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LabelAlbum (Groupe) - ...
Zeit (Paul Kalkbrenner)
!K7Another Bugged Out Mix / Bugged In Selection (Erol Alkan) - Dirty Dancing (Swayzak) - DJ Kicks (Erlend Øye) - Groovetechnology V1.3 (Swayzak) - Loops From The Bergerie (Swayzak) - Now Is Early (Nicolette) - Some Other Country (Swayzak)
75 Ark RecordsLovage: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (Dan The Automator)
Abeille MusiqueTeknic Old Skool (Teknic Old Skool)
Absolute MotionNever Trust The Chinese (Mr Meeble)
AccidentalEverything (Micah) - Minimalistico (8 Doogymoto) - Red Tape (Brooks) - Where I Am Today (Max De Wardener)
Ad NoiseamFrom Memory (Semiomime ‎)
AlicemusikMission 1 (Alice And The Serial Numbers)
Ant-zenLieux-Dits (2kilos & More)
AnticonAt War With Walls And Mazes (Son Lux) - Dosh (Dosh) - PureTrash (Dosh) - The Lost Take (Dosh) - We Are Rising (Son Lux) - Weapons (Son Lux) - Wolves & Wishes (Dosh)
Asphalt DuchessGalaxy Of Nowhere (Mondkopf)
AtmosphériquesAnother Mellow Summer (Mellow) - Perfect Colors (Mellow)
ATP RecordingsSlow Focus (Fuck Buttons) - Street Horrrsing (Fuck Buttons) - Tarot Sport (Fuck Buttons)
Auto-production1st EP (Dukes In Process) - A Terrible Flood (Esselfortium) - Analog : V Elements (SICAA) - Autoconstuction (Marc OFX) - CHECKIN US (Sorg & Napoleon Maddox) - Compromissions (Alaskam) - Cool Freak (Marc OFX) - Crystal Wave (Monsieur Peace) - Des Hauts Et Des Bas (Lou) - Digital Memories (LukHash) - Dislocation (Magical Mistakes) - Du Son Dans Le Bocal (NAcoub) - Epilog (F.T.G.) - Eveil (Alaskam) - Everything That Moves (NANOME) - Faces (mixtape) (Sandra Nkake) - Half Frozen Seed (Lullaby Orchestra) - Http://www.Musique.Net/Lou (Lou) - IcOnOclaste (Kats Bartok) - Impact (Alaskam) - In Utera (Antimonos) - Inqi-Teka (Inqi-Teka) - Introspection (Alaskam) - Kitsch Is Fashion (Brokencandys) - Kollektt8 (Dva) - Landscape (Zoham) - Late Statues (Raoul Sinier) - Les Valses EP (Vinaya) - Life For Onself (The Circle Corner) - L'autre Endroit (Silence) - Magneto (Felix) - Misters And Misses (Roxanne Fréché) - Monarchy (Mosh) - Monthly Joints Series (Amon Tobin) - Mosaïque (Joachim De Lux) - Posture (SolusMind) - Preface (ep) (Sorg) - Remik (JAAA!) - Remixes (Raoul Sinier) - Sea Ambulance (ep) (Man Mantis) - Soon (Sorg & Napoleon Maddox) - Space Between Worlds (SICAA) - Square Things (SICAA) - The Boom & The Arty (The Boom & The Arty) - The Mourning EP (Videotape) - The Spy (Monophona) - Tribute To The Wolves (Nino Korta) - W.E.O.M (Apollo)
Autres Directions In MusicArche Lymb (Depth Affect) - Draft Battle (Depth Affect) - Forever Sparrow (Color Cassette) - Hero Crisis (Depth Affect)
B-Pitch ControlHappy In Grey (Damero) - Immolate Yourself (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Orchestra Of Bubbles (Ellen Allien) - Remix Collection (Ellen Allien) - Reworks (Paul Kalkbrenner) - Self (Paul Kalkbrenner) - Superimpose (Paul Kalkbrenner)
Bad LifeSelf Help For Beginners (AutoKratz)
Bandcamp.comPIAANO (Laake)
BarclayCrime In The City (Kojak) - Every Room On Every Floor (Kojak)
Be Careful He's FrenchSome Flavoured Pearls (Microsillon)
Bee RecordsFragments (Noone) - Grenadine (Noone) - Maybe The Last EP (Noone)
BeechwoodFabric 11 (Swayzak)
Beggars BanquetViolet Cries (Esben And The Witch)
Big DadaDialogue (Thavius Beck)
Black Dog ProductionsMbuki Mvuki (Plaid)
Bloom RecordsEnsi (Nujeli)
Bomb X RecordsPoint To Point (Oleg & Zim)
Bomba DischiPrimavera (YOUAREHERE) - Propaganda (YOUAREHERE)
Bonsaï MusicOpen Ticket (Malko)
Carpark RecordsGoing Places (Montag)
Cast-a-blastThink Twice (Palov & Mishkin)
