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 SUBTLE (Lex Records) live @ La Marquise - Lyon :: 20/11
Auteur: Helen murphy 
Date:   15-11-2006 17h27

Les excellentissimes SUBTLE sont de retour à Lyon après le grosse claque infligée pendant les dernières Nuits Sonores. DoseOne, JEL et tutti quanti seront évidemment de la partie pour ce vrai bon live comme on les aime. C'est donc à La Marquise, lundi 20 novembre, pour la modique somme de 10€. Préventes chez SOFA et FNAC.

Des liens pour du son et rigoler un coup, et une belle et longue biographie en anglais pour les courageux.

Allez, une petite bonne biographie en anglais pour les courageux.

Doseone and Jel form the core of the Subtle equation, but the band is also greater than the sum of its subsequent parts. Hailing from Oakland in San Francisco, California, the Subtle sextet are intent on home-recording their way to the far side of music employing one electronic drums, kit drums, electric cello, 3 keyboards, 3 samplers, guitar, and Doseone’s dazzling and unclassifiable vocals. Subtle describe their songs as; “re-sampled and re-approached improv” and the terms rock, hip-hop, and electronic all apply here but are by no means exhaustive.

Doseone is the vocalist, lyricist, and sometime rapper. A highly prolific artist whose previous output and achievements include being one third of cLOUDDEAD alongside why? and Odd Nosdam; half of Themselves with Jel; a published poet; Boom Bip collaborator; solo artist; and more. Having performed countless shows to fans across the globe and once battling (a then unknown) Eminem in the semi-finals of emcee competition Scribble Jam, Doseone is no bystander to the world of live performance either. A self-confessed neurotic and word fanatic Doseone, real name Adam Drucker, is a totally unique musician with an unmistakable style who has been called; “an artist who may turn out to be our generation’s most important.” by US magazine Urb.

Jel, real name Jeff Logan, is a drum machine abuser, producer par excellence, and beat architect. He met Doseone at high school and they’ve been making music together on and off ever since. After falling in love with hip-hop during the late 80’s Jel bought an SP1200 “and that was it…”.

Jel and Doseone met at high school and are longstanding collaborators within their own group, Themselves (formerly known as ‘Them’ until an unseemly incident with a Van Morrison fan club forced ‘Them’ to add ‘selves’). The pair are probably the most active of the artists associated with the Anticon Record label.

Also present are Dax Pierson, Marty Dowers, Jordan Dalrymple, and Alexander Cort. Dax moved to Oakland in '96, has previously worked with Jel and Doseone in their Themselves guise, and been involved in separate projects with Alex, Marty, and Jordan. Multi-instrumentalist Dax looks after synths, sampler, melodica and auto-harp. Marty Dowers is described as the elder statesman of the six, Jordan Dalrymple is on guitars and computers, while cooking enthusiast and electric cellist Alexander Kort completes the sextet.

For Subtle, the last twelve months have been nothing short of life changing.

Surviving and recovering from a disastrous tour van accident last February that left band member Dax Pearson quadriplegic, has led the Subtle to their most adventurous and clear-hearted achievement…

On October 2nd 2006, the group release their new album, For Hero : For Fool, a follow up and continuation of both A New White and award-winning remix / collaboration collection Wishingbone.

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