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Undermood : For bleeding ears - 2010 - Auto-production

For bleeding ears
Version PDF

Tracklist :

1. Another no one

2. Silent walk

3. Wish I was you

4. Ride

5. Almost

6. I want to love you for a lifetime

7. Closer

8. Expensive pain

9. Nocturnal Flavor

10. Lose it all

11. Afraid to live

Notes de la rédaction :
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Autres infos :

Thank you for your email. I´m so very happy you like my music.
I will try doing my best presenting a biography of Undermood, it´s pretty easy - it´s just me :)
Well, undermood originally contains the following people :
Fredrik Eliasson : producer, composer, programming, bass and guitars.
Niklas Brodd : Composer, guitars
Magdalena Ommestedt : vocals
Frida Jonsson : vocals
Undermood was formed by Fredrik and Niklas around year 2000, although we´ve played together in bands before undermood, aswell as Splitting rehearsalrooms back in the 90´s when we both played metal.
During late 90´s we both discovered and got stucked by the feel you find in indiepop, and that, along with the loss of a great love, inspired me to write songs under a projectname, Undermood.
After ending up in two cities, separated from eachother a typical undermood song was build from usually a guitarhook played by niklas mailed to me, then i builded a song around it. Wrote lyrics and songmelody, then asked Magdalena to sing it. The last 5 or 6 years i´ve been writing on my own thou, but still with valuable input from Niklas.
After some years Magdalena went on and moved to Copenhagen, so i connected with another singer, Frida. She was behind the microphone for about a couple of years.
Now undermood consists of only me, even if i´m searching for a singer for the third album We´re oh so dead, planned to be out 2012. Second album "Parts", consisting of the first material we ever wrote, is out any day now. Not as trip-hopish and slick as For bleeding ears but still got some slow pearls on it. It´s a pretty dirty and rough album thou, but still enjoyable!
Third album We´re oh so dead will probably land somewhere in between, as i write this, i´ve got about 5 songs ready, two of them is up on myspace, as demoversions.

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