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 Dj Kath

Inscrit à Mon depuis le 24 Décembre 2006 - 40 ans - Homme

Sa playlist :
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Portishead Third Island
Massive Attack Mezzanine Circa Records
Four tet Rounds Domino records
Mùm Finally we are no one Fat Cat
Alpha Stargazing Catalogue

Actualisée le 29 Décembre 2009.

Ses derniers commentaires :
titre groupe - album date
Warmly atmospheric Four tet - Rounds 09-02-2008
One of the best album I recently bought. Kieran Hebden is a bright composer. Listen to this album whenever you wanna surf pink clouds. It really deserve to be purchased... do not download it. Trust me, trip-hop lovers.
Ses derniers messages sur les forums :
sujet date
Re: En ce moment, quelle est la chanson que vous écoutez en boucle? 18-04-2009
nylon smile by portishead from third... <br /> it's simply amazing, like the whole album! <br /> <br /> namaste! Lire le message
Re: L'album , L'unique ! 30-10-2008
it's very much difficult to choose a single album, but i say mezzanine by massive attack. <br /> take care! Lire le message
Re: Le pire album de Trip-Hop 15-09-2008
Outsider by Dj Shadow... no doubt!!! Lire le message
Re: Vos musique relaxante, détente, sensuelle? 10-06-2008
susumu yokota - sakura and symbol <br /> massive attack - mezzane <br /> sneaker pimps - splinter <br /> kruder & dorfmeister - k&d session <br /> ...... Lire le message
best album 04-06-2008
hi guys, <br /> according to you which is the best album released in the last two/ three years? <br /> <br /> i'm asking you this question because in ... Lire le message
Re: Artistes Trip hop et cinéma 23-02-2008
Roads by Portishead in So Fucking What S.F.W. <br /> <br /> have a great week-end! Lire le message
Re: harpe 22-02-2008
hi kristoff, <br /> i apologize not to speak french... i studied at school, but after that time i never used it and i forgot it. anyway i'm still able... Lire le message
Re: Ces chansons qui nous font délirer... 21-02-2008
here three songs that make me be delirious... <br /> <br /> 1) you can't go home again by dj shadow (more over the psychedelic part, you know what i m... Lire le message
a couple of new albums 19-02-2008
hi, <br /> i wanted to announce that martina topley bird is about to release her new album the blue god, as well as mia doi todd with gea. <br /> eage... Lire le message
Some new gruops 18-02-2008
hi guys, good evening, i would like to suggest you several groups that i dind't get into the website as bowery elctric, mia doi todd, dot allison, sus... Lire le message
Re: Portishead : places à 44€ 14-02-2008
hi guys, <br /> i am Dj Kath from Milan and I announce you that the price for the Portishead's concert here in Milan is about 36,00 €. It's a bit expe... Lire le message

Dj Kath a écrit 11 messages.

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Zwicker - Songs of Lucid Dreamers (Compost)

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Portishead - Third (Island)

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Mùm - Sing Along The Songs You Don't Know (Morr Music)

une étoileune étoileune étoile

DJ Krush - Zen (Columbia)

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Tosca - No Hassle (!K7)

une étoileune étoileune étoile

Apparat - Walls (Shitkatapult Records)

une étoileune étoileune étoileune étoile

Burial - Untrue (Hyperdub)

une étoileune étoileune étoileune demi-étoile

Four tet - Rounds (Domino records)

une étoileune étoileune étoileune étoileune étoile

Bonobo - Days to come (Ninja Tune)

une étoileune étoileune étoileune étoile

Tosca - Dehli 9 (!K7)

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