Catalogue2nd Round (Sporto Kantes) - Act 1 (Sporto Kantes) - Act 1 (2ème édition) (Sporto Kantes) - Cha Cha Manga (Sancho)
ChateaurougeNaked (Scratch Massive) - Time (Scratch Massive) - Underground Needs Your Money Baby (Scratch Massive)
Chez Kito KatBetween (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A) - Color Slide EP (MR BIOS) - Isolated (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A) - Plus Que (Specta Ciera & Arbee) - You're Struggling In The Dark (S.H.I.Z.U.K.A)
Circle Into SquareCandy Cigarette (Boy In Static)
Circus CompanySpace Is Only Noise (Nicolas Jaar)
CiTiZen RecordsRésumé (Selected & Mixed By Citizen Crew)
City SlangBinokular EP (Schneider TM) - Schneider TM (Schneider TM) - Skoda Mluvit (Schneider TM) - Zoomer (Schneider TM)
Clone RecordsWhisper Me Whishes (Kettel)
Club MontepulcianoUp! (Lemon)
Combien Mille RecordsFrom The Cold (Superpoze) - Opening (Superpoze)
CommotionBroken English Soundtrack (Scratch Massive)
CompostDark Days Exit (Felix Laband) - Elysian Fields (Minus 8) - Minuit (Minus 8) - Songs Of Lucid Dreamers (Zwicker) - Speed Emotions (Marbert Rocel)
Coop (erative) MusicTurning Down Water For Air (James Yuill)
Counter RecordsKingdoms In Colour (Maribou State) - Portraits (Maribou State)
CrammedThe Man In The Shadow (Snooze)
Cristal RecordsYou've Been Spiked (Chris Joss)
Dark Clover RecordsEther (Monolift)
Daruma ProductionsObake (Obake)
DeconCalicomm 2004 (Calicomm)
DelabelJust A Place In The Sun (Roudoudou) - Presidential Suite (Gonzales) - Tout L'univers. Listener's Digest (Roudoudou) - Z (Remix Album) (Gonzales)
Differ-antBy The Window / By The Looking-glass (Arca)
DigitalpitLe Journal De Simon (F.T.G.) - Lost Cosmonaut (Superpoze) - Snowpixel EP (Superpoze)
DiscographA Bottle In The Sea (Double U) - Cruising Attitude (Dimitri From Paris) - Good City For Dreamers (General Elektriks) - Kill The DJ : The Dysfunctional Family (Chloe & Ivan Smagghe)
Domino RecordsHappiness (Fridge)
DSAAngles (Arca) - Cinématique (Arca)
Early RecordsLife Loves Us (Nicolette)
East WestSilicone (Bang Bang)
Eat Me RecordsAstrophobe (Nocto)
Ed Banger RecordsLucky Boy (DJ Mehdi)
Electron'y'popOne Day At Home (SayCet)
EMI MusicJunior (Röyksopp) - Overpowered (Roisin Murphy) - The Mix-Up (The Beastie Boys)
Equal MusikChamber (Thomas Toussaint)
Erased Tapes RecordsLoon (Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm) - Night Melody (Rival Consoles) - Spells (Ben Lukas Boysen)
Exponential RecordsArtifacts (Aether)
Export LabelFrozen Memories (Danny Bow)
F-CommunicationsA Futuristic Family Film (Vista Le Vie) - Bienvenida (Alexkid) - Bold (Readymade) - Don't (Vista Le Vie) - La Chanson De Roland (Nova Nova) - Laughing With The Moon (Gong Gong) - Les Yeux Crevés (Jay Alansky) - Mary's Spring (Gong Gong) - Memories (Nova Nova) - Mint (Alexkid) - Moustache (Half A Scissor) (Mr Oizo) - Slip It Under (Vista Le Vie) - The Cloud Making Machine (Laurent Garnier)
FlyKKllr RcrdsExperiments In Violent Light (Flykkiller)
Fool HouseRising Doom (Mondkopf)
Freude Am TanzenRoofs (Mooryc)
Ghostly InternationalDive (Tycho)
Good Citizen FactoryWelcome To My Orphanage (Raoul Sinier)
GooomAlone, Not Alone (Montag) - Are You A Friend ? (Montag) - Bad Thriller (Abstrackt Keal Agram) - Cluster Ville (Abstrackt Keal Agram)
Groenland RecordsThe Bells Of 1 2 (Sol Seppy)
HeafiPassage Des Images Vivantes Aux Images Mortes. Tout Refleurit LP. (Volvotraxx)
Hefty RecordsFahrenheit Fair Enough (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Map Of What Is Effortless (Telefon Tel Aviv) - Remixes Compiled (Telefon Tel Aviv)
Home TableCaligari (Dva)
