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Belial Pelegrim : Troubles From The Next World - 24 Mai 2019 - Arcanum Records

Troubles From The Next World
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Tracklist :

1. Seance in Gibraltar

2. Celephasis

3. Baked Alaska

4. Chesspiece Face Eludes Interpol

5. Trog

6. Already Yesterday

7. The Demonologist's Resume

8. Elephant

9. On Influence Of fear

10. Radio Witch

11. The Man Who Hate His Car

12. In Order [Feat. Annie Driedflower]

13. The Harahrahoohry

14. IUn

15. Troubles from The Next World

16. Pythop

17. Carcosa

18. The Gift

19. Fixation

20. Asphyxiated Circle

21. Unmoved

22. Beatrice [Feat. Annie Driedflower]

23. ThORA

24. Clarintina Was Pushed

25. The Sky Room of Galilee

Notes de la rédaction :
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Les derniers avis :

An unpindownable album

"Troubles From the Next World" is an unpindownable album: familiar enough to sound comforting but new enough to pique your interest and make you listen for the way forms have been taken and bent. It feels like a decade's worth of work has been synthesised into a single album. Easing us in gently with "Séance in Gibraltar", the stunning "Celephasis", and then, with "Baked Alaska", we begin to get a sense of what's to come: Pelegrim's breath-taking range, wit, humour and soul.

Pelegrim is not one for repeating himself, and each track brings something a little bit different to the table, each track crammed with appealing sonic combinations and elements that instil tracks with a sense of zaniness: baked old-school beats and flows, jaunty piano, stoner jams (the guitar playing on "The Harahrahoohry" gives me a chub-on every time), brightly snarling chord changes, non-sequitur rock sleaze, cut-and-paste hip-hop beats, ambient flows, twinkling head-nodding toe-tappers and major-key bummer jams, to the surprisingly gorgeous, heavily accented voice of Annie Driedflower on "In Order".

I can't actually believe this album is the work of a single artist, but singular Pelegrim is not. His style is wild and eclectic and "Troubles From the Next World" is an album of countless pleasures -- one that manages to jump between different points without ever sounding jumpy for the sake of it. It's delightfully eclectic rather than irritatingly restless, delving into uncharted territory without any winking self-awareness.

It is an album that either feels like it is spinning out of control or is a work of genius reinvention (the more the album is played on a loop, the more the idea of it being a work of genius turns into a genuine realisation.)Assimilate the tracks individually, and each one shines through like a hidden gem in an eclectic playlist.

Speaking of which, I started to put together a list of standout tracks... but there isn't one. The album really is that good. Never committing to one predictable genre or sound, this is an album of bold, aggressive regeneration that never falls short.
The genre-liberating atmosphere of "Troubles From the Next World" is hugely intoxicating. It is one of my albums of 2019 and (if you haven't guessed already), comes highly recommended.


Publié, avec l'aimable autorisation de Wodwo
Published, with the kind permission of Wodwo

05-07-2019 - Triphopette

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