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Voici quelques excellentes galettes de musique électronique "Made in France", un bon nombre regroupées sous l'appellation un peu fourre-tout mais très à la mode de "french touch". Certes, certains de ces albums ont un rapport assez éloigné avec le trip-hop, mais ils sont bons, inventifs et fait par des français, ce qui fait trois bonnes raisons de les faire figurer ici... :-)
10 DubiansHead Free
90 (noventa)Hors D'oeuvre
9th CloudDelicate Sound - A Monkey In A Yellow Hat - Vinyl EP 1
Abstrackt Keal AgramBad Thriller - Cluster Ville - Abstrackt Keal Agram
Adam CastilloNeptun - Magellan - Airport 911 - Tamure X-11 - The Nabis Project - Dance With Hiro
After BlowdownIn The Shade Of A Tree - To The Edge Of The Wood
Agents XIAltarima - Le Monstre Jaune
AgoriaThe Green Armchair - Cute & Cult
AïdosDans Une Apologie Béante Du Show Business Généralisé
AirLe Voyage Dans La Lune - Love 2 - Moon Safari - 10ème Anniversaire - Pocket Symphony - Talkie Walkie - Baricco City Reading - 10.000 Hz Legend - Eating, Sleeping, Waiting And Playing - The Virgin Suicides - Moon Safari - Premiers Symptômes
AïwaRemixed - Volume 1 - Elnar - Aïwa
AlaskamIndélébile - Horizons
AlexkidMint - Bienvenida
Alif TreeSocial Mask EP - ClockWork - French Cuisine - Spaced - The Observatory
AliplaysTodotesorosisland - Electronic Music
AlixThe Exchange
Al'tarbaLadies & Ladies (EP) - Lullabies For Insomniacs
Amour à JeunAmour à Jeun EP
AñaCes Roses Flotteront Sur L'océan...
AntrabataElephant Reveries
Arm & IrisLes Courants Forts
ArtlessColors Gone
ArureReality Exceeds The Fiction LP
As The Stars FallTempus Fugit
Asa Zen'SeiHome Grow EP
Asleep We LiveShowmance EP
Auditive EscapeDeforis - Evolo - Auditive Escape
Audrey D'IthaquePetite Odyssée
AvrilMembers Only - That Horse Must Be Starving
A'postrofPourquoi J'rap
Bak TrackVoltage
Bang BangSilicone - Je T'aime Je T'aime
BatsuAvalon 2.0 - Mixtape #2 - Mixtape #1
BeLOeySpider Flesh
Berry WeightMusic For Imaginary Movies
Bikini RumbleAlmost Hydrofoiling
Birdy Nam NamDefiant Order - Live - Birdy Nam Nam
Black JoyTime
BonnieRainy Day - Cut Symphony EP
Botom BotomPeace, Unity, Love, Having Fun & Computers
Boutique ChicCollection - Maison Close - Bikini Party - Chez Le Coiffeur
Brain DamageWhat You Gonna Do ? - Burning Before Sunset - Short Cuts Live - Short Cuts - Spoken Dub Manifesto Vol.1 - Ashes To Ashes/Dub To Dub - Combat Dub II - Always Greener (On The Other Side)
Brain Damage Meets VibronicsEmpire Soldiers
BrokencandysKitsch Is Fashion
Café De FloreVol.2 - Vol.1
CanvasBuona Modulazione
Cassius15 Again - Au Rêve - 1999
Cat's EyesNomade
CESRVNowhere (EP)
Charlotte Gainsbourg5:55
Chateau FlightThe Meal
Chill BumpHidden Strings - Back To The Grain (EP) - Starting From Scratch EP
Chinese ManThe Groove Sessions Vol. 3 - Racing With The Sun - Miss Chang EP - The Groove Sessions Vol.2 - The Groove Sessions
Chloe & Ivan SmaggheKill The DJ : The Dysfunctional Family
Chris JossYou've Been Spiked
Chrono.Fixion2006 - Echappatoire
CicéroneDiaphane - The Fragments Of Humanity
Circuit BreakerCosmetique - Re-hacktion
Clelia VegaSilent Revolution
CloverWorld's End Lane
CloZeeOckeFilms Soundtrack 2012
Collectif SlangAddict - Slanguistic
Concorde Music ClubAlternative Fictions - Stereo-Fictions
Corbeaux & Volte FaceThe Meeting Point
