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Rang Groupe Album Label
1. Batsu Avalon 2.0 Auto-production
2. 90 (noventa) Hors d'oeuvre Auto-production
3. KesakoO In My Head Auto-production
4. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 2 Auto-production
5. The circle corner Life for onself Auto-production
6. Dukes in process 1st EP Auto-production
7. Listen... Auto-production
8. Spectateur Yateveo TFTC Records
9. Brad Hamers The cut-ups of a paper woman Three sides of a circle
10. Dj Slade Demo cd 2004 Auto-production
11. Jade Fresh Air Auto-production
12. Quest Reflections Auto-production
13. Soso Tenth street and clarence Clothes Horse Records
14. Melampyre Ici et Ailleurs Auto-production
15. Melampyre Sans Exil Auto-production
16. Degiheugi Endless Smile Auto-production
17. Spherical Bloominous Auto-production
18. Dashes Blades of grass Auto-production
19. The new law A Bull in the Woods Auto-production
20. Nym Convex Loci Records
21. Khundalini Deus in Machina Auto-production
22. Tetra hydro K. Dirty Wanash 7Lakes
23. ProleteR Feeding The Lions Auto-production
24. Moth equals The fall and rise Auto-production
25. A'postrof Pourquoi j'rap Auto-production
27. Magnolia Intravenus Auto-production
28. Kaluun Kaluun Auto-production
29. Misstrip Misstrip Auto-production
30. Square Auto-production
31. Skal Musiques Cinématiques Auto-production
32. Glideascope With strings attached EP. Auto-production
33. Degiheugi The broken symphony Auto-production
34. U-topia Background Door Auto-production
35. Berry Weight Music for imaginary movies Auto-production
36. Hku Soukha Hku
37. Dub FX Everythinks a ripple Auto-production
38. Degiheugi Abstract symposium Auto-production
39. Little Oscar Auto-production
40. Spherical Amusements Auto-production
41. Swordplay Cellars and Attics Concice records
42. Khundalini Khundalini Auto-production
43. VS Démo 3 titres Auto-production
44. Au4 On: Audio Auto-production
45. Downliners Sekt The Saltire wave Auto-production
46. Melampyre La vie, la vraie Auto-production
47. Tikal 97% Junk DNA Auto-production
48. Ghostown ReflectionZ Auto-production
49. Radical face The family tree : the roots Bear Machine
50. 21 hertz Ocean of Time Auto-production
51. Achim Bloch DUBWERK#1 HEADLESS LIFEFORMS Roxxx Records
52. Kognitif My space world Auto-production
53. Tilia Weevers Ethernal Auto-production
54. Iuno Everything Nothing Auto-production
55. Metronomic Erection Metronomic Erection Auto-production
56. Danny Bow Frozen memories Export label
57. Sheer.k Elovation Auto-production
58. Elsiane Hybrid Auto-production
59. Degiheugi Dancing chords and fireflies Auto-production
60. U-topia I slept less last night Auto-production
61. Al'tarba Let the ghosts sing Jarring effects
62. Arms & Sleepers Matador Auto-production
63. InfraZer InfraZer Auto-production
64. KesakoO P.L.U.M Auto-production
65. Inti Aka Electronirik Auto-production
66. Hexanol Scared Stiff Ballist'x Entertainment
67. Red fish dub syndrom Reflection Auto-production
68. Al'tarba Lullabies for insomniacs Auto-production
69. The new law The fifty year storm Auto-production
70. Zerowatt If I... Auto-production
71. Pretty lights Making up a changing mind EP Auto-production
72. Guts Le Bienheureux Wax On Records
73. Electro Deluxe Stardown Naïve
74. Monsieur Grandin Mr Dressmaking & The Patchwork Mind WAF Records
75. Mobster Mon sommeil Digitalpit
76. Sunderland For Majic Eyes Only Auto-production
77. David Law Shades Auto-production
78. Screenatorium Takeoff for naïve Auto-production
79. Hexanol Sublime Auto-production
80. Khundalini Kundalini Auto-production
81. Elsiane Mechanics of emotion DSA
82. Shine One Day EP Auto-production
83. Little Big Djü Little Big Djü Auto-production
84. Magical mistakes Dislocation Auto-production
85. Travelling day NO reflection Auto-production
86. Circuit Breaker Cosmetique Auto-production
87. Noone Maybe the last EP Bee records
88. TurnsteaK TuRnStEaK Remix Auto-production
89. Brad Hamers Post no dreams Token Recluse Recordings
90. Resolved dissonance When it rains Auto-production
91. Kognitif Soul Food Auto-production
