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Des groupes intéressants qui officient dans un style différent de ceux présentés dans les rubriques précédentes.
13 & GodOwn Your Ghost - 13 & God
2econd Class CitizenUnlearn - Be Together - A Hall Of Mirrors - The Small Minority - A World Without - One By One (EP) - Wyred Folk (EP)
3 Na Massa3 Na Massa
65daysofstaticWe Were Exploding Anyway
A Band Of BuriersFilth - A Band Of Buriers
A Native HundredDown To Your Hairs
AbSUrdClose To Distantly
Agents XIAltarima - Le Monstre Jaune
AïwaRemixed - Volume 1 - Elnar - Aïwa
Alfa MistVariables
AmmoncontactWith Voices
Ancient AstronautsZIK ZAK - We Stand Our Ground - BROKEN PUPPETS - We Are To Answer - Into Bass & Time
Andrea Laszlo De SimoneImmensità
AndRomakBeauty Is But Skin Deep
Animal CollectiveMerriweather Post Pavillon
Apollo NoveRes Inexplicata Volans
Arto LindsaySalt - Invoke - Prize - Noon Chill - Hyper Civilizado - Mundo Civilizado - O Corpo Sutil/The Subtle Body
ArureAnanta EP - Found Objects Long Edition LP - Mecanic Puppet - Reality Exceeds The Fiction LP - Reality Exceeds The Fiction LP - Reach The Frequency LP
Asian Dub FoundationTank - Enemy Of The Enemy - Frontline 1993-1997 - Community Music - Rafi's Revenge - Conscious Party - R.A.F.I. - Facts And Fictions
Asleep We LiveShowmance EP
AstronautalisThis Is Our Science - Pomegranate - The Mighty Ocean & Nine Dark Theaters - You & Yer Good Ideas
Astronautalis - Babel FishhSplit Series Vol. 2
AversiveThe Neptune Project
AvrilMembers Only - That Horse Must Be Starving
Babel Fishh & Edison667 : The Guild We Hold Close
Badmarsh And ShriSigns - Dancing Drums
BajkaIn Wonderland
Balkan Beat BoxGive - Blue Eyed Black Boy - Nu Med - Balkan Beat Box
BathsPop Music / False B-side - Cerulean
Bebel GilbertoBebel Gilberto Remixed - Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo Remixes - Tanto Tempo
Bedlam Ago GoEstate Style Entertainment
Beth GibbonsOut Of Season
BibioMind Bokeh - The Apple And The Tooth - Ambivalence Avenue - Vignetting The Compost - Hand Cranked - Fi
Bikini RumbleAlmost Hydrofoiling
Billa QauseGeisha Doll - Somehow Someway - Zentai Teki Ni The Ep - Zentai Teki Ni
Bobby WomackThe Bravest Man In The Universe
Bonnie LiLe Bleu Du Rouge - Wǒ Men - Plane-Crash EP - Short Stories Vol. 2 - Short Story
Botom BotomPeace, Unity, Love, Having Fun & Computers
Bran Van 3000The Garden - Rosé - Discosis - Glee
BroadcastThe Futur Crayon - Tender Buttons - Haha Sound - The Noise Made By People - Work & Non Work
BrzowskiA Fitful Sleep
Burning HeadsOpposite
C Money BurnsFriends With Money
C2CDown The Road EP
Carbon Based LifeformsEndospore - Interloper - Irdial EP - World Of Sleepers - Hydroponic Garden
Cars & TrainsWe Are All Fire
CeschiShorted Circuits EP - The One Man Band Broke Up - They Hate Francisco False
Charlotte Gainsbourg5:55
CibelleLas Vênus Resort Palace Hotel - The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves - About A Girl EP - Cibelle
Clelia VegaSlanting Horizon - Silent Revolution
Cliff MartinezDrive - Contagion - Solaris (B.O.)