CyesmRaw - Disciple - Weird Stories - Outsider - Undisclosed - C To M - Meaningless
Daft PunkTron : Legacy - Discovery - Homework
DakotaLe Temps Passe
David GrumelBeaurivage
David LawLa Solitude Du Cosmonaute - Shades
DecayFreak Evolution
DegiheugiDancing Chords And Fireflies - Abstract Symposium - The Broken Symphony - Only After The Show - Aquilon
Del Wire01
Depth AffectDraft Battle - Hero Crisis - Arche Lymb
DerfzenTake A Look At You
Dimitri From ParisCruising Attitude - Sacrebleu
DJ CamLiquid Hip Hop - Soulshine - The French Connection - The Loa Project 2 - Substances - Mad Blunted Jazz - The Beat Assassinated - Dj Kicks - Underground Vibes
DJ Click & Rona HartnerBoum Ba Clash
DJ JosAt The Same Time
DJ MehdiLucky Boy
Dj SladeObo - Demo Cd 2004
DLoawThe Secret Garden - Volume 2 - The Secret Garden
Doctor FlakeAcchordance - Flake Up - Minder Surprises - Paradis Dirtyficiels (New Deal) - Intervention Chirursicale
Doctor LMonkey Dizzyness - Temple On Every Street - Exploring The Inside World
DopebeatsJusqu'ici Tout Va Bien Vol.1
Double UBosphorus - A Bottle In The Sea - Life Behind A Window
Doz1jeeEven Bright Stars Must Die - The Crippling Room - M7rrors - Skindata - Lost At Least
Dring ToyIncoming Contact
Dub In V.O.The Needle
Dub IncorporationParadise - Diversité
Dub OrchestraSonic Deviance
Dub WiserChapter II : Tribute To Remixes
Duberman5600 K
DubphonicRelight - Smoke Signals
Dukes In Process1st EP
DxdMr Rose Aime La Pop
Echo 6Chemicals
Eglantine GouzyBoamaster
EkovaSpace Lullabies And Other Fantasmagore - Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks - Heaven's Dust
El Barön BrissettiWoodpecka Shoes - Zzt Girl
ElastiKInstrumental (EP) - CritiK
Electro DeluxeStardown
Electronic Summer In CorsicaVolume 01
ElectroslideEverything Is Connected To Nothing But Itself
Emilie SimonFranky Knight - The Big Machine - Live à L'Olympia - Live A L'Olympia - The Flower Book - Végétal - La Marche De L'Empereur - Emilie Simon
Emmanuel SantarromanaMétropolitain
Erik TruffazSaloua - The Walk Of The Giant Turtle - Mantis - Eric Truffaz Revisité - The Mask - Bending New Corners - The Dawn - Out Of Dream
Etienne De CrécySuperdiscount 2 - Tempovision Remixes - Tempovision - Superdiscount
EZ3kielBattlefield - Naphtaline - Versus Tour 04 - Barb4ry - Handle With Care
F. GlausingerRecall
F.T.G.Le Journal De Simon
FabrikaElectroad Songs
FakearMorning In Japan (EP) - Backstreet (EP)
FedadenBroader - Palabras - Fedaden
Fedayi PachaFrom The Oriental School Of Dub - The 99 Names Of Dub - Dub Works (in Mysterious Waves)
FilastineBurn It
Flying Pop'sFly To Me Now - Dim And Dad - Flying To Frisco
FowatileAerials On Da Milkway Interstellar Slow Troopers EP
François Eudes ChanfraultComputer Assisted Sunset
Frank RiggioSymmetric Human Door
FranklinEvery Now And Then
Fred LéonardAngels
Fred YaddadenThe Shadow Of A Rose
Fréderic GallianoEspaces Baroques
FrogNsteinElectrify My Soul
FumujDrop A Three - The Robot And The Chinese Shrimp - Monstrueuse Normalité
G BonsonDo My Thing
GasolineJourney Into Abstract Hip Hop
GG ProjectThis Is - Sub Ways
GhostownSpektah Gadjo - ReflectionZ
Gong GongMary's Spring - Laughing With The Moon
Gotan ProjectTango 3.0 - Gotan Project Live - Lunatico - La Revancha Del Tango Live - Inspiracion Espiracion - La Revancha Del Tango
Grosso GadgettoHow Long Do You Have To Wait ?