92. Gramatik SB4 Auto-production
93. Spectateur Dans l'ombre Fresh Poulp Records
94. Laake PIAANO
95. Melampyre The Wild Show Auto-production
96. Lou Http://www.Musique.Net/Lou Auto-production
97. A state of mind Cosmic flavour Auto-production
98. TurnsteaK Pollution sonore Auto-production
99. Soso Tinfoil on the Windows Clothes Horse Records
100. Al'tarba La nuit se lève IOT Records
101. Kaigen In The Clutch / Give My All Poetic Dissent
102. Sapient Eaters volume one : Tusks ! Auto-production
103. Tour de manège The Wizards Auto-production
104. Than.eye XI Auto-production
105. Pol Confusion Auto-production
106. MelK Super 8 Un dimanche
107. Metastaz Orient dub express Tazart
108. Self Thump Auto-production
109. Legyl Thingsspeak Auto-production
110. Sub 4 Sub4 Auto-production
111. U-topia U-topia Auto-production
112. Tilia Weevers Bloom Auto-production
113. TurnsteaK Circuit imprimé Auto-production
114. Mouse kills tiger Music is the weapon of the children Auto-production
115. JAAA! Remik Auto-production
116. Dust on snow You were murdered as a kid Auto-production
117. Sayem Phonogénique Auto-production
118. Tilia Weevers Entropia Auto-production
119. Monsieur Grandin The Electric Horseman and The Dancing Movie Banzaï Lab
120. Pumpernickle Short round Knertz
121. ACT Lilurarik Ez Auto-production
122. Jubb Rugir les Machines Auto-production
123. Pencilbrain Diverted Witness Auto-production
124. Kenshirosahn El Fidar Plage Auto-production
125. Soade Pandamonium Auto-production
126. CloZee OckeFilms soundtrack 2012 Auto-production
127. Cigarettes After Sex I. Auto-production
128. Degiheugi Only after the show Auto-production
129. Kognitif Monometric Auto-production
130. Frank Riggio Symmetric Human Door Omelette Records
131. Noone Grenadine Bee records
132. Joel Siméus & Smokey 131 No Rules No Frames Postrap
133. Globular Magnitudes of Order Auto-production
134. Otem Rellik Elephant Instruments Auto-production
135. Samifati Chaï Trickart
136. Nuoc Mama Nuoc Mama Bizouprod
137. Nothin'Personal Earth Invaders Auto-production
138. Tomas Dvorak Machinarium Auto-production
139. Il:lo Places DLoaw
140. Arms & Sleepers The organ hearts Auto-production
141. David Law La Solitude du Cosmonaute Auto-production
142. F. Glausinger Recall Auto-production
143. Soja Obsession Auto-production
144. ProleteR Curses from past times (EP) Auto-production
145. Shine The Common Station Bonsaï Music
146. 21 hertz Infinity coast Auto-production
147. Tetra hydro K. Infusion de Delay Odgprod
148. Ancient mith And The Dead Shall Lie There Auto-production
149. Monophona The Spy Auto-production
150. Saï Dew Polar Exodus Auto-production
151. 18h15 Okänd Auto-production
152. Whit Weed Disordub Auto-production
153. Dring Toy Incoming Contact Auto-production
154. Orchester Before Meeting Together Again Auto-production
155. Dutch A Bright Cold Day Auto-production
156. 雨鎛 Yǔbó 雨鎛词簿 My name is Yǔbó Auto-production
157. Erik Jackson Rainy days Auto-production
158. Echo 6 Chemicals Auto-production
159. The Name The name [ikoz]
160. Ilhoë Anki & Aïda Auto-production
161. Guts Rage against my computer Pura Vida
162. Melampyre Still Laughing ? Auto-production
163. Screenatorium Audimat Auto-production
164. Arms & Sleepers Swim Team Fake Chapters Records
165. Phole Pleasing EP Auto-production
166. ProleteR Rookie EP Breaking Mad Records
167. Babelfishh & Oskar Ohlson We'd rather not Knertz
168. Auditive Escape Evolo Auto-production
169. Haunted days Bleached cuts Auto-production
170. Il:lo Distances (EP) Auto-production
171. EKBOM Mes rêves obscurs Auto-production
172. EKBOM Dusty Old Ghost Auto-production
173. Shirley M Mystify ! Auto-production
174. Joachim de lux Mosaïque Auto-production
175. Chill Bump Hidden strings Auto-production
176. AudioFlux E.P Auto-production
177. Screenatorium Flyentists Auto-production
178. Jamin Winans Ink Auto-production
179. Wasaru Sadtimes Auto-production
180. N.I.U.T. 1421920 Auto-production
181. MelK MelK Un dimanche
182. Twosides French Escapade Auto-production
183. Mobster Mes songes sont de ternes westerns Auto-production
184. KesakoO Merysland Auto-production