Hoots RecordsVolume 01 (Electronic Summer In Corsica)
Hop Skip Jump RecordsCosmic Surgery (Neat Beats)
Hotflush RecordingsMajenta (Jimmy Edgar)
Hymen RecordsSeeking The Lost Mind (Tonikom)
Ici D'ailleurs613 (Chapelier Fou) - Deai (Chapelier Fou) - Deltas (Chapelier Fou) - Invisible (Chapelier Fou) - Kalia (Chapelier Fou) - Leçon N°1 : Manipulation à La Main (Le Professeur Inlassable) - Muance (Chapelier Fou) - On Ne Distinguait Plus Les Têtes (Arca) - Quiet Rooms (Linky) - Scandale EP (Chapelier Fou)
In My RoomInto The Great Wide Yonder (Trentemoller)
In ParadisiumExtreme Precautions I (Mondkopf) - Hadès (Mondkopf)
In Vitro Records1.0 (Faz-L)
Indies Scope RecordsFonók (Dva) - Hu (Dva)
InfinéMirapolis (Rone) - Polyamour (Clara Moto)
Intuitive RecordsTranssiberian (Thylacine)
Ipecac RecordsIn Cod We Trust (Ghostigital)
Jarring EffectsA Noisy Blast - Son Of Light (Mat3r Dolorosa) - Think About Your Future Now (Mat3r Dolorosa) - Will We Cross The Line ? (R;zAtz)
KeplarInside A Moving Machine (Mui)
Ki RecordsFlowers On A Wall (Daisuke Tanabe)
Kitty YoGonzales Uber Alles (Gonzales) - The Entertainist (Gonzales)
Klik RecordsBeautiful People (Serafim Tsotsonis) - Peak (Serafim Tsotsonis) - So This Is Heaven (Serafim Tsotsonis)
Koma RecordsCritiK (ElastiK) - Instrumental (EP) (ElastiK)
KompaktSolid State (Pluxus)
Label BleuCliquety Kliqk (General Elektriks)
LabelsDiscovery (Daft Punk) - Idealism (Digitalism) - The Understanding (Röyksopp) - Unrest (Erlend Øye)
Laboratory InstinctEmo-Droidz (V.L.A.D.)
Le Garage ElectriqueParticules Of Love (with Sordid Details) (Volvotraxx)
Le Son Du MaquisErostrate (Cercueil)
Les Editions FamilialesCome What May (La Famille Bou) - Open Doors (La Famille Bou)
Lex RecordsA New White (Subtle) - Blue Eyed In The Red Room (Boom Bip) - Corymb (Boom Bip) - ExitingARM (Subtle) - For Hero : For Fool (Subtle) - Neon Neon - Stainless Style (Boom Bip) - Sacchrilege EP (Boom Bip) - Seed To Sun (Boom Bip) - Wishingbone (Subtle) - Yell & Ice (Subtle)
Little IdiotsDestroyed (Moby)
L'Inlassable DisqueBibi Tanga & Le Professeur Inlassable - Yellow Gauze (Le Professeur Inlassable)
Margot RecordsFrance 2 (ep) (Margot)
Matador RecordsPick Up (Solex) - Psychic (DARKSIDE)
Mendicity RecordsDavidiennes (D-DRONE) - Horizons (Alaskam) - Indélébile (Alaskam)
Mental Groove RecordsFuture That Never Happened (Sinner DC)
MercuryBroadchurch (OST) (Ólafur Arnalds) - For Now I Am Winter (Ólafur Arnalds) - Overtones (Just Jack)
Mind Records & Service Corp.Better Luck Next Time (Broken)
MinimaximaMaximalive (Paul Kalkbrenner)
Ministry Of SoundAriels (Bent) - Programmed To Love (Bent) - The Everlasting Blink (Bent)
Minority RecordsBotanicula (Dva)
MK2 MusicStereo Pictures Vol. 4 (I:Cube) - Three Ages (Jeff Mills)
Monika EnterpriseVol. 1 (4 Women No Cry) - Vol.2 (4 Women No Cry) - Vol.3 (4 Women No Cry)
MonopsoneAbstrackt Keal Agram (Abstrackt Keal Agram)
Moose RecordsThe Source (SICAA)
Morr MusicFaking The Books (Lali Puna) - I Thought I Was Over That (Lali Puna) - Scary World Theory (Lali Puna) - Tridecoder (Lali Puna)
Motor MusicAllie (Allie)
Mush RecordsBoom Bip & Doseone - Circle (Boom Bip) - Boy In Static (Violet) - Busdriver And Radioinactive With Daedelus - The Weather (Daedelus) - Decomposition (Thavius Beck) - Forgetabout (Qua) - Painting Monsters On Clouds (Qua) - Rethinking The Weather (Daedelus) - Valeen Hope (Loden)
Musiques HybridesLouise Vertigo (Louise Vertigo) - Valseuses (Olaf Hund)
Mute RecordsPlay (Moby) - Wait For Me (Moby)
N5MDGray Hoodie (Elise Mélinand)
Nacopajaz01 (Del Wire) - Broader (Fedaden) - Fedaden (Fedaden) - Palabras (Fedaden)
NaïveHuman? (Human?)
