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 Silent Puppet - trip-hop project
Auteur: Silent Puppet 
Date:   26-06-2012 17h14

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if i am allowed to write in English, however my French is poor.

Silent Puppet is the name of my solo downtempo/trip-hop project and i would like you to tell me your opinions.

I have released a variety of tracks in the past, however there are two latest releases :

I hope you enjoy

Thanks in advance

Silent Puppet

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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Silent Puppet 
Date:   18-07-2012 10h17

I would really love it if you could let me know your thoughts on the songs, in French or in English.

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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Denaturel 
Date:   30-07-2012 23h52


Really well done, it is very pleasant. There are both some "usual" tricks of trip hop music (effects on voices, delayed brass...) as in Portishead, and also some personnal little things (arabian scale sometimes on Quiescent ?)

I personnaly prefer "In and out", the male voice is really pleasant. Though I don't like so much the sound of the solo at 4.39, which I find very synthetic, I would prefer a kind of theremin (but it's true that theremin is rather "classical" in trip hop music, or maybe a dirtier sound.

Where are you from ?



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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Silent Puppet 
Date:   02-08-2012 16h22

Dear Sabrina,

Thanks a lot for replying with your opinions and feedback.

Yes, portishead is a very large influence on this project, and, although i'm trying not to mimic them, it is true that i love their music.

I find certain arabic scales to be somewhat mysterious so it's not rare that i implement them in my songs wether i do it on purpose or not. I do have, however, in my plans, to make such a song also featuring a tabla player (i'm not sure what the correct term is, tabla drummer?).

The vocals in "in and out" are actually my own, yet i always try to collaborate with other artists, including vocalists (beit male or female) if i enjoy their voices. So far i have only collaborated with Red Aura vocal-wise.

I was going to put a saxophone player performing the solo in "in and out" however we failed to collaborate so i decided to leave it like that. I don't really want to put theremin in (although i really enjoy it) because, like you said, it's rather classical in trip hop. Even Bill Bailey used it trying to immitate portishead (and it actually worked really well) in one of his stand-ups.

I'm actually trying to make the project rather diverse - not having a genuine trip-hop identity. A song i'm planning to release for example, called "take me down", features a slow, dubstep-like bassline, and all the vocals are dirty and sound more like a poem than a song.

I am from Athens, Greece. Where are you from?


PS: I listened to your music via the link you provided and i have to say i really enjoyed it. I could really put it in the background and listen to it all day.

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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Denaturel 
Date:   02-08-2012 23h26

Hi Michail !

Your trip hop project is already strong I think, you sound pretty "professional", and it is good that you are aware that you should not mimic too much. (I think a good compositor should always think that)

Introducing dirty vocals are a good idea I think, I will keep an ear to your future tracks (I "follow"you on soundcloud, my name is "sa__12")

Thanks for your comment on my music at the end of your post !! I am releasing my songs only for 1 year 1/2, and I need encouragement !
I'm mainly a bass player, but I decided to do my own music, and started to learn Music with Computer for 3 years now.

I'm from France, around Lyon. Keep in touch ;)


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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Silent Puppet 
Date:   03-08-2012 15h09


I have to thank you for your kind words, i'm mixing and mastering on my own (and without monitors) so it's kind of hard to know when exactly to stop "fixing" a track.

I also believe artists should not mimic but use the influence to create their own piece.

Well, i can't really pick a favorite one because i honestly like them all so i'll just say that the track that got me into your music (maybe because it was the first i heard) was "a gesture". I find them all "weird" in a good way, it's like i never know what to expect and that makes me eager to keep on listening :)

I used to play the guitar but then i went to England for university (Creative Music Technology) and got to play a variety of instruments. I used to write a lot of music before actually studying it, however one extremely useful thing i learned in the university was that there are no "wrong" things to do when you're composing. Well, some people have this idea already inside them, i had to learn it :P

I found and followed you too on soundcloud, you can use my link from your followers to follow me, and of course if you'd like i could send you a message when i release something new. I'm always releasing on my own since i haven't found a label yet, so it's all about when do i feel the timing is right, and the material is ready to release it.

If you'd like, you can also check out some earlier works of mine at the "the world i see" album. It was released via a small net label called "tribal dancing kid" and was actually my dissertation project at the university. However, it may weird you out a bit, since it's a bit different than what i'm writing now. But, especially if you're into lyrics, i think it's worth a listen. You can see the release and download the entire thing for free at

or visit my youtube channel and listen to it from there (i have made a playlist so that someone can listen to the songs in the "right" order)

Anyway, i see my message is getting out of hand length-wise so i'll end it here.

Keep in touch as well :)


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 Re: Silent Puppet - trip hop project
Auteur: Wamananas 
Date:   09-10-2012 03h09

Hey, quite a nice project.
"In and Out" and its whispering voice is good to listen, we can recognize and find the classical tools for nice trip-hop from the 90's.
"Quincent" is bewitching and very nice to listen at the end of the day.
I also noticed that you posted other tracks, the set of tracks is quite dark and the violons (on "The doll is dead" for example) are even bringing a tragical side. I really like it. So, even if I don't know enough to give you technical adive, I can still say: Keep going dude!

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