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Rang Groupe Album Label
1. Fmr2mars Start from scratch Oai Note
2. Orange Blossom Under The Shade Of Violets Washi Washa
3. Air Moon Safari Source
4. Jade Fresh Air Auto-production
5. EZ3kiel Naphtaline Jarring effects
6. Julien Lourau The Rise Label Bleu
7. EZ3kiel Barb4ry Jarring effects
8. Quest Reflections Auto-production
9. Wax Tailor Lost the way (EP) Auto-production
10. High Tone Live Jarring effects
11. High Tone Underground Wobble Jarring effects
12. Rubin Steiner Drum major ! Bmg
13. Sporto Kantes Act 1 Catalogue
14. The Homestretch Bug Into The Clones Kamasoundtracks
15. Wax Tailor Tales of the forgotten melodies Undercover
16. Magnolia Intravenus Auto-production
17. Wax Tailor Que sera - Where my heart's at (EP) Auto-production
18. Mig Dhikrayat Bmg
19. La Phaze Pungle Roads The Modern Things
20. Jarring effects Burn Babylon Burn Jarring effects
21. Orange Blossom Orange Blossom Prikosnovénie
22. Julien Lourau Gambit Warner Jazz
23. Gregsky Pulse Cristal Records
24. Kid Loco A Grand Love Story Yellow Productions
25. Kaluun Kaluun Auto-production
26. Emilie Simon Emilie Simon Barclay
27. Chris Joss You've Been Spiked Cristal Records
28. Misstrip Misstrip Auto-production
29. GG Project Sub Ways GG Records
30. Skal Musiques Cinématiques Auto-production
31. Wax Tailor Hope & Sorrow Atmosphériques
32. SayCet One Day at Home Electron'y'pop
33. Degiheugi The broken symphony Auto-production
34. Le Peuple De l'Herbe Ph Test - Two Supadope Records
35. Zenzile Totem Small Axe
36. Brain damage Ashes to Ashes/Dub to dub Bangarang
37. High Tone Opus Incertum Jarring effects
38. Le Peuple De l'Herbe Triple Zéro Supadope Records
39. Berry Weight Music for imaginary movies Auto-production
40. High Tone Acid Dub Nucleik Jarring effects
41. Troublemakers Doubts and Convictions Guidance
42. Wax Tailor Our Dance / Walk the Line (EP) Undercover
43. Degiheugi Abstract symposium Auto-production
44. Alif Tree Spaced Memory Music
45. Kid Loco Dj Kicks !K7
46. Microsillon Some Flavoured Pearls Be Careful he's French
47. Erik Truffaz Bending New Corners Blue Note
48. Zenzile Sound Patrol Crash Disques
49. Kaly Live Dub Electric Kool Aid Dub Dragon
50. Kaly Live Dub HydroPhonic Dub Dragon
51. Volvotraxx Passage des images vivantes aux images mortes. Tout refleurit LP. Heafi
52. Daft Punk Homework Virgin
53. EZ3kiel Versus Tour 04 Jarring effects
54. Troublemakers Express Way Blue Note
55. Orange Blossom Everything must change Bonsaï Music
56. Air The Virgin Suicides Source
57. Chinese man The Groove Sessions Chinese Man Records
58. The Homestretch The Homestretch Kamasoundtracks
59. Doctor Flake Paradis dirtyficiels (New Deal) New Deal recording
60. Air Talkie Walkie Source
61. Erik Truffaz The Dawn Blue Note
62. EZ3kiel Handle With Care Jarring effects
63. Tara King th. Sequence 01 Mudahpeach
64. Khundalini Khundalini Auto-production
65. Emilie Simon Végétal Barclay
66. VS Démo 3 titres Auto-production
67. Snooze The man in the shadow Crammed
68. Oscar Portrait Robot De Note Records
69. Tikal 97% Junk DNA Auto-production
70. Robert Le Magnifique Kinky Attractive Muse Idwet
71. Ghostown ReflectionZ Auto-production
72. Birdy Nam Nam Live Uncivilized World
73. Prajna A L'Horizon Small Axe
74. Ekova Heaven's Dust Sony Music
75. Erik Truffaz The Walk Of The Giant Turtle Blue Note
76. Gotan project La Revancha del Tango Ya Basta !
77. Le Peuple De l'Herbe Cube Pias
78. Jérôme Badini 'Round The Clock IC Music
79. La Phaze Punglistic Mixture Small Axe
80. Air Premiers Symptômes Source
81. Sporto Kantes 2nd round Catalogue
82. OMR Side effects Discograph
83. Liléa Narrative Nouvelle chair Undercover
84. Kognitif My space world Auto-production
85. Idem Absent Without Leave Shoshin Sounds
86. Uht° Pic de Pollution Black Tambour
87. Julien Lourau City Boom Boom Wea
88. Kohann Mil Bed Sonj
89. Telepopmusik Angel Milk Catalogue
90. Alif Tree French Cuisine Compost
91. X et les autres Gaia Spleen Auto-production
92. Etienne de Crécy Superdiscount V2 Records
93. Zimpala The breeze is black Discograph
94. Kanka Don't Stop DUB ! Hammerbass
95. Smooth An Electro Soul Experience Ministrong
96. Zenzile Bass Culture - A Zenzile Mix Wagram
97. Birdy Nam Nam Birdy Nam Nam Uncivilized World
98. MJ's Waiting 4 a Better Day Farniente Records
99. DJ Cam Dj Kicks !K7
100. Mellow Another Mellow Summer Atmosphériques
Rang Groupe Album Label
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