Clint MansellMoon - The Fountain
ClubrootII - MMX - Clubroot
CrookramClouds Are Free - Butterflies - Through Windows - 19/76
Da LataSerious - Songs From The Tin
Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius PipAngles
DangermouseDangerDoom : The Mouse & The Mask - Dangermouse & Jemini : Ghetto Pop Life
Dark Time SunshineAnx - Vessel
David RamosSento La Tua Mancanza - La Tua Mancanza - That Down There - Jesus Taylor Thomas
DebmasterMonster Zoo
Deborah JordanWhat You See
Dem Juju PoetsLiberated Thoughts
Depeche ModePlaying The Angel
DJ AlibiOne Day
Dj BizkidFeatures & Collabos (2006 - 2008)
DJ JosAt The Same Time
DJ MayonnaiseStill Alive
DJ ScientistArtless Beats Vol. 1 - The Artless Cuckoo Vol. II - For Better, For Worse - Raincoatman - The Artless Cuckoo (EP) - The One Man Band Instrumentals - Journey Goodbye EP
DJ SignifySleep No More
DJ Stix2nd Nature
Drones & RickolusD R O N E S / RICKOLUS - Split 12
Dust GalaxyDust Galaxy
Dwight Trible & The Life ForLove Is The Answer
Dynamo ProductionsGet It Together - Analogue
Earl ZingerSpeaker Stack Commandments - Put Your Phazers On Stun Throw Your Health Food Skyward
EdITCrying Over Pros For No Reason
EL-PCancer For Cure
Elektrisk GonnerYer Fire
EluviumSimiles - Copia - When I Live By The Garden And The Sea (EP) - Talk Amongst The Trees - An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death - Lambent Material
Emily WellsThis World Is Too _____ For You - Mama (Deluxe Edition)
Evak & EdisonSix Pack O' Death
FactorFactor & The Chandeliers EP
Fbcfabric & ReindeerFbcfabric & Reindeer - Instrumentals - It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know
FilastineBurn It
FinkIIUII - Bloom Innocent (Horizontalism Sessions) - Bloom Innocent - Acoustic - Bloom Innocent - We Watch The Stars - Perfect Darkness - Sort Of Revolution - Distance And Time - Biscuits For Breakfast - Fresh Produce
Flying LotusFlamagra - Los Angeles
FogDitherer - 10th Avenue Freakout - Ether Teeth - Fog
Foreign BeggarsHold On
François Eudes ChanfraultComputer Assisted Sunset
Friedman & LiebezeitSecret Rhythms 2 - Secret Rhythms
Frog PocketFrog And The Volcano! - Gonglot
FullcycleThrough The Eyes
Future Sound Of LondonDead Cities - Isdn - Lifeforms
Future World FunkFutur World Funk On The Run
Gatto FrittoGatto Fritto
Gil Scott HeronI'm New Here
God Is An AstronautAll Is Violent, All Is Bright
Godspeed You ! Black EmperorAllelujah! Don't Bend ! Ascend ! - Yanqui U.X.O. - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
GrasscutUnearth - 1 Inch / 1/2 Mile
Greenville MassiveThe Suburbs (EP)
Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People - So... How's Your Girl ?
HerbertOne One - The Matthew Herbert Big Band-There's Me And There's You - Score - 100 Lbs - Scale - Plat Du Jour - The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Goodbye Swingtime - Bodily Functions - Around The House
HiatusParklands - Ghost Notes - Music For A Film
HiveWorking With Sound
HolomoneAutumn Flava
Holy FuckLatin
Howie LeeBirdy Island - 7 Weapons Series - 天地不仁 Tiān Dì Bù Rén - Mù Chè Shān Chū - Borderless Shadows
Hungry Giant[under] Mining Skies
HypnobotLa Vie Moderne EP
IdemThe Good Side Of The Rain - The Sixth Aspiration Museum Overview - Aérobiose Epilogue - Out Immer, Aérobiose 3 - Aérobiose - Waterglasscolor - Absent Without Leave
ImhotepKheper - Blue Print
Infinite LivezInfinite Livez Vs Stade: Art Brut Fe De Yoot - Bush Meat
InstitutoNational Collective
Iron Filings And SellotapeAmidst The Grease And Chaos
JabberwockyLunar Lane
Jaimeo BrownTranscendence - Works Songs
James P Honey & ZoënVolume 3
James P. Honey & Joel SiméusBook Of Marion
Jamesphoney & JamesreindeerMausoleum Handout [live In Leipzig] - Rough Tongue Surfaces
Jasmine VegasTime
Jean-Pierre TaiebThe Divide
Jesse DangerouslyHumble & Brilliant
JesuEveryday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came
JK SoulDinner With The Beatz, Vol​​​​​​​. ​5
John MatthiasStories From The Watercooler - Smalltown, Shining
JónsiNouveau Départ (We Bought A Zoo) - Go
Kanc CoverSleepy Cells (EP)
Karsten PflumNo Noia My Love
Kay The AquanautWaterloo
Kick BongFirefly Tree - Precious Things - Dark Light - Zelitude - The Last Tree - Take Me Away - Mystica - The Secret Garden - Remixed - Kind Of Imagination - Flower Power - A Cup Of Tea ?