NeuronexionNRX Party Tour (Neuronexion)
Ninja TuneAdventures In Foam (Amon Tobin) - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines (Zero DB) - Boxset (Amon Tobin) - Bricolage (Amon Tobin) - Chaos Theory (Amon Tobin) - Denies The Day's Demise (Daedelus) - Exquisite Corpse (Daedelus) - Flying Wonders (Homelife) - Foley Room (Amon Tobin) - Guru Man Hubcap Lady (Homelife) - ISAM (Amon Tobin) - Journey By Dj : 70 Minutes Of Madness (Coldcut) - Love To Make Music To... (Daedelus) - Musipal (Wagon Christ) - Out From Out Where (Amon Tobin) - Permutation (Amon Tobin) - Sorry I Make You Lush (Wagon Christ) - Sound Mirrors (Coldcut) - Supermodified (Amon Tobin) - The Long Lost (Daedelus)
NishiFrench Teen Idol (French Teen Idol)
No FormatMajor To Minor (Gonzales) - Solo Piano (Gonzales)
No FridgeBoum Ba Clash (DJ Click & Rona Hartner) - Labesse (Dj Click)
NocturneBosphorus (Double U)
NovomundoNowhere (EP) (CESRV)
Omelette RecordsSymmetric Human Door (Frank Riggio)
Omni MusicUnusual Quest LP (Marc OFX)
One Little IndianNaked (Benjamin Zephaniah) - Psychic Cat (Kelli Ali)
Organic/LandOhm II (The Flying Star Fish) - Pogs Box (Palo Alto) - Rogue State (Jefferson Lembeye) - Shoma & Nel (Shoma & Nel)
Osaka RecordingsBoamaster (Eglantine Gouzy)
OstinatoAmericana (Snooze) - Goingmobile (Snooze)
Pagan RecordsSnowboarding In Argentina (Swayzak)
Pavillon 36 RecordingsMaiwea Park EP (Omyiga)
PeacefrogNouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague) - Parts In The Post (Plaid)
Pias3 At Last (Sporto Kantes) - Crystal Castels (Crystal Castels) - Cute & Cult (Agoria) - Fever Ray (Fever Ray) - First Date (Villeneuve) - Hello Waveforms (William Orbit) - The Green Armchair (Agoria)
Plug ResearchA Gent Agent (Daedelus) - Invention (Daedelus) - Of Snowdonia (Daedelus)
Pokerflat RecordingThe Last Resort (Trentemoller)
Praksis RecordsElectroad Songs (Fabrika)
PrikosnovénieSolmamdenlo (Zmiya)
Project RecordingsTime (Black Joy)
PschentDim And Dad (Flying Pop's) - Fly To Me Now (Flying Pop's) - Flying To Frisco (Flying Pop's) - Métropolitain (Emmanuel Santarromana) - Vol. 1 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar) - Vol. 2 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar) - Vol. 3 (La Mezzanine De L'Alcazar)
Rec T LigneSounds Of Rec T Ligne (Rec T Ligne)
RecordmakersPolitics (Sébastien Tellier) - Sessions (Sébastien Tellier)
Red Egyptian RecordsThe Red Egyptians (The Red Egyptians)
RolaxTuning (Audiorama)
Rush HourThe Album Formerly Known As... (Carl Craig)
Seed RecordsMystery Year (Sancho)
Siberia RecordsDystopia (Midnight Juggernauts)
Siluh RecordsSleep Party People (Sleep Party People)
SinnbusHundreds (Hundreds)
Skam RecordsGnayse (Bola)
Small RecordsHimawari (Swayzak)
Smalltown SupersoundCream Cuts (Tussle) - Feil Knapp (Bjorn Torske) - Toy (Toy)
Sonar Kollektiv10 Years, Who Cares ? (Sonar Kollektiv) - Life Behind A Window (Double U)
SourceAlphabetical (Phoenix) - L'incroyable Vérité (Sébastien Tellier) - United (Phoenix)
