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Les artistes présentés sur cette page sont les plus représentatifs du trip-hop.
Le trip-hop est une musique hybride issue de nombreuses influences musicales, qui produit des ambiances sophistiquées et des rythmes plutôt calmes... La base musicale électronique est généralement agrémentée d'instruments acoustiques, voire même d'ensembles classiques (violons, cuivres...), et parsemée d'extraits sonores (les "samples") glanés dans des compositions pré-existantes.
LabelAlbum (Groupe) - ...
!K7Adrian Thaws (Tricky) - Bass Is Maternal (Smith & Mighty) - Big World, Small World (Smith & Mighty) - Close The Door (Terranova) - Dj Kicks (DJ Cam) - Dj Kicks (Kid Loco) - Dj Kicks (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - Dj Kicks (Nightmares On Wax) - Dj Kicks (Smith & Mighty) - Dj Kicks (Terranova) - Dj Kicks (Thievery Corporation) - Hitchhiking Non-Stop With No Particular Destination (Terranova) - K & D Sessions (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - Life Is... (Smith & Mighty) - Peace Is Tough (B-sides & Rareties) (Terranova) - Skilled Mechanics (Tricky) - The Silent Surf (All India Radio)
4ADSounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi (Thievery Corporation) - The Mirror Conspiracy (Thievery Corporation)
AntiBlow Back (Tricky) - Vulnerable (Tricky)
AntidotePiano Works (Craig Armstrong)
Apollo RecordsKi Oku (DJ Krush)
AtlanticMind How You Go (Skye) - The Garden (Zero 7)
Auto-productionDigital Folklore (Oi Va Voi) - Hybrid (Elsiane) - Monthly Joints Series (Amon Tobin)
AzLive! In Tune And On Time (DJ Shadow)
BabygrandeLate Night CInema (Blue Sky Black Death) - Razah's Ladder (Blue Sky Black Death) - Slow Burning Lights (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Evil Jeanius (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Evil Jeanius Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Holocaust (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Holocaust Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Indie Rock Essentials (Blue Sky Black Death) - The Razah's Ladder Instrumentals (Blue Sky Black Death)
Banzaï LabRogue Monsters (Al Tarba X Senbeï)
Bar De LuneBroad Souls (Faze Action)
BarclayNatural Fake (De Phazz) - Roseland New York (Portishead) - The Outernational Sound (Thievery Corporation) - Vespertine (Björk)
Blue NoteExpress Way (Troublemakers)
BmgNo More Sweet Music (Hooverphonic) - Poison (Jay Jay Johanson) - Scorpio Rising (Death In Vegas)
CatalogueAngel Milk (Telepopmusik) - Genetic World (Telepopmusik) - Stargazing (Alpha)
China RecordsBeats And B-Sides (Morcheeba) - Big Calm (Morcheeba) - Fragments Of Freedom (Morcheeba)
ChrysalisRadar (Earthling)
Circa RecordsMezzanine (Massive Attack) - No Protection (Massive Attack) - Protection (Massive Attack)
City SlangMillions Now Living Will Never Die (Tortoise) - Tnt (Tortoise) - Tortoise (Tortoise)
ColumbiaA New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (Hooverphonic) - Attica Blues (Attica Blues) - Jaku (DJ Krush) - Soulshine (DJ Cam) - Substances (DJ Cam) - Test Don't Test (Attica Blues) - The Beat Assassinated (DJ Cam) - The Loa Project 2 (DJ Cam) - The Magnificient Tree (Hooverphonic) - Underground Vibes (DJ Cam) - Zen (DJ Krush)
CommandoWhiskey (Jay Jay Johanson)
Cooking VinylBlack Light (Groove Armada) - Skye & Ross (Skye & Ross)
Dangervisit RecordsAxiom (Archive) - With Us Until You're Dead (Archive)
Decca RecordsThe Bone Collector BOF (Craig Armstrong)
Delabel100th Window (Massive Attack) - As If To Nothing (Craig Armstrong) - Eleven Promos (Massive Attack)
Disco DadaThe Closet (Letherdive)
DiscographHumandust (Earthling)
Domino RecordsKnowle West Boy (Tricky) - Mixed Race (Tricky)
Don't Touch RecordingsEleventh Trip (Alpha) - Lost In A Garden Of Clouds - Part 1 (Alpha) - Lost In A Garden Of Clouds - Part 2 (Alpha) - The Sky Is Mine (Alpha) - Without Some Help (Alpha)
