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 Invisible People Music - Russian Triph-Hop
Auteur: Invippl 
Date:   12-07-2014 19h46

I think that trip-hop is only popular in France and Russia. There's lots of artist in this genre in both countries.

I come to show you my music project - Invisible People Music. You can listen and download it here

Though, i don't speak French and cant understand, how to include our releases to catalog in your site. Help me :)

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 Re: Invisible People Music - Russian Triph-Hop
Auteur: Wamananas 
Date:   15-07-2014 16h24

Hello there,
This is, in a way, true that trip-hop is popular in France and Russia, despite that my point of view is biased by the fact that local bands are more visible in France. But we indeed reviewed a few albums from Russia. But limiting trip-hop only to these countries would be quite a mistake, a lot of artists comes from other countries.

To include your album in the catalogue, only the redacting team can do it. To contact us, use this page: Once this is done, people can rate your album or write commentaries. If one member of the redacting have some time and really enjoy your project, he/she can write a review about it. Despite that a lot of album are referenced in the catalogue, we don't have time to write review for of them. That is why having commentaries on different albums is a good thing, as long as it's not a biased one (like you writing a "wow, it's amazing" comment to your own album).

PS: By the way, your album is now referenced but is too old to appear in the 'Contribuez' section. However, people can still write comments about it.

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 Re: Invisible People Music - Russian Triph-Hop
Auteur: Invippl 
Date:   15-07-2014 23h18

thank you! Hope, French people will like our release and drop a few lines.
Soon i will return with new release for your 'Contribuez' section :)

Seems like there's not so crowdy here on this forum? Everybody went to summer vacation?

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 Re: Invisible People Music - Russian Triph-Hop
Auteur: Wamananas 
Date:   22-07-2014 16h43

You're welcome! We also hope listeners give their feedbacks but it seems they are rather lost in their sounds and listening sessions.

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