Kid AcneRomance Ain't Dead
KodämaBlack Cloud - Palo Santo
KrismennS'Habituer À L'Obscurité
Kronos QuartetRequiem For A Dream
L.A. SalamiOttoline
La GaleSalem City Rockers - La Gale
La Mauvaise HumeurEponymous
La PhazePunglistic Mixture - Pungle Roads
Laura ClauzelInsondable - Moan - Paria​(​h)
Lcd SoundsystemLcd Soundsystem
Le Comte ChampêtreEphemerides
LeftfieldAlternative Light Source - Rhythm And Stealth - Leftism
Like Horses DoLike Horses Do
Lmntl819 & ReindeerViews From The Psychedelik Deathcab
LoscilEndless Falls - Plume - First Narrows - Submers - Triple Point
Lotek Hi-fiMixed Blessings
Louis Slipperz & RawdogBareback Instrumentals
Love SupremeLove Supreme
Lund QuartetLund Quartet
Lyre Le TempsMy Generation - Clock Master - Prohibition Swing - Outside The Box - Lady Swing
MadlibThe Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4/In India
MakSPACES - Comet
MakerMaker Vs. Now-Again 2
Mara CarlyleThe Lovely
Martina Topley BirdThe Blue God - Quixotic
Massive Attack Vs BurialFour Walls / Paradise Circus
MatryoshkaCoctura - Zatracenie
Matt ElliottOnly Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart
MatticThe Abstract Convention
Max De CastroMax De Castro - Orchestra Klaxon
Max RichterInfra - 24 Postcards In Full Colour - Songs From Before - The Blue Notebooks - Memoryhouse
Meaty OgreLeo Vs. Pisces
Mélanie De BiasioBlackened Cities
MelodiumFriendly Vehicles - The Island - Coloribus - Petit Jama - Palimpse - My Mind Is Falling To Pieces - Cerebro Spin
Mice ParadeObrigado Saudade
Mike Shinoda & Joseph TrapaneseThe Raid
Mimi ZuluA Love Parade
MineralAtoms Part I
Miso SoupThat's The Way The Cookie Crumbles - Umami
MogwaiCome On Die Young
Monsieur SaïSoigne Tes Blessures
Moodie BlackNausea
MosheThe End Of Sacrifice - Thinning The Herd
MotionlessThe Inertia Of An Accent At Rest
Mr ScruffNinja Tuna - Keep It Solid Steel - Trouser Jazz - Keep It Unreal - Mr Scruff
MugisonMugiboogie - Little Trip - Mugimama Is This Monkey Music ? - Lonely Mountain
Muqata'aKamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص
Mush RecordsMush Tour Spring 2002
N.O.H.A.Dive In Your Life - Next Plateau - No Slack ! - Noise Of Human Art
NaomiThe Big Shapes - Tweak - Aquarium - Pappelallee - Everyone Loves You
Nicholas DoddRenaissance (soundtrack)
Nortec CollectiveBostitch & Fussible - Tijuana Sound Machine - Tijuana Sessions Vol.3
NujabesSpiritual State - Modal Soul - Metaphorical Music
Numbers Not NamesWhat's The Price ?