Stereo DeluxeEclectica (Minus 8)
StereofictionBikini Party (Boutique Chic) - Chez Le Coiffeur (Boutique Chic) - Collection (Boutique Chic) - Machine Gum (Jeronimo) - Maison Close (Boutique Chic)
Stones ThrowBe With (Koushik)
Structure RecordsPâturage (Le Polair)
Supergiant GamesTransistor Soundtrack (Darren Korb)
Sweet PandaDans Une Apologie Béante Du Show Business Généralisé (Aïdos)
Talkin'LoudLet No-One Live Rent Free In Your Head (Nicolette)
TeaPression WavesTemptation (Kosmonavt)
The Echo LabelRuby Blue (Roisin Murphy)
Touch RecordsVenice (Christian Fennesz)
Tru ThoughtsPushin' On (The Quantic Soul Orchestra) - Stampede (The Quantic Soul Orchestra) - Tropidelico (The Quantic Soul Orchestra)
TVT RecordsThe Outer Marker (Just Jack)
Twin FizzAlternative Fictions (Concorde Music Club) - Stereo-Fictions (Concorde Music Club)
Twisted NerveAll Ten Fingers (Andy Votel)
Tympanik AudioFolgor (Stendeck)
UlmNarco (Sébastien Tellier)
UndercoverWorld's End Lane (Clover)
Universal MusicSolomon Grey (Solomon Grey)
UweSoundtracks, The Tronica Project (Laurent Hô As Carla Elves)
V2 RecordsDestroy Rock'n Roll (Mylo) - Installation Sonore (Rinôçérôse) - Music Kills Me (Rinôçérôse) - Schizophonia (Rinôçérôse) - Superdiscount (Etienne De Crécy) - Superdiscount 2 (Etienne De Crécy) - Tempovision (Etienne De Crécy) - Tempovision Remixes (Etienne De Crécy) - Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation (Au Revoir Simone)
Versatile3 (I:Cube) - Adore (I:Cube) - Picnic Attack (I:Cube) - Remixes (I:Cube)
Virgin15 Again (Cassius) - 1999 (Cassius) - Au Rêve (Cassius) - Homework (Daft Punk)
Wall Of SoundMelody A.M. (Röyksopp) - Senior (Röyksopp)
Walt Disney RecordsTron : Legacy (Daft Punk)
WarnerEnemy & Lovers (Scratch Massive)
WarpBasic Flannel Mixed By LFO - The M People Years (LFO) - Clark (Chris Clark) - Compass (Jamie Lidell) - Double Figure (Plaid) - Drukqs (Aphex Twin) - Iradelphic (Chris Clark) - Jim (Jamie Lidell) - Muddlin Gear (Jamie Lidell) - Multiply (Jamie Lidell) - Multiply Additions (Jamie Lidell) - Not For Threes (Plaid) - One World Extinguisher (Prefuse 73) - Plaid & Bob Jaroc- Greedy Baby (Plaid) - Preparation (Prefuse 73) - Rest Proof Clockwork (Plaid) - Security Screenings (Prefuse 73) - Spokes (Plaid) - Surrounded By Silence (Prefuse 73) - Syro (Aphex Twin) - Totems Flare (Chris Clark) - Trainer (Early Work 1989/1995) (Plaid) - Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives (Prefuse 73)
WeaLandcruising (Carl Craig)
Wrasse RecordsNuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos (Radiokijada)
XL RecordingsIsland Row (Capitol K) - LP3 (Ratatat) - LP4 (Ratatat)
Yellow ProductionsFemme Fin De Siècle (Louise Vertigo) - Je T'aime Je T'aime (Bang Bang) - Sacrebleu (Dimitri From Paris)
Yes Please RecordsDreams (Oliver Tank)
YUMYUM RECORDSHeliotrop (Tallisker)
LabelAlbum (Groupe) - ...

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