Guns Of BrixtonCap Adare - In.Dub.Out - Near Dub Experience
GutsDjango (EP) - Beats Archive - Paradise For All - Rage Against My Computer - Freedom - Le Bienheureux - Le Bienheureux EP
Hanuman Care KitVisited
Haunted DaysBleached Cuts
HexanolScared Stiff - Sublime
Hey ! BOther Side
High ToneEKPHRÖN - Out Back - Dub Invaders - Underground Wobble - Wave Digger - Live - Acid Dub Nucleik - Bass Temperature - Opus Incertum
High Tone Meets Brain DamageHigh Damage
Hip Notik RecordsHipothetik Disaster
HiroshimaThe Next Room - Room88
Hôtel CostesBest Of - Vol. 7 - Vol. 6 - Vol. 5 - Vol. 4 - Vol. 3 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 1
Hugo KantLeave Me Alone - I Don't Want To Be An Emperor
Hybrid Sound SystemSynchrone
HypnobotLa Vie Moderne EP
I:CubeStereo Pictures Vol. 4 - 3 - Remixes - Adore - Picnic Attack
IdemThe Good Side Of The Rain - The Sixth Aspiration Museum Overview - Aérobiose Epilogue - Out Immer, Aérobiose 3 - Aérobiose - Waterglasscolor - Absent Without Leave
Il:loDistances (EP)
ImhotepKheper - Blue Print
Inti AkaElectronirik
IphazeWorkship - Insight
JadeFresh Air
Jarring EffectsFX 100 : A Hundred Effects - Audioactivism - Burn Babylon Burn
Jasmine VegasTime
Jay AlanskyLes Yeux Crevés
Jazz In ParisRemixed
Jean Du VoyageThe Closest - One Seed
Jean-Christophe LemayTrip Of Hope
Jean-Pierre TaiebThe Divide
JeFMental Bazar électrique 2 : Ombre
Jefferson LembeyeRogue State
Jérôme Badini'Round The Clock
JeronimoMachine Gum
Joe VitterboSometimes You Have To Stick With He Old School Ways
JudithMuseum (Introduction Au Conte Harmonique)
JuiceWarm Inside
Julien LourauFire - The Rise - Gambit - City Boom Boom
Kaly Live DubAllaxis - Lightin' The Shadows - On Stage - Répercussions - 3 Maximal Overdubs - HydroPhonic - Electric Kool Aid
KankaDub Communication - Sub.mersion - Alert - Don't Stop DUB !
Kats BartokIcOnOclaste
KenshirosahnEl Fidar Plage
KesakoOMerysland - P.L.U.M - Phoosphores - Tetra Psychique - Abrîssar
KettelWhisper Me Whishes
Khoe-waBitter Rain - EP Life ?
KhundaliniDeus In Machina - Khundalini - Kundalini
Kick BongThe Secret Garden - Remixed - Kind Of Imagination - Flower Power - A Cup Of Tea ?
Kid LocoConfessions Of A Belladonna Eater - Party Animals & Disco Biscuits - Kill Your Darlings - Jesus Life For A Children Under 12 Inches - Dj Kicks - A Grand Love Story - Blues Project
KobeMade Of Water
KognitifMonometric - My Space World
KohannHypnotic - Don - Mil Bed
KojakEvery Room On Every Floor - Crime In The City
Kozak94Kozak From The Guts (Beat Tape) - Walking Nowhere (ep)
La GaleLa Gale
La Mauvaise HumeurEponymous
La Mezzanine De L'AlcazarVol. 3 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 1
La PhazePunglistic Mixture - Pungle Roads
LamiaInto The Number Of The Nameless Tides
Lauren Vörse & Dasha BaskakoLauren Vörse & Dasha Baskakova
Laurent GarnierThe Cloud Making Machine
Le Peuple De L'HerbeRadio Blood Money - Cube - Ph Test - Two - Triple Zéro
Le PolairPâturage
Le Professeur InlassableBibi Tanga & Le Professeur Inlassable - Yellow Gauze - Leçon N°1 : Manipulation à La Main
Le Son Du FuturoscopeVol.1
Lighted SonLighted Son
Like Horses DoLike Horses Do
Liléa NarrativeNouvelle Chair
LinkyQuiet Rooms
LittleKiuty - Oscar
Little Big DjüLittle Big Djü
LlorcaNew Comer
Loïk DuryPARIS - BOF - Les Poupées Russes
LoopSuperflux - Entourloupe 3
LouDes Hauts Et Des Bas - Http://www.Musique.Net/Lou
Louise VertigoLouise Vertigo - Femme Fin De Siècle
Lucien & Neirda82-83
Lyre Le TempsLady Swing
L'OnironauteLes Chimères Exquises
Löbe Radiant Dub SystemVibe Disciple - Echo Chamber Odyssey
M83Hurry Up, We're Dreaming - Saturdays=Youth - Digital Shades /Vol.1 - Before The Dawn Heals Us - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts - M83