185. A state of mind Platypus funk Lab'oratoire
186. Phole The jungle sessions EP Auto-production
187. OPGave Writing the silver CCT Records
188. Spiders everywhere Glacier (EP) Auto-production
189. Chill Bump Starting from scratch EP Auto-production
190. El barön brissetti Woodpecka Shoes Productions Spéciales
191. Lou Des Hauts Et Des Bas Auto-production
192. Mr.teddybear Placards & cadavres Auto-production
193. Guts Freedom Pura Vida
194. Nym Trembling in the stone Auto-production
195. Kozak94 Walking nowhere (ep) Dusted Wax Kingdom
196. Duberman 5600 K Auto-production
197. Degiheugi Aquilon Auto-production
198. Degiheugi Bagatelle Endless Smile Records
199. Auditive Escape Deforis Auto-production
200. NANOME Everything That Moves Auto-production
201. Neroche Elixir Auto-production
202. Screen Djeh Hollow Heights Auto-production
203. Circuit Breaker Re-hacktion Auto-production
204. Shed At the Crossroads Auto-production
205. The Boom & The Arty The Boom & The Arty Auto-production
206. Neuronexion NRX Party Tour Neuronexion
207. KesakoO Abrîssar Auto-production
208. Screenatorium Soundtrack of my day Auto-production
209. Pretty lights Taking up your precious time Auto-production
210. Khoe-wa EP Life ? Auto-production
211. Fowatile Aerials on da milkway interstellar slow troopers EP Auto-production
212. Undermood For bleeding ears Auto-production
213. Keffy Kay Angel Auto-production
214. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 8 Auto-production
215. Ancient mith Floor scraps from a rough gentleman Auto-production
216. Nym Edge City Auto-production
217. Royal Air Moon Hush Auto-production
218. [REC] Outerspace Auto-production
219. Takami Nakamoto Opacity Auto-production
220. Tour de manège Special Vocal Auto-production
221. Guts Django (EP) Auto-production
222. Screenatorium The missing chair leg dilemna Digitalpit
223. Leaf Rooted from wihin Auto-production
224. Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt
225. Murder round Round 1 Auto-production
226. Bonnie Rainy day Auto-production
227. Auditive Escape Auditive Escape Auto-production
228. Néo Néo Auto-production
229. Electroslide Everything is connected to nothing but itself Auto-production
230. Juice Warm Inside Auto-production
231. S'il Vous Play Lines EP Auto-production
232. Metastaz Encounters Auto-production
233. Derfzen Take a look at you Auto-production
234. Chill Bump Back to the grain (EP) Auto-production
235. Ben Lukas Boysen Spells Erased Tapes Records
236. Downliners Sekt Statement Of Purpose Auto-production
237. InfraZer Invaders riddim Subwave Records
238. Your Happy End Seven Windows For Six Dreamers Auto-production
239. Leaf Prophets are lost data Auto-production
240. Emily Underhill Snow Auto-production
241. Hashfinger Lessons Auto-production
242. Beat Still Noise Us Articulation Auto-production
243. Sub 4 E.R.U.C.V.A.G F.I.B Auto-production
244. Ghostown Spektah gadjo Auto-production
245. Mosh Monarchy Auto-production
246. Screenatorium & KesakoO Noctis Auto-production
247. Leaf Made into itself Auto-production
248. Lauren Vörse & Dasha Baskako Lauren Vörse & Dasha Baskakova Auto-production
249. Syreen Syreen Auto-production
250. Chrono.Fixion Echappatoire Auto-production
251. Nym Warm blooded lizard Auto-production
252. Cicérone The Fragments of Humanity Auto-production
253. Chill filtered Manifesting the vice Auto-production
254. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 1 Auto-production
255. 18h15 & Dolàn Xakò Didascalies Auto-production
256. Missine+Tripstoic & 2 Ghosts From The Orchestra Vol. 1 Auto-production
257. Brokencandys Kitsch is Fashion Auto-production
258. SICAA Analog : V Elements Auto-production
259. Starviolet Eveline Auto-production
260. The cancel No way to stay Auto-production
261. Mr Dokomo Mr Dokomo Auto-production
262. Dj Slade Obo Auto-production
263. Vinaya Les Valses EP Auto-production
264. Downliners Sekt Still Engine Mixtape Auto-production
265. SICAA Space Between Worlds Auto-production
266. Tetra hydro K. Indigestion de Tofu 7Lakes
267. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 7 Auto-production
