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Rang Groupe Album Label
1. Dan The Automator Lovage: Music to Make Love to your Old Lady by 75 ark records
2. Sporto Kantes Act 1 Catalogue
3. Gonzales Solo Piano No Format
4. Chris Joss You've Been Spiked Cristal Records
5. Amon Tobin Supermodified Ninja Tune
6. Amon Tobin Out From Out Where Ninja Tune
7. SayCet One Day at Home Electron'y'pop
8. Trentemoller Into the great wide yonder In my room
9. Microsillon Some Flavoured Pearls Be Careful he's French
10. Volvotraxx Passage des images vivantes aux images mortes. Tout refleurit LP. Heafi
11. Daft Punk Homework Virgin
12. Amon Tobin Foley Room Ninja Tune
13. Snooze The man in the shadow Crammed Discs
14. Lali Puna Faking the books Morr Music
15. Trentemoller The Last Resort Pokerflat Recording
16. Sporto Kantes 2nd round Catalogue
17. Nicolette Let No-One Live Rent Free In Your Head Talkin'Loud
18. Röyksopp Melody A.M. Wall of Sound
19. Amon Tobin Permutation Ninja Tune
20. Etienne de Crécy Superdiscount V2 Records
21. Fever Ray Fever Ray Pias
22. Mellow Another Mellow Summer Atmosphériques
23. General Elektriks Good City for Dreamers Discograph
24. Daft Punk Discovery Labels
25. Roudoudou Just a place in the sun Delabel
26. YOUAREHERE Primavera Bomba Dischi
27. Alexkid Mint F-Communications
28. Bang Bang Je t'aime je t'aime Yellow Productions
29. Just Jack Overtones Mercury
30. Mellow Perfect Colors Atmosphériques
31. Amon Tobin Bricolage Ninja Tune
32. Homelife Flying Wonders Ninja Tune
33. Abstrackt Keal Agram Cluster Ville Gooom
34. Depth Affect Hero Crisis Autres directions in music
35. Snooze Goingmobile Ostinato
36. Ellen Allien Remix Collection B-Pitch Control
37. Wagon Christ Musipal Ninja Tune
38. Etienne de Crécy Superdiscount 2 V2 Records
39. Jay Alansky Les Yeux Crevés F-Communications
40. Villeneuve First Date Pias
41. I:Cube Adore Versatile
42. Etienne de Crécy Tempovision V2 Records
43. Amon Tobin ISAM Ninja Tune
44. Ratatat LP3 XL Recordings
45. Agoria The green armchair Pias
46. Phoenix Alphabetical Source
47. Sporto Kantes 3 At Last Pias
48. Concorde Music Club Stereo-Fictions Twin Fizz
49. Depth Affect Arche Lymb Autres directions in music
50. Laurent Garnier The Cloud Making Machine F-Communications
51. Pluxus Solid State Kompakt
52. Amon Tobin Adventures in Foam Ninja Tune
53. Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague Peacefrog
54. Roudoudou Tout l'univers. Listener's digest Delabel
55. Moby Destroyed Little idiots
56. Amon Tobin Chaos Theory Ninja Tune
57. Röyksopp Junior EMI music
58. Rinôçérôse Music kills me V2 Records
59. Abstrackt Keal Agram Abstrackt Keal Agram Monopsone
60. Rinôçérôse Schizophonia V2 Records
61. Roisin Murphy Ruby blue The Echo Label
62. Sébastien Tellier Politics Recordmakers
63. Digitalism Idealism Labels
64. Nova Nova Memories F-Communications
65. Coldcut Sound Mirrors Ninja Tune
66. 2kilos & More Lieux-Dits Ant-zen
67. Cassius 1999 Virgin
68. Rinôçérôse Installation sonore V2 Records
69. Mylo Destroy Rock'n Roll V2 Records
70. Prefuse 73 Preparation Warp
71. Röyksopp The Understanding Labels
72. Neat Beats Cosmic surgery Hop Skip Jump Records
73. Phoenix United Source
74. Alexkid Bienvenida F-Communications
75. Fridge Happiness Domino records
76. Alice and The Serial Numbers Mission 1 Alicemusik
77. Louise Vertigo Louise Vertigo Musiques Hybrides
78. The Flying Star Fish Ohm II Organic/Land
79. Shoma & Nel Shoma & Nel Organic/Land
80. Jefferson Lembeye Rogue State Organic/Land
81. Palo Alto Pogs Box Organic/Land
82. Ellen Allien Orchestra of Bubbles B-Pitch Control
83. Cassius Au rêve Virgin
Rang Groupe Album Label
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