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Rang Groupe Album Label
1. Radiohead Ok Computer Parlophone
2. Fbcfabric & Reindeer It's not who you know, it's whom you know Buttercuts records
3. Future Sound Of London Lifeforms Virgin
5. Radiohead Kid A Parlophone
6. Radiohead Hail To The Thief Parlophone
7. Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box Essay Recordings
8. Radiohead In Rainbows Auto-production
9. Radiohead I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings Parlophone
10. Clint Mansell The fountain Nonesuch Records
11. Asian Dub Foundation Facts And Fictions Labels
12. Nujabes Modal soul Hyde out records
13. Bran Van 3000 Glee Capitol
14. La Phaze Pungle Roads The Modern Things
15. Radiohead Amnesiac Parlophone
16. Beth Gibbons Out Of Season Go Beat!
17. CLOUDDEAD Ten Big Dada
18. Mugison Lonely Mountain Accidental
19. Entheogenic Entheogenic 3d Vision
20. Fink Sort Of Revolution Ninja Tune
21. Astronautalis This is our science Fake Four Inc.
22. Emancipator Soon it will be cold enough Hyde out records
23. Naomi Pappelallee Mole
24. Bran Van 3000 Discosis Capitol
25. Sage Francis Non-Prophets - Hope Lex Records
26. Asian Dub Foundation R.A.F.I. Labels
27. Kronos Quartet Requiem for a dream Nonesuch Records
28. Godspeed you ! Black Emperor Allelujah! Don't bend ! Ascend ! Constellation
29. Cliff Martinez Solaris (B.O.) Edel
30. Martina Topley Bird The Blue God Pias
31. Carbon based lifeforms Interloper Ultimae records
32. Asian Dub Foundation Enemy Of The Enemy Labels
33. Jamesphoney & jamesreindeer Rough tongue surfaces Decorative stamp
34. Asian Dub Foundation Conscious Party Virgin
35. Prajna A L'Horizon Small Axe
36. The Herbaliser Very Mercenary Ninja Tune
37. La Phaze Punglistic Mixture Small Axe
38. Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless Tap Water Dora Dorovitch
39. Cibelle Cibelle Crammed/Ziriguiboom
40. Idem Absent Without Leave Shoshin Sounds
41. Uht° Pic de Pollution Black Tambour
42. Herbert Bodily Functions !K7
43. Ceschi The one man band broke up Fake Four Inc.
44. Martina Topley Bird Quixotic Independiente
45. Asian Dub Foundation Community Music Virgin
46. Badmarsh and Shri Signs Outcaste
47. 13 & God 13 & God Anticon
48. Asian Dub Foundation Rafi's Revenge Warner
49. Asian Dub Foundation Frontline 1993-1997 I-Sound
50. The third eye foundation The dark Ici d'ailleurs
51. Crookram Through windows Budabeats
52. Radiohead The Bends Parlophone
53. Emancipator Safe in the step cliffs Hyde out records
54. Syd Matters Ghost Days Because Music
55. Iron filings and sellotape Amidst the grease and chaos Decorative stamp
56. Submotion orchestra Finest hour Exceptional records
57. The Herbaliser Something Wicked This Way Comes Ninja Tune
58. 2econd Class Citizen A world without Equinox records
59. Fink Biscuits For Breakfast Ninja Tune
60. Depeche Mode Playing The Angel Labels
61. Arto Lindsay Salt Righteous Babe
62. Radiohead Meeting People Is Easy Delabel
63. Zoën One night between Milled Pavement records
64. AbSUrd Close to distantly Decorative stamp
65. 13 & God Own your ghost Anticon
66. The Herbaliser Take London Ninja Tune
67. A band of buriers A band of buriers Decorative stamp
68. Idem The Sixth Aspiration Museum Overview Jarring effects
69. Radiohead Pablo Honey Parlophone
70. Avril That Horse Must Be Starving F-Communications
71. The Herbaliser Blow Your Headphones Ninja Tune
72. Motionless The inertia of an accent at rest [ikoz]
73. DJ Scientist For better, for worse Equinox records
74. C2C Down the road EP On and On
75. The Herbaliser Same As It Never Was !K7
76. Mr Scruff Keep It Unreal Ninja Tune
77. Muggs Dust Anti
78. Bran Van 3000 Rosé Recall
79. 2econd Class Citizen The small minority Equinox records
80. Botom Botom Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun & Computers Hammerbass
81. Mr Scruff Ninja Tuna Ninja Tune
82. Roots Manuva Awfully Deep Big Dada
83. Roots Manuva Dub Come Save Me Big Dada
84. Filastine Burn It Jarring effects
85. Charlotte Gainsbourg 5:55 Because Music
86. Badmarsh and Shri Dancing Drums Outcaste
87. Roots Manuva Run Come Save Me Big Dada
88. Willie Cortez Farsuct Delabel
89. Asian Dub Foundation Tank Labels
90. The Herbaliser Remedies Ninja Tune
91. Radiohead 7 Television Commercials Delabel
92. Mr Scruff Trouser Jazz Ninja Tune
93. Roots Manuva Brand New Second Hand Big Dada
94. TTC Bâtards sensibles V2 Records
95. AndRomak Beauty is but skin deep Milled Pavement records
96. Earl Zinger Put Your Phazers On Stun Throw Your Health Food Skyward !K7
97. Virtuart Drumz, Bass and Double Cream Intoxygene
98. Radiohead The king of limbs Parlophone
99. Fullcycle Through The Eyes Fullcycle
100. Avril Members Only F-Communications
Rang Groupe Album Label
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