268. Kozak94 Kozak from the Guts (Beat tape) Auto-production
269. Attune Home again Auto-production
270. SIG Sad Mirror Auto-production
271. F.T.G. Le journal de Simon Digitalpit
272. Boogie Belgique Volta Cold Busted
273. H1987 BLVCK MVSIK Auto-production
274. Achim Bloch Cuts Bass agenda recordings
275. Suffka Off EP Auto-production
276. Oliver Tank Dreams Yes Please Records
277. Al'tarba Ladies & Ladies (EP) Banzaï Lab
278. Dxd Mr Rose Aime La Pop Auto-production
279. Saneyes Saneyes/Gainsbourg : You're under arrest (Détournement d'art mineur) Auto-production
280. Heliopolis Western Illusions - Original Soundtrack of an Imaginary Story Auto-production
281. Ric-Tus Total Rictus Auto-production
282. Kanute Ursa Minor Auto-production
283. Guts Paradise for all Auto-production
284. SICAA Square things Auto-production
285. Underwaters Once in june Auto-production
286. Cicérone Diaphane Auto-production
287. Soulfight Nighttime birds Auto-production
288. Felix Magneto Auto-production
289. Body mind soul The biggest lie (EP) Auto-production
290. Body mind soul Save What's Left Auto-production
291. Wander Awake Auto-production
292. Boogie Belgique Blueberry Hill Auto-production
293. Vesper Leand Clay Auto-production
294. DLoaw The Secret Garden DLoaw
295. F.T.G. Epilog Auto-production
296. Velahavle What about now Auto-production
297. Drift Commotion Auto-production
298. Melampyre Winston Smith's Life Auto-production
299. El barön brissetti Zzt Girl Auto-production
300. A state of mind Crown yard Lab'oratoire
301. Sorg Preface (ep) Auto-production
302. Aña Ces roses flotteront sur l'océan... Auto-production
303. Corbeaux & Volte face The meeting point Auto-production
304. Nym Lilac Chaser Auto-production
305. Monsieur peace Crystal wave Auto-production
306. LukHash Digital memories Auto-production
307. Shed Electronic Tales Auto-production
308. Joe Vitterbo Sometimes you have to stick with he old school ways Auto-production
309. Jean-Christophe Lemay Trip of Hope Auto-production
310. Lost Balance Air Control Auto-production
311. Night Session The Tunnel Auto-production
312. Z & P Demo tracks Auto-production
313. Lamia Into the number of the nameless tides Auto-production
314. Pol SLAB°#1 Auto-production
315. Pol Homo Auto-production
316. Pol SLAB°​#​2 Auto-production
317. Chrono.Fixion 2006 Auto-production
318. Little Kiuty Auto-production
319. Nino Korta Tribute To The Wolves Auto-production
320. MaïdoProject Safran MaïdoProject
321. Judith Museum (Introduction au Conte Harmonique) Auto-production
322. Untel Projections# Auto-production
323. Man mantis Sea ambulance (ep) Auto-production
324. Ghostown Shanksville Auto-production
325. KesakoO Tetra psychique Auto-production
326. KesakoO Phoosphores Auto-production
327. Berry Weight Unreleased Phonosaurus Records
328. Noone Fragments Bee records
329. Screenatorium Blue morning EP Auto-production
330. Screenatorium Lidocaïne Suns Auto-production
331. A state of mind Pre-emptive nostalgia EP (Feat. Skrein) Auto-production
332. Arms & Sleepers LIFE IS EVERYWHERE Pelagic records
333. The new pollutants Metropolis rescore Auto-production
334. Dub FX Theory of Harmony Auto-production
335. Dub FX Thinking Clear Auto-production
336. Pretty lights Filling up the city skies Auto-production
337. Pretty lights Passing by behind your eyes Auto-production
338. Monsieur Grandin The Shadow of Plastic Tree TFTC Records
339. Ingrid Schroeder Love runs faster Auto-production
340. Radical face Ghost Morr Music
341. SICAA The Source Moose records
342. Versive & Noventa Dissonant dissidence Auto-production
343. The new law High Noon Auto-production
344. Sensitive orchestra Le paradoxe de l'équinoxe Auto-production
345. Wetmylips ànosrepères Auto-production
346. Sébastien Bédé Enjoy the sadness Auto-production
347. Gloire Carton Stop poking my balloon Auto-production
348. Khoe-wa Bitter rain Auto-production
349. Decay Freak evolution Vault 106
350. Organic despair The unfaced album Auto-production
351. Organic despair Transition Auto-production
352. Organic despair Miasme Auto-production
353. Organic despair Marasme Auto-production