Odd NosdamPretty Swell Explode - Level Live Wires - Burner - No More Wig
Odezenne1200m En Tout - Dolziger Str. II
Olivier AssayasClean
Paces Lift & Ben BounceTropikoro - Quick Trigger
Paral-lelUpgrade To Mutant Sheep
Peeping Tom (aka Mike Patton)Peeping Tom
Perera ElsewhereThrill EP
PleqMy Life Begins Today
PrajnaNos Dieux Sont Morts - A L'Horizon - L'éveil
Prison KitUhrwerk
ProtassovThe Ride
PsappThe Camel's Back - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted - Tiger My Friend
PulseprogrammingTulsa For One Second
Puma BlueHoly Waters
RadioheadThe King Of Limbs - In Rainbows - 7 Television Commercials - Hail To The Thief - I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings - Amnesiac - Meeting People Is Easy - Kid A - Ok Computer - The Bends - Pablo Honey
Ramin DjawadiGame Of Thrones (saison 03)
RamoneDon't Get High On Your Own Supply
Reverse EngineeringDuck'n Cover
RipleyVery Common French
RitonHomies And Homos
Rob DouganFurious Angels (Vocal + Instrumental)
Roots ManuvaSlime And Reason - Awfully Deep - Dub Come Save Me - Run Come Save Me - Brand New Second Hand
Rosko JohnCall To Arms
Sage FrancisLI(F)E - Human The Death Dance - A Healthy Disturt - Non-Prophets - Hope - Personal Journals
ScalperThe Shine - The Beast And The Beauty - Want More - Tangiers Sessions - Want EP - The Emperor's Clothes - Butchers Bakers - Flesh & Bones
Secret CitiesPink Graffiti
ShrimpnoseA Ghost From A Memory - Before It's Too Late
Sim NagaiShimmer From The East - Equator Hotline - Exotica XL
SizemixFound Sound
SoleMansbestfriend Vol 5 - And The Skyrider Band - Mansbestfriend: Poly.sci.187 - Live From Rome - Mansbestfriend - The New Human Is Illegal - Bottle Of Humans - Selling Live Water
Sollilaquist Of SoundThe 4th Wall (part 1) - As If We Existed
SontiagoSteel Yourself
Sophie BarkerEarthbound
Soul SquareLive & Uncut
Soul WeaponsKerVan, Vol.1
SpacekVintage Hi-Tech - Curvatia
Spank RockYoyoyoyoyo
SpiritualizedAnd Nothing Hurt
StatelessMatilda - Stateless
Stekri / La Main Gauche / Dtracks / ShyugoshaVersus
Straight Out The Cat LitterScoop Three
SubaTributo - Sao Paulo Confessions
Submotion OrchestraFinest Hour - Finest Hour
Swordplay & Pierre The MotionlessTap Water
Syd MattersGhost Days - Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles - A Whisper And A Sigh
Tapage & MeanderEtched In Salt
Telephone Jim JesusAnywhere Out Of The Everything - A Point Too Far For Astronauts
TesTimes Two
The Glitch MobLove Death Immortality - Drink The Sea
The HerbaliserBring Out The Sound - They Were Seven - Remixes - There Were Seven - Session 1 & 2 - Same As It Never Was - Take London - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Very Mercenary - Blow Your Headphones - Remedies
The InvisibleThe Invisible
The Third Eye FoundationWake The Dead - Semtex - The Dark - Little Lost Soul - You Guys Kill Me - Semtex
These New PuritansHidden - Beat Pyramid
Thesis SahibBefore The End
Thomas NewmanEffets Secondaires
TocoInstalaçao Do Samba
Toshiyuki HondaMetropolis
Treeless ForestThrough The River, Through The Noise
Triune Gods≠ Three Cornered World
TTCBâtards Sensibles - Cadavre Exquis - Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque
Twilight MotionDark City
TwinsanityVulture Culture
UHT°H2O - Ghost Forest - Pic De Pollution
UlverMesse I.X-VI.X
Under Old TreesKelo
Violet IndianaRussian Doll - Roulette
VirtuartDrumz, Bass And Double Cream
Volor FlexUnlit - My Strory - Tramp
Why?Ten Voices - Mumps, Etc. - Sod In The Seed LP - Eskimo Snow - Alopecia - Elephant Eyelash - Oaklandazulasylum
Willie CortezFarsuct
Willie Isz (Jneiro Jarel + Kuhjo Goodie)Goergiavania
Yann TiersenDust Lane
YppahSUNSET IN THE DEEP END - Tiny Pause - Eighty One - They Know What Ghost Know - You're Beautiful At All Times
Yvan AttalIls Se Marièrent Et Eurent Beaucoup D'enfants
Zavala DTSANXtrumentals - The Dark Time Sunshine Vessel Instrumentals
ZhalemSecond Skin
ZoënOne Night Between
Zuco 103After The Carnaval - Whaa! - Tales Of High Fever - Outro Lado
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