MakoScuba Diving
MalkoOpen Ticket
Marc OFXCool Freak - Autoconstuction
Mat3r DolorosaThink About Your Future Now
Meï Teï ShôTake A Ride - Danse & Réflexion
MelampyreLa Vie, La Vraie - Sans Exil - Still Laughing ? - The Wild Show - Winston Smith's Life - Ici Et Ailleurs
MelKSuper 8 - MelK
MellowPerfect Colors - Another Mellow Summer
MelodiumThe Island - Coloribus - Petit Jama - Palimpse - My Mind Is Falling To Pieces - Cerebro Spin
MetastazEncounters - Orient Dub Express
Metronomic ErectionMetronomic Erection
MicrosillonSome Flavoured Pearls
MigYamatna - Dhikrayat
Miso SoupThat's The Way The Cookie Crumbles - Umami
Mister Modo & Ugly Mac BeerModonut 2 - Modonut
MJ'sWaiting 4 A Better Day
Mlada FrontaDioxydes
MobsterMon Sommeil - Mes Songes Sont De Ternes Westerns
MoleculeBesides - Climax - Workshop
MondKopfRising Doom - Galaxy Of Nowhere
Monsieur GrandinThe Electric Horseman And The Dancing Movie - Mr Dressmaking & The Patchwork Mind
Monsieur PeaceCrystal Wave
Monsieur SaïSoigne Tes Blessures
MotionlessThe Inertia Of An Accent At Rest
Mr DokomoMr Dokomo
Mr NeveuxDamn It! (The Rock Experience)
Mr OizoMoustache (Half A Scissor)
Mr.teddybearPlacards & Cadavres
Murder RoundRound 1
My DK CrewMy DK Crew
MyloDestroy Rock'n Roll
NAcoubDu Son Dans Le Bocal
Naked (in A Sphere)Freefall
Nehl AëlinLe Monde Saha
NeuronexionNRX Party Tour
NHXII - Non Harmonix Project
Nicholas DoddRenaissance (soundtrack)
Night SessionThe Tunnel
Nino KortaTribute To The Wolves
Nothin'PersonalEarth Invaders
Nouvelle VagueNouvelle Vague
Nova NovaMemories - La Chanson De Roland
NôzeSongs On The Rocks - How To Dance - Craft Sounds And Voices
Nuoc MamaNuoc Mama
NäoPicture This If You Will...
OctetCash And Carry Songs
Olaf HundValseuses
Oleg & ZimPoint To Point
Olivier AssayasClean
OMRSuperheroes Crash - Side Effects
Orange BlossomEverything Must Change - Orange Blossom
OrchesterBefore Meeting Together Again
OrdoeuvreMatmon Jazz
Organic DespairMarasme - The Unfaced Album - Miasme - Transition
OscarPortrait Robot
Oust LoubaDécoction
Over The SnareOver The Snare (ep)
Palo AltoPogs Box
Panda TransportPlush Mechanique
Papaya CakeLe Bison Blanc
Paral-lelUpgrade To Mutant Sheep
PhoenixAlphabetical - United
PicoreL'Hélium Du Peuple - Discopunkture
PolSLAB°​#​2 - SLAB°#1 - Homo - Confusion
Polaroid3Rebirth Of Joy
Post ImageImpulsion
PrajnaNos Dieux Sont Morts - A L'Horizon - L'éveil
ProleteRFeeding The Lions - Curses From Past Times (EP)
Psykick LyrikahDerrière Moi - Vu D'ici - Acte - Des Lumières Sous La Pluie
R;zAtzWill We Cross The Line ?
Raoul SinierWelcome To My Orphanage
Rec T LigneSounds Of Rec T Ligne
Record MakersI Hear Voices
Red Fish Dub SyndromReflection
Red RoomRed Room
RekhmireThe Deviant Lounge
Ric-TusTotal Rictus
RinôçérôseSchizophonia - Music Kills Me - Installation Sonore
Robert Le MagnifiqueKinky Attractive Muse
Roger MollsMetamorphosis Of Muses - The Man With Dusty Fingers - Rewind
RoudoudouJust A Place In The Sun - Tout L'univers. Listener's Digest
Royal Air MoonHush
Rubin SteinerDiscipline In Anarchy - Oumupo (3) - Drum Major ! - Wunderbar Drei - Lo Fi Nu Jazz Vol 2
Sandra NkakeFaces (mixtape)
SaneyesSaneyes/Gainsbourg : You're Under Arrest (Détournement D'art Mineur)
SayCetOne Day At Home
ScreenatoriumThe Missing Chair Leg Dilemna - Flyentists - Takeoff For Naïve - Soundtrack Of My Day - Audimat - Blue Morning EP
Sébastien BédéEnjoy The Sadness
Sébastien TellierSessions - Narco - Politics - L'incroyable Vérité
Selected & Mixed By Citizen CrewRésumé
Sensitive OrchestraLe Paradoxe De L'équinoxe
ShazzIn The Night - In The Light - Shazz
ShedAt The Crossroads - Electronic Tales
ShineThe Common Station - One Day EP
Shirley MMystify !
