WeGrowWaxGrowing (Sound Me)
Western VinylPink Graffiti (Secret Cities)
WestparkKoder Pa Snor (Valravn)
WichitaSaul Williams (Saul Williams)
Wiija RecordsAnjali (Anjali)
Wikkid RecordsAïwa (Aïwa) - Elnar (Aïwa) - Remixed - Volume 1 (Aïwa)
Wool RecordingsEvery Now And Then (Franklin)
World Around RecordsBeyond All Spheres Of Force And Matter (Dr. Quandary) - Quanny Sitar (Dr. Quandary) - Sigils (Dr. Quandary)
Wrasse RecordsNuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos (Radiokijada)
Wuga Wuga RecordingsHead Free (10 Dubians)
XL RecordingsCourtesy Of Choice (Leila) - Go (Jónsi) - Island Row (Capitol K) - I'm New Here (Gil Scott Heron) - Jungle (Jungle) - Kveikur (Sigur Ros) - LP3 (Ratatat) - LP4 (Ratatat) - Man Mountain (Blue States) - Since I Left You (The Avalanches) - Sodastream EP (Leila) - The Bravest Man In The Universe (Bobby Womack) - The Colossus (RJD2) - The Third Hand (RJD2)
Y-dmusicBetween Landscapes (Yohann Abbou Quartet)
Ya Basta !Gotan Project Live (Gotan Project) - La Revancha Del Tango (Gotan Project) - La Revancha Del Tango Live (Gotan Project) - Lunatico (Gotan Project)
YellomusicBluba Lu In Wonderland (Bluba Lu) - Moogamood (Bluba Lu)
Yellow ProductionsA Grand Love Story (Kid Loco) - Blues Project (Kid Loco) - Femme Fin De Siècle (Louise Vertigo) - Je T'aime Je T'aime (Bang Bang) - Jesus Life For A Children Under 12 Inches (Kid Loco) - Kill Your Darlings (Kid Loco) - Sacrebleu (Dimitri From Paris) - To Come... (Silent Poets) - To Come... Another Version (Silent Poets)
Yes Please RecordsDreams (Oliver Tank)
Yôkai RecordsDesert EP (REMO)
Yotanka5 + 1 Box Set (Zenzile) - 5 + 1 Cello (Zenzile) - 5 + 1 Jamika (Zenzile) - 5 + 1 Sir Jean (Zenzile) - 5 More Dubs (Zenzile) - BERLIN (Zenzile) - Electric Soul (Zenzile) - Helium Balloon Illusions (Jamika) - Pawn Shop (Zenzile) - Take A Ride (Meï Teï Shô) - The Good Side Of The Rain (Idem)
Young TurksLatin (Holy Fuck)
YUMYUM RECORDSHeliotrop (Tallisker)
Zomba RecordsBloom (Crustation) - Flying Away (Smoke City/Zeep) - Soundphiles (Kinobe)
Zoo RecordingsIntervention Chirursicale (Doctor Flake)
[ikoz]The Inertia Of An Accent At Rest (Motionless) - The Name (The Name)
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