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what is dvd?? 22-03-2017
1. What are the recordable DVD formats? <br /> 2. Can I play my DVD recordings on other DVD players?<br /> 3. Is there a DVD recorder that records in... Lire le message
what is mosaic?? 22-03-2017
1. I have an old round table that is laminate with a wood border. How do I make the edge smooth rather than just a blunt edge from the table to the ti... Lire le message
electro dub 22-03-2017
Dub is a genre of music[1] that grew out of reggae in the 1960s, and is commonly considered a subgenre,[2] though it has developed to extend beyond th... Lire le message
jazz 22-03-2017
It is difficult to give an exact definition for "jazz". One important part of jazz is improvisation (improv), which means the person playing is making... Lire le message
Updates? 10-03-2017
Hello,<br /> <br /> can i get updates of this forum on my cell phone??<br /> does anyone uses it?<br /> need help.....!<br /> <br /> thanks,<br ... Lire le message

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