Dope NoirBallroom Stories (Waldeck) - The Night Garden (Waldeck)
Drone RecordsSatan's Circus (Death In Vegas)
DSAMechanics Of Emotion (Elsiane)
E-magine RecordsAntenna (Jay Jay Johanson) - Balance Of The Force Remixed (Waldeck)
East WestMichel Vaillant By Archive (B.O.) (Archive) - Noise (Archive) - Unplugged (Archive)
Eighteenth Street Lounge MusicAbductions And Reconstructions (Thievery Corporation) - Babylon Rewound (Thievery Corporation) - The Cosmic Game (Thievery Corporation) - The Richest Man In Babylone (Thievery Corporation)
EMI MusicCollected (Massive Attack) - Les Ailes Pourpres (B.O.) (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Rush (Jay Jay Johanson)
EpicBlue Wonder Power Milk (Hooverphonic)
Es・遊・Es CorButterfly Effect (DJ Krush)
ESL MusicCulture Of Fear (Thievery Corporation) - Radio Retaliation (Thievery Corporation) - The Temple Of I & I (Thievery Corporation) - Versions (Thievery Corporation)
Etage NoirCoco (Parov Stelar) - Rough Cuts (Parov Stelar) - Seven And Storm (Parov Stelar) - Shine (Parov Stelar) - The Invisible Girl (Parov Stelar Trio)
Fake Four Inc.Glaciers (Blue Sky Black Death) - Noir (Blue Sky Black Death) - Third Party (Blue Sky Black Death)
False IdolsFalse Idols (Tricky) - Matter Of Time (Tricky)
G-StoneConversions - A K & D Selection (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - G-Stoned (Kruder & Dorfmeister)
Go Beat!Dummy (Portishead) - Glory Times (Portishead) - Portishead (Portishead) - Roseland NYC Live (Portishead)
Green United MusicConfessions Of A Belladonna Eater (Kid Loco)
GuidanceDoubts And Convictions (Troublemakers)
Ici D'ailleursOumupo (6) (DJ Krush)
Impotent Fury Records64 To 95 (Lemon Jelly) - (Lemon Jelly) - Lost Horizons (Lemon Jelly)
IndependienteTake My Head (Archive)
Indochina RecordsWho Can You Trust (Morcheeba)
InevitableEcho Other (Expanded Edition) (All India Radio) - Fall (All India Radio)
Integral RecordsOn Black Peak (Pomegranate) - The Thrill Of Fresh Paint (Pomegranate) - This Illusion Sound (Pomegranate)
IslandA Ruff Guide (Tricky) - Angels With Dirty Faces (Tricky) - Juxtapose (Tricky) - Londinium (Archive) - Maxinquaye (Tricky) - Nearly God (Tricky) - Pre-Millennium Tension (Tricky) - The Less You Know, The Better (DJ Shadow) - The Private Press (DJ Shadow) - Third (Portishead)
Jarring EffectsEmpire Soldiers (Brain Damage Meets Vibronics) - Empire Soldiers Live (Brain Damage Meets Vibronics)
JiveGoodbye Country, Hello Night-club (Groove Armada) - Love Box (Groove Armada) - Soundboy Rock (Groove Armada) - The Best Of (Groove Armada) - Vertigo (Groove Armada)
Komodo RecordsCon Furore (Agent 5.1) - The Wonderful World Of Kissing (Agent 5.1)
KompaktHotel Amour (Terranova) - Restless (Terranova)
LabelsWonderful Electric (Goldfrapp)
M10Back To Mine (Groove Armada)
Mass Appeal RecordsThe Mountain Will Fall (DJ Shadow)
MelankolicCome From Heaven (Alpha) - Pepper (Alpha) - Plunkett & Maclean BOF (Craig Armstrong) - The Impossible Thrill (Alpha) - The Space Between Us (Craig Armstrong)
Memphis IndustriesFirst Steps Into... (Blue States) - Nothing Changes Under The Sun (Blue States) - The Soundings (Blue States)
MercuryBetween Darkness And Wonder (Lamb) - Fear Of Fours (Lamb) - Lamb (Lamb) - What Sound (Lamb)
Ministry Of PiesWhite Light (Groove Armada)
Miramax FilmsThe Long Journey Home (soundtrack) (Airlock)
MK2 MusicStereo Pictures Vol. 2 (Troublemakers)
Mother RecordsDebut (Björk) - Post (Björk) - Selmasongs - BOF Dancer In The Dark (Björk) - Telegram (Björk)
Mo'WaxEndtroducing (DJ Shadow) - Meiso (DJ Krush) - Milight (DJ Krush) - Preemptive Strike (DJ Shadow)
Mush RecordsA Heap Of Broken Images (Blue Sky Black Death)
Mute RecordsBlack Cherry (Goldfrapp) - Felt Mountain (Goldfrapp) - Seventh Tree (Goldfrapp) - Supernature (Goldfrapp) - Tales Of Us (Goldfrapp)
NaïveCalifornia (Perry Blake) - Songs For Someone (Perry Blake) - Still Life (Perry Blake)