354. Adam Castillo Neptun Auto-production
355. Adam Castillo Dance with Hiro Auto-production
356. Adam Castillo Magellan Auto-production
357. Adam Castillo Tamure X-11 Auto-production
358. Adam Castillo The Nabis project Auto-production
359. Adam Castillo Airport 911 Auto-production
360. Tetra hydro K. Basse équitable Melting pot records
361. Tetra hydro K. Labotomie Odgprod
362. Undermood Parts Auto-production
363. Amour à jeun Amour à jeun EP Auto-production
364. Keffy Kay Beautiful way Auto-production
365. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 3 Auto-production
366. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 4 Auto-production
367. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 5 Auto-production
368. Anitek Anitek instrumentals Vol. 6 Auto-production
369. Anitek Sae Yeon Auto-production
370. Bonnie Cut symphony EP Auto-production
371. Esselfortium A terrible flood Auto-production
372. Guts Le Bienheureux EP Kif Records
373. Guts Beats Archive Pura Vida
374. Ancient mith Braden Smith & The walrus nose Auto-production
375. The qiwu selftet Travelling arrière Auto-production
376. Swordplay The Tilt EP Concice records
377. My DK crew My DK crew Auto-production
378. Katcross Déjà-vu Auto-production
379. As The Stars Fall Tempus Fugit Auto-production
380. JeF Mental bazar électrique 2 : Ombre Auto-production
381. Moth equals Sick puppy Auto-production
382. Hey ! B Other side Auto-production
383. Emily Underhill Fly Auto-production
384. Polaroid3 Rebirth of joy Label oh !
385. Marc OFX Autoconstuction Auto-production
386. Marc OFX Cool freak Auto-production
387. Marc OFX Unusual Quest LP Omni Music
388. Kats Bartok IcOnOclaste Auto-production
389. Silence L'autre endroit Auto-production
390. NAcoub Du son dans le bocal Auto-production
391. DLoaw The secret garden - Volume 2 DLoaw
392. Lighted Son Lighted Son Auto-production
393. Mr. Moods That Old Feeling Auto-production
394. Mr. Moods A Pleasant Place Nuages Records
395. Gramatik Epigram Auto-production
396. Chairman Maf 1976 Auto-production
397. BeLOey Spider Flesh Auto-production
398. Ummagma Antigravity Auto-production
399. Odesza Summer's Gone Auto-production
400. Odesza My Friends never Die EP Auto-production
401. Vesper Leand Sunbeam Auto-production
402. Boogie Belgique Nightwalker Vol. II Auto-production
403. Boogie Belgique Nightwalker vol. 1 Auto-production
404. Bak Trak Voltage Auto-production
405. Invisible people Effect Auto-production
406. Aisi Says (Эйси Сайс) Subaqueous Auto-production
407. H1987 LUEUR Auto-production
408. H1987 ROMANCE Auto-production
409. H1987 ODYSSEE Auto-production
410. Brock Berrigan Daily Routine Auto-production
411. Brock Berrigan Two AM Auto-production
412. Brock Berrigan Four Walls and An Amplifier Auto-production
413. Brock Berrigan Backward Blues Auto-production
414. Brock Berrigan Good Company Auto-production
415. Brock Berrigan Pura Vida Auto-production
416. Roxanne Fréché Misters and Misses Auto-production
417. Videotape The Mourning EP Auto-production
418. White Elephant White Elephant EP Auto-production
419. Upside Dawn Morning Moutain Auto-production
420. AAG & SG AAS X SG Auto-production
421. Adouk Boucan Poudre Noire We Are Vicious
422. Fragile Architecture G_host planet Auto-production
423. Memory Lake Hurricane EP Auto-production
424. Frizzy P & Mr. Cole Ladi Dadi Auto-production
425. Ant Orange Arkupe Auto-production
426. CloZinger Forest Echo EP Auto-production
427. Silvestro Dice V Remastered Auto-production
428. Murochny 4 Beloved Psychonauts Auto-production
429. Zoham Landscape Auto-production
430. Broken Devices One knee on the ground Auto-production
431. Rohne Meridian Auto-production
432. SolusMind Posture Auto-production
433. So Lune Child Spirit Auto-production
434. Falkor UMA Auto-production
435. Solar Wolf Social Silence Auto-production
436. Solar Wolf Virus Auto-production
437. Solar Wolf Strawberries & Green Auto-production
438. Solar Wolf In th Woods Auto-production
439. Solar Wolf Dark Love Auto-production
Rang Groupe Album Label

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