SICAASpace Between Worlds - Analog : V Elements - Square Things
SkalMusiques Cinématiques
SmoKing AFterImpasse
SmoothThe Parade - The Endless Rise Of The Sun - An Electro Soul Experience
SnoozeAmericana - Goingmobile - The Man In The Shadow
SorgPreface (ep)
Soul SquareLive & Uncut
SoulfightNighttime Birds
Spiders EverywhereGlacier (EP)
Sporto Kantes3 At Last - 2nd Round - Act 1 (2ème édition) - Act 1
St GermainTourist - Boulevard
Stand High PatrolMidnight Walkers
Stekri / La Main Gauche / Dtracks / ShyugoshaVersus
Stereo PicturesVol 4 - I:Cube - Vol 3 - DJ Vadim - Vol 2 - Troublemakers - Vol 1 - Radiomentale
Sub 4Sub4 - E.R.U.C.V.A.G F.I.B
SunderlandFor Majic Eyes Only
SuperkableHeaven Is Not Big Enough
SuperpozeFrom The Cold - Lost Cosmonaut - Snowpixel EP
Sweet BackAmok
Syd MattersGhost Days - Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles - A Whisper And A Sigh
S'il Vous PlayLines EP
Tahiti 80Fosbury
Tara King Th.Harold-Un Conte Musical - The Tara King Theory - Sequence 01
Teknic Old SkoolTeknic Old Skool
TelepopmusikAngel Milk - Genetic World
Tetra Hydro K.Indigestion De Tofu - Dirty Wanash
The Circle CornerLife For Onself
The HomestretchBug Into The Clones - The Homestretch
The Money Penny ProjectOriginal Version & Director's Cut
The Qiwu SelftetTravelling Arrière
Thomas ToussaintChamber
Tikal97% Junk DNA
Tilia WeeversEntropia - Bloom - Ethernal
Travelling DayNO Reflection
Trip-Hop.netBest Tunes 2013
TroublemakersExpress Way - Stereo Pictures Vol. 2 - Doubts And Convictions
TTCBâtards Sensibles - Cadavre Exquis - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque
TurnsteaKTuRnStEaK Remix - Circuit Imprimé - Pollution Sonore
TwelvePerfectly Safe
Twilight MotionDark City
TwosidesFrench Escapade
Uht°H2O - Ghost Forest - Pic De Pollution
Urban SessionsVolume 1 : Paris
VilleneuveFirst Date
VinayaLes Valses EP
Vista Le VieA Futuristic Family Film - Slip It Under - Don't
VolvotraxxParticules Of Love (with Sordid Details) - Passage Des Images Vivantes Aux Images Mortes. Tout Refleurit LP.
VSDémo 3 Titres
Wax TailorDusty Rainbow From The Dark - Live 2010 à L'Olympia - Wax Tailor & The Mayfly Symphony Orchestra - Live 2010 A L'Olympia - In The Mood For Life - Hope & Sorrow - Our Dance / Walk The Line (EP) - Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies - Que Sera - Where My Heart's At (EP) - Lost The Way (EP)
Whit WeedDisordub
Willie CortezFarsuct
Wipping WillowLe Théâtre Du Bruit
X Et Les AutresGaia Spleen
Yann TiersenDust Lane
Yohann Abbou QuartetBetween Landscapes
YoshFistful Of Lies - Big Trouble
Your Happy EndSeven Windows For Six Dreamers
Z & PDemo Tracks
ZeeCutter90 Battements Par Minute
Zend AvestaOrganique
ZentoneZenzile Meets High Tone
ZenzileElectric Soul - 5 More Dubs - 5 + 1 Cello - 5 + 1 Sir Jean - 5 + 1 Jamika - 5 + 1 Box Set - Pawn Shop - Living In Monochrome - Metà Metà - Bass Culture - A Zenzile Mix - Modus Vivendi - Totem - Meets Sir Jean - Sound Patrol - Meets Jamika - Sachem In Salem
ZerowattIf I...
ZhalemSecond Skin
ZimpalaHoneymoon - The Breeze Is Black - Almaviva
Zion TrainState Of Mind - Original Sounds Of The Zion - Secrets Of The Animal Kingdom In Dub - Passage To Indica
[Drive In] Static Motion[Drive In] Static Motion

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