Ninja TuneAdventures In Foam (Amon Tobin) - Boxset (Amon Tobin) - Bricolage (Amon Tobin) - Chaos Theory (Amon Tobin) - Everyday (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Foley Room (Amon Tobin) - In Motion 1 (The Cinematic Orchestra) - ISAM (Amon Tobin) - Lou Rhodes : One Good Thing (Lamb) - Ma Fleur (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Man With A Movie Camera (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Motion (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Out From Out Where (Amon Tobin) - Permutation (Amon Tobin) - Remixes 98-2000 (The Cinematic Orchestra) - Supermodified (Amon Tobin) - To Believe (The Cinematic Orchestra)
NocturneAnother Late Night (Groove Armada) - Liquid Hip Hop (DJ Cam)
One Little IndianDrawing Restraint 9 (Björk) - Drystar (Airlock) - Gling-Glo (Björk) - Greatests Hits (Volumen +) 1993-2003 (Björk) - Homogenic (Björk) - Live Archives Serie: MTV Unplugged & Live N' Loud (Björk) - Medulla (Björk) - Medulla Double Dvd Special Edition (Björk) - Symptomatic (Airlock) - Volta (Björk) - Vulnicura (Björk)
OutcasteLaughter Through Tears (Oi Va Voi)
Palm PicturesSimple Things Remixed (Zero 7)
PiasBlood Like Lemonade (Morcheeba) - Dive Deep (Morcheeba) - Party Animals & Disco Biscuits (Kid Loco)
PolydorPerry Blake (Perry Blake) - Voltaic (Björk)
Portobello RecordsTrans-love Energies (Death In Vegas)
RagbullDoin'it After Dark Vol.01 (Groove Armada)
RecallDigital Tenderness (Terranova)
RicochetTattoo (Jay Jay Johanson)
SellABandChromatography (Second Person) - Live At The Bedford (Second Person) - The Elements (Second Person)
Shadow RecordsKrush (DJ Krush) - Mad Blunted Jazz (DJ Cam) - The French Connection (DJ Cam)
Skyewards RecordingsKeeping Secrets (Skye)
Sony MusicBreath From Another (Esthero) - Code 4109 (DJ Krush) - Kakusei (DJ Krush) - Presents Jackie Cane (Hooverphonic) - Shinso (DJ Krush) - Sit Down And Listen To (Hooverphonic) - Stepping Stones: The Self-Remixed Best (DJ Krush) - The Night Before (Hooverphonic)
SprayBalance Of The Force (Waldeck)
Strata Music5 (Lamb) - Backspace Unwind (Lamb)
The Echo LabelAntidote (Morcheeba)
The Silence CorporationCome To Dust (Second Person)
Time BombDead Elvis (Death In Vegas) - The Contino Sessions (Death In Vegas)
ToopureBlush (Bows) - Cassidy (Bows)
TracksThe President Of The LSD Golf Club (Hooverphonic)
Ultimate DilemmaSimple Things (Zero 7) - When It Falls (Zero 7)
Universal MusicBiophilia (Björk) - The Outsider (DJ Shadow)
Up MusicBOF - Les Poupées Russes (Loïk Dury) - PARIS (Loïk Dury) - The Crying Room (Perry Blake)
V2 RecordsEmpathy (Mandalay) - Instinct (Mandalay) - Oi Va Voi (Oi Va Voi) - Solace (Mandalay)
VirginBlue Lines (Massive Attack) - Danny The Dog (Massive Attack) - Heligoland (Massive Attack) - Ritual Spirit (Massive Attack)
WagramLaylow (CirKus) - Medicine (CirKus) - Travelling The Face Of The Globe (Oi Va Voi)
WarnerBrixton To Beijing (Morcheeba) - Lights (Archive) - Michel Vaillant (Archive)
WarpA Word Of Science (Nightmares On Wax) - Carboot Soul (Nightmares On Wax) - Drukqs (Aphex Twin) - Feelin' Good (Nightmares On Wax) - Geogaddi (Boards Of Canada) - In A Space Outta Sound (Nightmares On Wax) - Mind Elevation (Nightmares On Wax) - Music Has The Right To Children (Boards Of Canada) - Smokers Delight (Nightmares On Wax) - Sounds Of NOW (Feat. De La Soul) (Nightmares On Wax) - Syro (Aphex Twin) - The Campfire Headphase (Boards Of Canada) - Though So (Nightmares On Wax) - Tomorrow's Harvest (Boards Of Canada) - Twoism (Boards Of Canada)
WeaCharango (Morcheeba) - Controlling Crowds (Archive) - You All Look The Same To Me (Archive)
XL RecordingsMan Mountain (Blue States)
Yellow ProductionsA Grand Love Story (Kid Loco) - Blues Project (Kid Loco) - Jesus Life For A Children Under 12 Inches (Kid Loco) - Kill Your Darlings (Kid Loco)
Zomba RecordsBloom (Crustation)
LabelAlbum (Groupe) - ...
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